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KaMp Koasis
BZN KampKoasisLogo 001.jpg
KaMp Koasis Logo
A group of cross-eyed crooked vagabonds.
Blazing Swan - 2014-2017
Location: The Esplanade, Effigy Plaza, Jilakin Rock City
Website: KaMp Koasis on Facebook

We invite you to our Aruma Art Slounge!

Aruma is a Nyoongah word for "happy". We are a collective of artists, DJs and musicians. Come and awaken your senses in our creative space.

We do hosting various live acts and musical performances – twice per day @ 2PM and 8PM.

Find us inside our brilliant new shiny red stretch tent. There may be a Platypus lurking out front!

  • Art Kamp
  • Live Music Events
  • Gallery
  • Dj's

Event History

Founded in November 2013. At every Blaze.

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