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What is immediacy? Are we not present when we engage with each other, even though you sit at your kitchen table and I at mine? The ability to use online technology to create 'virtual' connections among our Burner community has - largely - be seen at best as a lesser experience and a poor substitute to meeting face to face, or around the Burning effigy. Perhaps. But for those people who can not travel, or can not attend a Burn event, it has for some time been their only option. In this age of Social Distancing and Lockdowns we're all isolated, but we also have the opportunity to be connected, and connect with a wider audience, as we've never done before.

After the virus will we abandon these virtual forums? I hope not. Let's take the best from this experience - the ability to engage with people in the worldwide Burn community, and with those who could never do so in person - and bring these forums together with our in person experience as participants, Theme Camps and Burn Event organisers. Let's celebrate this increased inclusivity and diversity and see it as an enrichment of our Burn community and Burn experience.


Hundreds of virtual events are being created right now and announced through Social Media. The Burning Wiki will capture details of:

  • Virtual Events taking the place of actual Burn Events
  • Regularly scheduled events connected with the Burn community
  • 24/7 channels carrying either continuous or intermittent Burn community content. This includes Burn radio channels and content channels such as Utube, Blog, Vlogs and probably some things that don't have names yet...

We will try to indicate whether the event is a broadcast only, or interactive event. We will not be including 'one-off' events, partly because we don't have the resources to monitor them all, but also because they are likely to be 'over' by the time they are seen here on the Burning Wiki. The 'Goto' place for following local events will always be the website or social media pages of the Burn community which is hosting them. There are, however, some social media sites which aim to capture this more volatile information, for example 'Organize Burners Online' and the Burning Man Journal.

Although the experience of sharing - and participating in - online events occurring in Burner communities all across the world can be exhilarating, it's not always the case that an online event was intended to be shared so widely. In many cases the online events are created by small Burn communities, coming together to maintain and strengthen the ties among themselves. In those cases the intention isn't to have participants from 'around the world'. The settings to restrict access within a smaller community are not always 'switched on', or sometimes not easily managed. The Burning Wiki will not knowingly list events here which are only visible in 'private' areas or are set 'private'. However, given that everyone is 'feeling their way' with this online Burn environment, if it happens that the Burning Wiki mistakenly publicises an essentially private event we apologise in advance and will act immediately to remove them from the Wiki once we are notified - please contact us on BurningWikiList@gmail.com

Worldwide Listing Burn Broadcasts, Podcasts & Virtual Events

Note that some of these columns are sortable - simply click on the heading on the relevant column. To sort on two columns, click on the first heading, and shift-click on the second. Sorting might not work, however, when accessing this Wiki in mobile phone mode.

The editors of the Burning Wiki have no comment or view on the stability or safety or suitability of the platforms used to host these broadcast virtual events, or of any the content they contain or transmit. We would remind potential participants of these broadcasts and virtual burns to use their own judgement and experience, or seek advice from people with knowledge of these sites, before accessing these events online. And a reminder - all online virtual chat spaces have the potential to be hacked. That could result in your webcam or laptop cam being switched on without you knowing. You might wish to make sure your webcam is pointing at a wall when you are not using it, or to stick something over the camera on your laptop (usually a very small recess at the top of the laptop screen frame).

Please also note that this listing is under rapid construction (7-8 April). Details and formatting will change continuously over the next couple of days before (hopefully) settling down. Please send any feedback to burningwikilist@gmail.com

Name Description Transmission Scheduling Links
Burning Man Information Radio Burning Man Event Radio Broadcast During Burning Man Live Stream
Red Earth Radio - Burning Seed Burning Seed Event Radio Broadcast During Burning Seed facebook
Radio Free Tanka - AfrikaBurn Event Radio Broadcast Continuous facebook, Website, Live Stream
The Bomb - Blazing Swan Event Radio (inactive) Broadcast In recess facebook
Burner Podcast Combining BurnerPodcast.com, AlkalinePodcast.com and IntotheFire.com Aggregator Continous Website
Burning Man Utube Channel An aggregation of Utube material Aggregator Continuous Website
Strange Frequency Podcast A Burner Community podcast Podcast Continuous Website
Shouting Fire A Burner Community broadcast Broadcast Continuous Website facebook
The Intersection A Burner Podcast with KALW Podcast Continuous Website facebook
Into The Fire Based in the Bay Area, host Super Suz interviews various key figures and profiles art projects. New episodes are released twice a month. Podcast New episodes are released twice a month. Website
Porta Pottie Pirate Radio KWPPR AZ Burners and Saguaro Man's unofficial pirate radio station. Broadcast Continuous Website
HOUSEFIRE Virtual Burn A free online Burn Under Development Under Development facebook
Virtual del Fuego Burn Building community and sharing experience on a virtual playa. Under Development Under Development facebook
Virtual Perception Blazing Swan 2020 A completely digital regional burning man event will be taking place over the 2020 Easter weekend. Virtual Interactive April 10-12, 2020 facebook
Burn2 BM Regional Burn in Second Life Virtual Interactive 5+ events scheduled each year website
All Year Covid Burn An Burn in Osgrid Open Source (Second Life) space Virtual Interactive Continuous event facebook
Hug Nation Daily Gathering Gathering for a moment of connection. Twice a day. Virtual Interactive Noon and 6pm Pacific Time, daily. facebook event
Burn Life A detailed history of Burning Man, videos, practical info, and a Blog. By Dr Yes. Podcast, Blog. Regular uploads Website
Emergence C: A Virtual Burn Six hours of co-created virtual experiences - yoga, gongs, karaoke, flow arts, nature walks, a burn, themed chat rooms, sound camp rooms. Virtual Burn Event April 25, 2020 facebook event
Burners Without Borders Community Roundup: BWB & Burners respond to covid-19 Regular Community Forum Wednesdays 5-6pm PDT facebook event

Note: 'Burning Man', 'Black Rock City' and 'Decompression' are registered trademarks of Black Rock City LLC.

Worldwide Calendar of Burn Events and Burn Forums

We have created a publicly accessible Google Calendar which will show you scheduled Burn Events and Burn Forums in your own local time. You do not need a Google Account to access this calendar.

You can link to the calendar using this URL -