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Where am I?

This is the Burning Wiki in it's early form.

What this is What this might be What this is not
It's a Wiki similar to, but separate from Wikipedia. Like all Wikis it's a place where all visitors are encouraged to add knowledge, and like all burn communities it's a do-ocracy.

More specifically this is a place to share knowledge and record history of events inspired by the 10 principles of burning man.

Anything you want, if you make it so.

A place for opinionated rants (we already have eplaya and facebook groups)

Status of the Burning Wiki

This wiki was launched on the 15th of March 2017, it is in 'stage 0'. It has not been promoted or shared widely in any burn communities yet as it should have a little more content and structure first, it needs to create a good first impression.

The Burning Wiki started in New Zealand, so it is currently very Australasia-centric. It doesn't have to be.

Getting started

A getting started guide is still being worked on, the red links below (page doesn't exist) are page holders.

Events that currently have pages

Other pages

Documentation Experiment

I am testing whether storing administrative documents here is a good idea by adding some of Blazing Swan's documents and asking those who make and those who use these docs to comment.

Probable pros:

  • Standardised formatting - docs are easier to make and read (some may feel this limits creativity, but I think they'll be okay)
  • Centralised location - with all/most docs in one place they'll be easier to find and link together
  • Version control - wikis have excellent version history and tracking
  • Collaboration - wikis are designed as a collaboration tool, passing documents as volunteer roles change is trivial
  • Accessibility - wikis are easier to use (that pdfs) on desktops, mobile, and with screen readers

See: Burning wiki does not have namespace "3000".