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Serene Green started as a small camp in the first year of Blazing Swan. We were lucky enough to get a superb spot near some corrals and even better, under a couple of the local mallees. We use the corrals as a frame for our kitchen prep and storage areas, bike parking and dj space. There is an open space in front of the DJ corral, for dancing, eating or lazing about with new pals.

Serene Green
BZN Serene-green 001.jpg
Serene Green, 2017.
Music and Food. A discussion and relaxation space.
Blazing Swan - 2014-2017, Kraken - 2017
Location: Cnr Cross Road & Short Cut, Jilakin Rock City
Website: Serene Green on Facebook

Over time our numbers have expanded. The main tie we have is that we like to eat properly. This year our covered trailer made a great kitchen, out of the wind, somewhere warm for the cook to do their thing. Lots of ppl had a go at cooking. Next year we'll be even better at it and not create anywhere near as much food waste as this time round. Much love to our neighbours, Community Roots, who took a lot of compostable gunk home to their property.