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Nothing substitutes for the direct experience of the Burn. But it's also true that none of us experience the Burn in exactly the same way. We view it through the prism of our experience and our expectations. When we share our experience of the Burn - in writing, or music, or story-telling - we make a gift of our unique vision of the Burn to others.


The Burning Wiki does not include or exclude items from this listing on the basis of 'significance'. Even if we could represent a consensus view here about what was worth listing, our understanding of what is worth inclusion can easily change over time. Nor do we look at the 'size' of the item. A two minute recorded broadcast, or a pamphlet could be equally significant as an all day broadcast or an academic thesis. What does direct our efforts here are some basic Burning Wiki policies and limitations:

  • Where an accurate and comprehensive listing of items of interest already exists, we will point to it rather than try to reproduce it.
  • The Burning Wiki does not have unlimited 'real time' resources, consequently we will not publish details of 'one-off' events where we have less than 24 hours notice of them occurring.
  • The Burning Wiki is a burner-principled site and supports decommodification. However we also understand that fundraising is essential to many Theme Camps, and that fair pay is important for creative artists.
  • Burners have diverse interests, and defining what is and what isn't Burn related can be very subjective. Generally we look for items that are clearly produced or sponsored by or are about:
    • Burns, Theme Camps or Burner Communities
    • Burner Culture and Principles
    • Burner Art and Expression

Despite the huge increase in online content in response to COVID enforced isolation, most of the entries in our media listing go back years. Why aren't we picking up more entries, as you'd expect if this area was 'booming'? The issue for the Burning Wiki is that although there is a huge amount of online content being promoted, relatively little of that is clearly associated with either Burns or Theme Camps. The majority of the online content being promoted in Burner communities at the moment might be of interest to the community, but very little of it appears to be actually created by our community. Additionally, where we do find content is clearly created by a Burner community, more often than not it is clearly only intended to be accessed by those specific communities. True worldwide Burn community forums or worldwide Burner streaming content is still limited to a relatively few instances. That said, the material that we do have, the Burner produced and managed content that can be either 'dipped into' or 'listened into'. is very rich, diverse and engaging.

For those looking for material outside this particular remit the 'Goto' place will always be the website or social media pages of your local Burn community. Also, check out the 'See Also' section at the bottom of this page.


Although the experience of sharing - and participating in - online events occurring in Burner communities all across the world can be exhilarating, it's not always the case that an online event was intended to be shared so widely. In many cases the online events are created by small Burn communities coming together to maintain and strengthen the ties among themselves. In those cases the intention isn't to have participants from 'around the world'. However, the software settings to restrict access within a smaller community are not always 'switched on', or sometimes not easily managed. The Burning Wiki will not knowingly list events here which are only visible in 'private' areas or are set 'private'. If it happens that the Burning Wiki mistakenly publicises an essentially private event we will act immediately to remove them from the Wiki once we are notified - please contact us on

Photographs from Burn events have a role in conveying the experience of the burn, in supporting recollections of the Burn, and in providing useful documentation of the Burn (in respect of structures, facilities and incidents). The policy of the Burning Wiki is to respect three 'owners' in respect to photos - the photographer, any identifiable people in the photo, and the Burn event organisers. Unless the Burning Wiki is reasonably satisfied that all three 'owners' have agreed to the publication of a photo we will not reproduce it here, or include a pointer to a photo or collection of photos.

Copyright and Respect for Content Aggregators

Civic Responsibility applies. The Burning Wiki will not knowingly breach applicable copyright laws or expectations, either by including material that should not be reproduced, or by failing to acknowledge material that is. Note also that generally we prefer to point to where you can locate a resource or service, rather than reproduce the content within the Burning Wiki. By following a link to the place where you can find the content you not only have a chance to understand who has collected the material (and why), but also the chance to browse through other material they have collected. This might put a greater onus on our readers to 'dig' in order to find content, but we believe this approach is more respectful to the content providers out there, and more respectful of your 'spirit of inquiry'.

Online Safety

The editors of the Burning Wiki have no comment or view on the stability or safety or suitability of the platforms used to host these broadcast virtual events, or of any the content they contain or transmit. We would remind potential participants of these broadcasts and virtual burns to use their own judgement and experience, or seek advice from people with knowledge of these sites, before accessing these events online. And a reminder - all online virtual chat spaces have the potential to be hacked. That could result in your webcam or laptop cam being switched on without you knowing. You might wish to make sure your webcam is pointing at a wall when you are not using it, or to stick something over the camera on your laptop (usually a very small recess at the top of the laptop screen frame).

Consistent with our earlier remarks, this article about the Zoom conferencing product - and conferencing products generally - is provided as a matter of interest, rather than as advice.

Online Burn Forums and Resources

Note that some of these columns are sortable - simply click on the heading on the relevant column. To sort on two columns, click on the first heading, and shift-click on the second. Sorting might not work, however, when accessing this Wiki in mobile phone mode.

No warranty is offered that any of the information container herein is accurate, however the editors of the Burning Wiki make best endeavours to meet that standard. Please contact us at if you see anything that is incorrect or needs updating. Our policy is to use 'their own words' as far as possible when adding descriptions, however we might edit or change these slightly to better fit the format of the Burning Wiki. Again, if you are responsible for any of these services or resources and wish to change them or add to them or delete them from this listing please contact us.

The inclusion of any item or the exclusion of any item from this list should not be taken as any insight into the Burning Wiki's belief that any one is 'better' or 'worse' than any other. Some of the most common reasons an item might not be included in this list are outlined in the section 'Scope' above. The commonest reason of all, however, for an item not appearing here is that we didn't know about it.

.......Type........ ...............Name................ Description Production Schedule
Blog/Vlog Binnekring Blog This Blog is the place for stories, tips, tricks, culture and photos. Sit back and enjoy the read! (The Binnekring at AfrikaBurn is the inner circle, the inner shared area around which the AfrikaBurn city (Tankwa Town) is built. More than a place though, it is a space - at once both empty and filled with feeling and thoughtfulness.) AfrikaBurn Regular updates
Blog/Vlog Burn Before Reading Journal A lit journal by and for the Boston area burner community NECTR Four per year
Blog/Vlog Burning Man Journal A huge collection of opinion pieces, news items and reports in written and video format. Covering not only the Burning Man event, but the Regionals as well, as well as Burning issues in the wider community. Burning Man Regular updates
Broadcast Burning Man Information Radio Burning Man Event Radio, broadcasting on 94.5FM, Black Rock City Burning Man 2021
Broadcast Paddock Radio Paddock Radio started at Kiwiburn 2017. Today Paddock radio is fiercely independant, fiercely non conformist and proudly pirate broadcasting from New Zealand to the world. facebook link. Paddock Radio Continuous
Broadcast Porta Pottie Pirate Radio KWPPR AZ Burners and Saguaro Man's unofficial pirate radio station. AZ Burners Continuous
Broadcast Radio Free Tanka Radio Free Tankwa is AfrikaBurn's community radio station. No commercial rubbish, no aural injustice, no ads. You can expect to hear: rare grooves, recorded sets from AfrikaBurn and other related events, occasional Field Trips where we plug into a desk at an event, radio documentaries, snippets of psychobabble from eminent minds, African beats and a wide range of Afrodiaspora tracks in all their forms, and a fair smattering of downright weird, obscure and interesting music. AfrikaBurn Continuous
Broadcast Red Earth Radio Broadcasting online and on FM 92.3 on the paddock during Burning Seed. Burning Seed Continuous
Broadcast Shouting Fire Shouting Fire is an independent, international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. We are dedicated to the free flow of information and to spreading art and culture. Shouting Fire Continuous
Broadcast The Bomb Event Radio (inactive) Blazing Swan In recess
Collection Burn Life A detailed history of Burning Man, videos, practical info, and a Blog. By Dr Yes. Podcast, Blog. Regular uploads
Collection Burning Stories The aim of Burning Stories is to study the global Burning Man community and, in particular, the participants of Black Rock City. We seek to explain the processes through which community membership of Burning Man participants evolves across time and space, and how this, in turn, affects their experience of the collective Burning Man identity. There is a very limited understanding of how Burning Man’s immersive experiences transform individuals, let alone society. That is precisely what we aim to find out with this project. Aalto University, Finland Ongoing
Collection Burning Progeny This project is a study of the European adaptation of Burning Man, a unique event that has evolved from a fire arts gathering held annually in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, into a transnational movement with a regional presence in over 35 countries. A four-year collaborative multisited ethnography, supported by the University of Fribourg and the Swiss National Science Foundation, the project will chart the translation of Burning Man's Ten Principles in regional events in Europe, providing the first extensive study of this self-organising event-centered movement. University of Fribourg & Swiss National Science Foundation Ongoing
Collection Burning the Man Academically This guide is composed of various formats of scholarly information created by the academic community of Burning Man, along with other notable contributions by the Burning Man Organization. It is also a work in progress. My hope is to create an open access and dynamic resource of scholarly resources and useful information for everyone. Florida International University Library Ongoing
Collection Burning Academics Burning Man encourages academic projects by providing access to the Burning Man archives, photo and video passes on the playa, staff and participant interviews, and other forms of support for research and educational efforts. To request information for your own research, or to contact us about other academic opportunities, email us at Burning Man Project
Collection Burning Nerds Welcome to Burning Nerds! We're a community devoted to research on the collective experience of Burning Man and related topics of interest. Please use this google group to find out more about research, publications, meet-ups, collaborations, and future events. Google Forum
Collection Beyond Burning Man From what started as an underground experiment in 1986, Burning Man is now a global movement that is shaping communities and culture. Whether you know it or not, your life is likely being touched by vast, interconnected networks of creative industries, entrepreneurs and social activists, all of whom are applying the values and civic design of Black Rock City to conventional challenges. You can see this in full bloom in new forms of civic activation, in the art popping up in our cities, and in the connected global citizens who are more inspired than ever to create a better world. “Beyond Burning Man” is a place to tell those stories. It’s a collection of community musings on creative culture, impact, and innovation. The hope is that these pieces will catalyze transformation for anyone who reads them — much as the subjects have already been galvanized themselves. Burning Man Project
Collection Burning Book List Since the 1997 release of “Burning Man” by John Plunkett and Brad Wieners, dozens of titles have been published about the event and the culture; there are now 32 books about Burning Man, and 140 with chapters or sections about it. There is also a rich body of academic writing about Burning Man. Burning Man Project
Collection Burning Man Utube Channel Utube material Various Continuous
Online Forum Burners Without Borders Community Roundup: BWB & Burners respond to covid-19 BWB Wednesdays 5-6pm PDT
Online Forum Hug Nation Daily Gathering Gathering for a moment of connection. Twice a day. Hug Nation / Jon Halcyon Noon and 6pm Pacific Time, daily.
Podcast Accuracy Third Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. Link to facebook page. Ongoing
Podcast Burner Podcast Combining, and Ongoing
Podcast Life is a Festival Confessional storytelling with fascinating cultural pioneers Ongoing
Podcast Burning Man According To Us Two humans stumble across each other in a desert. Two hours of conversation later, they decide to create a podcast. The desert is home to Black Rock City and Burning Man. The humans are Stever Robbins and Evan Shulman Ongoing
Podcast Into The Fire Based in the Bay Area, host Super Suz interviews various key figures and profiles art projects. New episodes are released twice a month. Suz also has a weekly session on Shouting Fire Radio. Super Suz New episodes twice a month.
Podcast The Intersection @ Burning Man KALW (a NPR-affiliate station in San Francisco) looks at our changing cities through the lens of different street intersections. Series 3 includes 8 episodes on Black Rock City KALW Ongoing
Emersive Burn Burn2 Burnal Equinox 2020 BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man culture and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man Regional, the only virtual world Regional out of more than 100 Regional groups worldwide, and the only Regional to burn the Man! Burn2 is always 'happening' but they schedule major events during the year. The next one up is Burnal Equinox 2020 which is running May 1st - 3rd. Get on over and join in! Burn2 5+ events scheduled each year
Emersive Burn The Oasis A Burn in Osgrid (Open Source Second Life) space. The Oasis is a virtual burn while Covid. Party, Dj, create stuff, build camps and art, meet and connect to other burners. Finally nearly everything you do at a burn! Continuous + Events

Note: 'Burning Man', 'Black Rock City' and 'Decompression' are registered trademarks of Black Rock City LLC.

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