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This wiki was created by User:Jay-aye-see-kay on the 15th of Match 2017. Being so new that's about all the history it has, there will be some more interesting things to add here as it grows.



The wiki is powered by MediaWiki 1.2.8, the same as Wikipedia and many other wikis. See Special:Version for a detailed list of software running this site.

Hosting and funding

This wiki is on shared hosting at a cost of $120 year. It is currently independently and privately funded. We intend to keep it this way. We respect the Burn community and we value their values. Being independent from any Burn organization allows us to say that we are not beholden to any particular group or agenda, which allows us to pursue our agenda to serve the world-wide Burn community, with equal dedication to Burns large and small. To us, all Burn are equal, because they all burn with equal passion.