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Just something we'd like to say...

Burning Wiki is a community resource created and edited by people like you. Many of us come here with a passion for the Burn and the Burn community. That passion is what makes us special.., human. And it's what inspired us to create this Wiki to given us a further way to express it. So be passionate! But be kind, please. We already share many things, and we bring many different things to this community. Let's make one of the things we take away from our membership of this community a respect, and love, for each other - no matter our differences.

And some things we need to say:

The owners of the Burning Wiki site give no warranty as to the accuracy of information contained on the site, and take no responsibility for any injury or loss that readers of the site might incur in following or acting upon information that they might have obtained from the site. The owners of the Burning Wiki site will take reasonable steps to identify content providers to the site, and require from them valid email contact details. In the event of a dispute being lodged by a reader or on behalf of the subject of some content on the Burning Wiki, the owners of the Burning Wiki will take reasonable steps to assist the content author and the agrieved parties to contact each other. The owners of the Burning Wiki will however protect the identity of the content author to the extent permissable under the applicable laws.

The owners of the Burning Wiki site reserve the right to delete or amend content in this Wiki to any extent at any time, and to block further editing of any page in this Wiki at any time. The owners of the Burning Wiki also reserve the right to restrict the access of any User registered in the Wiki at any time, or to delete or suspend their access at any time without being required in any case to provide reasons or justification. THe owners of the Burning Wiki do not accept any responsibility for any loss or injury that a user of the Wiki might claim as a result of their access to the Wiki being restricted or suspended.

The owners of the Burning Wiki site take no responsibility for content uploaded by users registered in this Wiki, but will take reasonable steps to monitor and delete material that is, or is likely to be, in violation of applicable laws or our community standards. The owners of the Burning Wiki site request that content providers do not upload copyright material, or where there is restricted copyright they comply with the terms of those restrictions. The owners of the Burning Wiki will undertake to remove material that is in violation of copyright from the Wiki within a reasonable timeframe where such violations are brought to their attention.

Nothing in this disclaimer restricts the rights of viewers or content editors of the Burning Wiki where those rights arise or are guaranteed by applicable laws.