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The owners of the Burning Wiki undertake to respect the privacy of content contributors to the Wiki to the extent permissible under applicable laws. Nevertheless, the owners of the Burning Wiki will require as a minimum a valid email address from each content provider before enabling their access to the Wiki. The owners of the Burning Wiki may require further personal details from a person applying for access that will enable them to become a content provider. This detail may be required in order to ascertain that a person intending to become a content provider is a person of good standing or reputation within our community. This information will not be passed on to third parties except where required by applicable laws. No inference may be drawn about an individual on the basis of their acceptance or rejection as an approved content provider within the Burning Wiki.

Where content is added to the Burning Wiki which appears to violate privacy the Burning Wiki will, upon that being drawn to their attention, take reasonable steps to remove such content.

Nothing in this policy suspends or overrides applicable laws.