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Our doorway to Burns and Burners around the World. This information is derived from a range of sources. CAUTION ! Please check the dates and location of events PRIOR to booking tickets or making travel arrangements! Events may be cancelled without notice. Tickets at many events are limited, and in the large events 'go fast'. We can tell you if the Official Online Ticket and/or Gate Ticket sales are 'closed', but we can't say for certain whether they are still open - tickets might sell out at any time. Some Burns maintain an Official re-sale forum. You can also check an Event's facebook page for person to person ticket resale/transfer offers - note though that some Burn tickets are non-transferrable. All information on this page is included on a 'best efforts' basis and is presented without any warranty or guarantee of accuracy or completeness.

A weekly summary of changes to this page is available by subscribing to our email list at Burningwikilist@gmail.com. We'd also love to hear from you if you have any updates to any of the listed Burns or Burn-related events, or news of any new events.

Burn and Burn-Related Events Worldwide

The 'working definition' used here is that a Burn is an event that takes place in a non-commodified environment and with participants making a commitment to the Ten Principles. Events which involve an element of fund raising, or invite public participation (without requiring a commitment to the Ten Principles), or which include commercial vendors or sponsorship are not Burns, but might be still be included here because they are associated with an existing Burner community. Nothing on this page indicates, or should be taken to indicate, whether an event has been (or has not been) officially endorsed or recognized by Burning Man LLC.

Note that some of these columns are sortable - simply click on the heading on the relevant column. To sort on two columns, click on the first heading, and shift-click on the second. Sorting might not work, however, when accessing this Wiki in mobile phone mode. Full information on each Burn will (eventually) be found on the Wiki pages accessible by clicking on the Burn name.

Burn/Event Invitation Status Where When ~Souls Since Connect
Aarhus Burns Not Yet... Europe, Denmark, Central Jutland, Aarhus Jun 9-16, 2019 Website facebook
AfrikaBurn On Sale South Africa, Tankwa Karoo Apr 29 - May 5, 2019 ~13,000 2006 Website facebook
AfterBurn Not Yet... USA, Florida, Bartow 3 Days in Nov Website facebook
Aftermath Not Yet... South Africa, Western Cape, Riebeek-Kasteel 4 Days in Sep 200 2017 Website facebook
Alchemy Not Yet... USA, Georgia, Chatooga County 5 Days in Oct ~1,500 2007 Website Community facebook
All Of Us On Sale Jan 1st... USA, California, Upper Lake May 23-27, 2019 Website facebook
Alma Burn On Sale USA, Texas, San Antonio Apr 4-8, 2019 ~250 2017 Website facebook facebook community
Apogaea Not Yet... USA, Colorado, Valdez Jun 6-9, 2019 ~1,800 2004 Website Official facebook Community facebook
Arizona Decompression Not Yet... USA, Arizona, Tucson 4 Days in Oct ~1,000 2011 Website facebook
BBB (Barcelona Burning Bash) Registrations open Feb 2... Europe, Spain, Cataluna, Alcova May 1-5, 2019 ~200 2014 Website facebook
BEQuinox On Sale USA, California, Joshua Tree Mar 20-24, 2019 ~1,000 2011 Website facebook facebook event
Bivrost Not Yet... Europe, Norway 4 Days in Jun New in 2019 facebook
Blazing Swan On Sale... Australia, Western Australia., Kulin Apr 17-23, 2019 ~2,800 2014 Website Official facebook Unofficial Community facebook Wikipedia
Borderland Registration Feb 7-14 followed by lottery Europe, Denmark, Rødvig May 30 - Jun 2, 2019 ~1,500 2011 Website facebook
Borealis Not Yet... USA, New Hampshire, Brookline 4 Days in Feb 100 2017 Website facebook facebook event
Boston Decompression Not Yet... USA, Massachusetts, Boston 1 night in Nov Website
Boulder Dust Off Not Yet... USA, Colorado, Boulder 1 Day in Sep 100 Website
B.U.R.N. Burn Not Yet... USA, Illinois, Ottawa May 16 -19, 2019 Website facebook
Burnerot Seeking Information... Israel ? facebook
Burning Bär See Zum brennenden Bären Europe, Germany Background Story...
Burning Burg Not Yet... Europe, Germany, Niedersachsen, Lutter am Barenberge Jun 13-16,2019 ~200 2008 Website
Burning Down The River Not Yet... USA, Missouri, Belle 10 Days in Jul ~200 2008 Website facebook
Burning Flipside Not Yet... USA, Texas, San Gabriel May 23-27, 2019 ~3,000 1998 Website facebook
Burning Japan Not Yet... Japan, Uonuma 3 Days in Oct ~400 2012 Website facebook
Burning Man Pre-Sale commences Jan 2019... USA, Nevada, Black Rock Desert Aug 26 - Sep 2, 2019 ~75,000 Website facebook
BM European Leadership Summit Europe, Denmark, Central Jutland, Aarhus Apr 11-14, 2019
Burning Nest Register Now, Sale on Europe, UK, Devon, Newton Abbott May 20-27, 2019 ~500 Website facebook
Burning Sand Not Yet... Europe, Italy, Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo 3 Days in Oct 2010 Website facebook
Burning Seed Not Yet... Australia, N.S.W., Matong State Forest Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2019 ~3,800 2010 Website facebook
Burn in the Forest Not Yet..Dates to be confirmed. Canada, British Columbia, Agassiz Jul 18-21, 2019 ~2,000 2002 Website facebook
Burnt Soup Not Yet... USA, Texas, Dripping Springs Aug 2019 ~300 Website facebook
Canberra Decompression Free Event Australia, Canberra, Black Mountain Peninsula 1 day in Nov ~300 facebook event
Colorado Burnal Equinox On Sale USA, Colorado, Denver Mar 15-17, 2019 ~800 2016 Website facebook
Constellation Not Yet... USA, West Virginia, Elkins 5 Days in Oct ~1,500 1998 Website facebook
Contra Burn Not Yet... Israel, Kinneret 3 Days in Aug/Sep facebook
Crème Brûlée Not Yet... Europe, France, Creuse, La Souterraine May 23, 2019 Website facebook event
Critical Northwest Not Yet... USA, Washington, Granite Falls 7 Days in Jul ~1,100 2016 Event Website Website facebook
Degošie Jāņi Not Yet... Europe, Latvia 5 Days in Jun ~300 2014 Website
Denver Decomp Not Yet... USA, Colorado, Denver 1 Day in Oct ~800 2014 Website facebook
Dragon Burn Not Yet... China, Zhejiang Province, Anji County May 1-5,2019 ~700 2014 Website facebook
Element 11 Not Yet... USA, Utah, Stargazer Ranch Jun 20-23, 2019 ~1,300 1998 Website facebook
Element Burn On Sale South Africa, Mpumalanga Feb 21-24, 2019 2019 facebook
Elsewhence Not Yet... USA, Colorado, Bailey Sep 20-22, 2019 Website facebook
Emergence On Sale USA, South Carolina, Charleston Mar 28-30, 2019 Website facebook
Engulf Not Yet... USA, Louisiana, Kentwood 4 Days in Oct ~350 2016 Website facebook
Ériu Not Yet... Europe, Ireland, Stradbally Dungarvan 4 Days in Jun ~150 2007 Website Irish Burners facebook
Euphoria Not Yet... USA, Georgia Cancelled ~1,500 2011 Website facebook Community facebook Tickets transferred to Alchemy.
Farming Man Contact Organizers USA, California,North Fork Feb 13-18, 2019 facebook facebook event
Figment Alpha On Sale USA, Maryland, Darlington Apr 24-28, 2019 Website
Figment Baltimore Free Event USA, Baltimore, Carroll Park 1 Day in Jul 2007 Website
Figment Boston Free Event USA, Boston, Rose Kennedy Greenway 2 Days in Jul 2007 Website
Figment Chicago Free Event USA, Illinois, Chicago, Northwest Side 1 Day in Jul 2007 Website
Figment Dallas Free Event USA, Texas, Dallas, Reverchon Park 1 day in Oct 2018 Website
Figment New York City Free Event USA, New York, Governors Island Jun 1-2, 2019 2007 Website
Figment Oakland Free Event USA, California, Oakland, Mosswood Park 1 Day in Sep 2007 Website
Figment San Diego Free Event USA, California, San Diego, Chicano Park 1 Day in Oct 2007 Website
Figment Toronto Free Event Canada, Toronto, Dufferin Grove Park 2 Days in Aug 2007 Website
Firefly Not Yet... USA, Vermont, TBA 6 Days in Jul ~1,500 2003 Website Official facebook Community facebook Wikipedia
Freezer Burn (C) Not Yet... Canada, Alberta, Ponoka Jun 20-24, 2019 ~2,000 2007 Website
Freezer Burn (T) Not Yet... USA, Texas, Rosanky 4 Days in Jan ~1,000 2008 Website facebook
Frostburn On Sale... USA, West Virginia, Masontown Feb 14-18, 2019 ~200 2008 Website facebook
Fuego Austral On Sale... Argentina, Provincia de Buenos Aires Mar 1-5, 2019 ~400 2016 Website facebook facebook event
Fuego De Mayo On Sale... USA, Florida, Monticello May 2-5, 2019 Website facebook
Gateway Burn Not Yet... USA, Missouri, Belle Jun 6-9, 2019 ~500 2008 Website
Hearthsophyre Not Yet... USA, Iowa, Conesville 3 Days in Oct ~800 2011 Website facebook facebook event
Helsinki Decompression Not Yet... Europe, Finland, Helsinki 1 day in Dec ~200 2016 Website facebook
Hombre en Llamas Not Yet... Colombia 2 Days in Dec facebook
HullabalU Not Yet... USA, Missouri, Hartsburg 3 Days in Oct ~800 Website
Hyperborea Ticket registration opens Feb 8... Canada, Ontario, TBA May 16-20, 2019 ~1,000 2017 Website facebook
Idaho Decompression Not Yet... USA, Idaho, Boise 4 Days in Oct ~500 Website facebook
Ignite Commence Jan 20 USA, Virginia, Stuart May 24-27, 2019 ~500 2013 Website facebook
Incandescence An Eastcoast burn presented by Florida en Feugo USA, Florida, Monticello 4 Days at New Year 2019/20 ~500 2016 Website facebook
InterFuse Not Yet... USA, Missouri, Buckhorn May 16-19, 2019 ~1,200 Website facebook event
Italian Burning Boots Not Yet... Europe, Italy, Tuscany, Rufina 4 Days in May 2015 Website facebook
Juhé Burn Not Yet... Europe, Hungary, Kisdorog 5 Days in Sep ~120 2017 facebook
Kiez Burn Not Yet... Europe, Germany, Berlin 5 Days in Jun Website facebook
Kiwiburn KiwiBurn 2019 Cancelled New Zealand, North Island, Hunterville 7 Days in Jan 2020 ~2,000 2004 Website facebook Wikipedia
Kraken Free Event Australia, Western Australia, Fremantle 1 Day in Oct ~5,000 2017 Website facebook
Lakes of Fire Not Yet... USA, Michigan, Rothbury Jun 12-16, 2019 ~1,900 2009 Website facebook Reddit
London Decompression Not Yet... Europe, UK, London 1 Day in Nov 2008 Website facebook UK Burners on facebook
L'OsstidBurn Not Yet... Canada, Quebec 5 Days in Jun ~500 facebook
Love Burn Not Yet... USA, Florida, Virginia Beach 3 Days in Jan ~500 2014 Website facebook Community facebook
Melting Man Free Event USA, North Dakota, Fargo Feb 23, 2019 2011 Website facebook
MicroBurn Not yet... UK, Wales, Powys Sep 12-16, 2019 2017 Website facebook
Midburn On Sale. Israel, Negev Jun 4-9, 2019 ~12,000 2011 Website facebook facebook (International Version)
Mindburn Not Yet... Europe, Austria, Styria, Thal 7 days in Aug ~500 2012 Website facebook
Modifyre Not Yet... Australia, Queensland Jul 3-8, 2019 ~500 2015 Website facebook
Montana Burning Bear Renamed as Montopia, see below USA, Montana, Bozeman Now known as Montopia ~500 2015 facebook
Montopia Not Yet... USA, Montana, Bozeman Jun 27-30, 2019 Website facebook facebook event
Mooseman Not Yet... Canada, Ontario, Minden 5 Days in Aug ~300 Website facebook
Mosaic Experiment Not Yet... USA, Ohio, Rutland 4 Days in Sep ~500 2013 Website facebook
Mpyre Strikes Back! Free Event (Donation at Gate) USA, California, Monterey 1 Day in Jun 2009 Website facebook
Myschievia Not Yet... USA, Texas, Hughes Springs 5 Days in Oct ~1,000 2005 Website facebook
NECTR Not Yet... USA, Connecticut, Andover 5 Days in Oct ~300 2014 Website facebook
Nowhere On Sale Europe, Spain, Huesca, Castejón de Monegros Jul 9-14, 2019 ~3000 2004 Website facebook Wikipedia
Oblivium Not Yet... USA, Oklahoma, Depew Jun 6-10, 2019 310 Website facebook Oklahoma Burners facebook
Oklahoma Decompression An Oklahoma Event USA, Oklahoma, Depew 3 days in Nov 310 Event on facebook Oklahoma Burners facebook
OtherWorld Not Yet... Canada, British Columbia, Lake Cowichan 4 Days in Jun 2008 Website facebook
Pagan Bunny Burn Sold Out USA, California, Elk Creek Apr 11-14, 2019 2011 Website facebook
Panquetzailztli Not Yet... Australia, Canberra 3 Days in Jun 2018 facebook
Paradox Burn Not Yet... USA, Michigan 4 Days in Aug Website facebook
Playa del Fuego Sale ended ? Check website USA, Pennsylvania, Tamaqua May 23-27, 2019 Website
Portal Burn Not Yet... USA, New York, Almond 5 Days in Jul ~420 2013 Website facebook
PreHeat Not Yet... USA, Florida, Lakeland 950 Website
Pyraegea Not Yet... Europe, Greece, Kos and beyond 7 Days in Sep ~300 2016 Website facebook
Rabbit Soup TX RSVP Open, apply via facebook group USA, Texas, Dripping Springs Apr 19-21, 2019 facebook
Reclaimation On Sale... USA, Kentucky, Irvine May 8-13, 2019 2008 Website facebook
Resonance Not Yet... USA, Kansas, Sedan 4 Days in Sep ~1,000 2007 Website facebook Community facebook
SAFT On Sale... Europe, Switzerland, Sedrun Mar 21-24, 2019 2009 Website facebook
Saguaro Man Not Yet... USA, Arizona, Willcox May 1-5, 2019 ~1,000 2011 Website facebook
San Francisco Decompression Not Yet... USA, California, San Francisco 1 Day in Oct ~5,000 1999 Website facebook
Scare-n-dipity Status Unknown... USA, Tennessee, Morrison Status Unknown ~400 2013 Website facebook
Schloss Schönburn Not Yet... Europe, Austria, NÖ, Wetzlas 5 Days in Sep ~250 2017 Website facebook
Scorched Nuts Not Yet... USA, Ohio, Athens May 23-27, 2019 ~600 2008 Website facebook
SeaCompression Not Yet... USA, Washington, Seattle 1 Day in Oct ~1,000 2016 Website facebook
Sentella Not Yet... South Africa, Barberton 4 Days in Oct Website facebook
Serendipity Not Yet... USA, Tennessee, Morrison 5 Days in May ~450 2012 Website facebook
SN-RG On Sale USA, Nevada, Beatty Jun 6-9, 2019 ~500 2005 Website
SOAK Not Yet... USA, Oregon, Tygh Valley May 23-27, 2019 ~1,300 2005 Website facebook
Spark in the Dark Not Yet... Sweden, Helsingborg 7 Days at New Year ~350 Website
Summerisle Not Yet... USA, Pennsylvania, Bedford Jun 20-23, 2019 New in 2019 Facebook Event
Sumwhence Not Yet... USA, Colorado, Denver 4 Days in Jul Website
Sunburn Not Yet... USA, New Mexico, Jemez Mountains Jul 4-7, 2019 2016 facebook
Sunraiz Not Yet... Europe, Denmark, Rask Mølle 6 Days in May 2018 Website facebook
taBURNak A Canadian Decompression Canada, Montreal 1 Day in Nov ~200 Website facebook
That Thing At The Cabin 8 Not Yet... Dates tentative... USA, Minnesota, Le Sueur Jul 18-21, 2019 ~600 2017 Website facebook event
This Event is Cancelled Not Yet... USA, Kansas, Eskridge 4 Days in Aug ~600 2017 facebook facebook event
To the Moon Next Sale Opens 22 Feb, 2019 USA, Tennessee, Sneedville Jun 13-16, 2019 ~550 2003 Website facebook
Transformus Not Yet... USA, West Virginia, Masontown 5 Days in Jul ~2,200 2004 Website facebook
Tropical Burn Not Yet... Brasil, Rio Grande do Norte Jun 19-25, 2019 2019 facebook
unBroken Spring On Sale USA, Texas, Dayton Mar 14-17, 2019 ~500 2016 Website facebook
unSCruz Not Yet... USA, California, Santa Cruz May 3-5, 2019 ~1,500 2009 Website facebook
Urban Burn Not Yet... Europe, Sweden, Stockholm 5 Days in May Website facebook facebook group
Vienna Burning Ball On Sale Europe, Austria, Vienna Mar 2, 2019 ~450 2014 Website facebook
What The Farm On Sale Europe, France, Vauxaillon May 31 - Jun 2, 2019 Website facebook
Where the Sheep Sleep Not Yet... Europe, Netherlands, TBA Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2019 ~1,000 2016 Website facebook
WickerMan Not Yet... USA, Pennsylvania, Artemas 4 Days in Jun ~1,400 2007 Website facebook
Wildeburn Not Yet... South Africa, Barberton 4 Days in Oct 2017 Website facebook
Willow Woman Free USA, Idaho, Hailey 2 Days in Dec 2017 facebook
YOUtopia Not Yet... USA, California, San Diego 4 Days in Oct ~1,000 2011 Website facebook
Zenith Burn Not Yet... USA, Vermont, West Bolton 4 Days in Jun Website facebook
Zum brennenden Bären Apply Now... Europe, Germany, Beesenstedt Mar 7-10, 2019 facebook

Note: 'Burning Man', 'Black Rock City' and 'Decompression' are registered trademarks of Black Rock City LLC.

Burner Groups Worldwide

Most - but not all - Burner groups identify with specific cities, States or Nations. We have also included Burner Groups that reflect special interests.

Note that some of these columns are sortable - simply click on the heading on the relevant column. To sort on two columns, click on the first heading, and shift-click on the second. Sorting might not work, however, when accessing this Wiki in mobile phone mode.

Burner Group Where Connect Comment
Burning Man facebook 1,247,000 members
Burning Man Project facebook 15,200 following
Boulder Burns USA, Colorado, Boulder facebook 1,800 following
Burners Without Borders Website facebook 39,000 following
Kentucky Burners USA, Kentucky facebook 600 members
Tuscon AZ Burners USA, Arizona, Tuscon facebook 1,050 members
Burning Man Brasil Brasil facebook 14,500 following
GA Burners USA, Georgia facebook 2,000 following
Pittsburners USA, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh facebook 800 following
Montana Burners USA, Montana facebook 1,100 members
Columbus Ohio Burners USA, Ohio, Columbus facebook
Michigan Burners USA, Michigan facebook 1,000 followers
Burning Man Ohio USA, Ohio facebook 2,400 members
Burning Minnesota USA, Minnesota facebook 1,000 following
VanBurners Chat Room (Burning Man Vancouver) Canada, Vancouver facebook 5,060 members
Burning Man Australia Australia facebook 64,000 following
Burning Australia Australia facebook 15,000 members
Burning Man Melbourne Australia facebook 3,900 members
Austrian Burners Austria Website facebook
Burning Man Indiana USA, Indiana facebook 700 members
Oklahoma Burners USA, Oklahoma facebook 500 Members
French Burners France Website facebook 14,000 following
Burners from Belgium Belgium facebook 1,300 members
UK Burners United Kingdom facebook 4,700 members
Berlin Burners Germany, Berlin facebook 4,000 members
Wichita Burners USA, Kansas, Wichita facebook 1,200 members
Glaswegian Burners UK, Scotland, Glasgow facebook 60 members
Iowa Burners USA, Iowa facebook 1,000 members
Wellington Burners New Zealand, Wellington facebook 1,000 members
Dallas Fort Worth Burners USA, Texas, Dallas Fort Worth facebook 2,000 members
Russian Burners Russia facebook 12,400 following
Santa Cruz Burners USA, California, Santa Cruz facebook 3,500 following
Midwest Burners USA facebook 4,300 members
New Mexico Burners USA, New Mexico facebook 1,300 members
North Dakota Burners USA, North Dakota facebook 240 Following
Oahu Burners USA, Hawaii, Oahu facebook 800 members
Ottawa Burners Canada, Ottawa facebook 550 members
EuroBurners Europe & United Kingdom Website facebook Website last updated 2013, facebook is current with 4,000 members
Italian Burners Italy Website facebook 2,500 following
Swedish Burners Sweden facebook 3,200 members
Dutch Burner Community Netherlands facebook 5,000 members
Irish Burners Ireland Website facebook 2,400 members
Burning Man Norway Norway facebook 530 members
Greek Burners Greece facebook 460 members
Brazilian Burners Brazil facebook 1,050 members
Burning Man Hungary Hungary facebook 470 following
London Burners United Kingdom, London facebook 2,000 members
Toronto Burners Canada, Toronto facebook 4,200 members
San Francisco Burners USA, California, San Francisco facebook 3,900 members
Sydney Burners Australia, Sydney facebook 4,000 members
Seattle Burners USA, Washington, Seattle facebook 8,700 members
Black Dog Burners *Interest: Mental Well-being facebook 460 members
LA Burners USA, California, Los Angeles facebook 11,600 members
San Diego Burners USA, California, San Diego facebook 6,300 members
Auckland Burners New Zealand, Auckland facebook 1,100 members
Reno Burners USA, Nevada, Reno facebook 5,200 members
Wisconsin Burning Man USA, Wisconsin facebook Google Group 1,500 following (facebook)
Burners Playground Denmark facebook 1,300 members
Denver Burners USA, Colorado, Denver facebook 4,800 members
Boston Burners USA, Connecticut, Boston facebook 3,600 members
Baltimore Burners USA, Delaware, Baltimore facebook 1,200 members
)'( UTAH BURNERS )'( USA, Utah facebook 5,600 members
Boise Burners USA, Idaho, Boise facebook 1,400 members
Portland Burners USA, Oregon, Portland facebook
Houston Burners USA, Texas, Houston facebook 2,400 members
Brûleurs de Montréal Burners Canada, Montreal facebook 2,200 members
Las Vegas Burners USA, Nevada, Las Vegas facebook 1,200 members
Gateway Burners USA, Missouri, St Louis facebook 2,700 members
Philly Burners USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia facebook 1,900 members
Burner Hacks *Interest: Tips for a better playa life. facebook 14,700 members
Burning Man Taiwan Taiwan facebook 1,900 members
Burning Man Canberra Australia, ACT, Canberra facebook 600 members
Mpyre - Monterey Bay Burners USA, California, Monterey facebook 1,018 members
Burning Man Brisbane Australia, Queensland, Brisbane facebook 2,300 members

Note: 'Burning Man', 'Black Rock City' and 'Decompression' are registered trademarks of Black Rock City LLC.

Burners Broadcasting and Podcasting

Information Radio Stations are a feature of several Burns, broadcasting live into the Playa, and streaming on the internet worldwide.

Note that most of the Information Radio stations listed here are only broadcasting during the actual Burn they're associated with. However many of the Stations re-broadcast from the whichever Burn is running live. There are also several excellent Podcasters creating and sourcing material on and off playa.

Burn Station Transmission Links
Burning Man Burning Man Information Radio 94.5FM, Live Stream facebook In the Burning Journal
Burning Seed Red Earth Radio 92.3FM facebook
AfrikaBurn Radio Free Tanka 99.9FM, Live Stream facebook, Website
Blazing Swan The Bomb - Blazing Swan Information Radio Currently in recess facebook
Burner Podcast Combining BurnerPodcast.com, AlkalinePodcast.com and IntotheFire.com Online Website
Burning Man Utube Channel An aggregation of Utube material Online Website
Strange Frequency Podcast A Burner Community podcastl Online Website

Note: 'Burning Man', 'Black Rock City' and 'Decompression' are registered trademarks of Black Rock City LLC.

How do we keep this information up to date?

This list was derived in the first instance from the WIKIPEDIA page listing regional Burns. As at September 2017 that list was out of date and incomplete. So what have we done and what do we need to do to keep this list accurate?

1. We revisited all of the links in the WIKIPEDIA list and updated details from the websites and facebook pages. We are in the process of setting up automatic monitoring of those websites to detect and report upon any changes appearing on them.

2. We consulted other lists and articles. Some were less complete than others - that's not a criticism, as our own list is also certainly not complete. Huge credit and and thanks are due to those who have built and continue to maintain these lists. Again we are setting up automatic monitoring of the webpages those lists appear upon with a view to detecting and reporting any changes in those lists. The pages and lists include:

3. We ran searches in Google and in facebook for the a country name and the word combinations, "regional burn" and "burn decompression".

4. Some Burner groups keep track of Burns in (and outside) their Regions, including the highly recommended and very current list from Burners from Belgium.

5. Readers of this Burning Wiki page are encouraged to add or correct details using their own knowledge of burn events. Contact us at burningwikilist@gmail.com