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This wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia so most tutorials for Wikipedia are relevant to Burning Wiki. This is a brief getting started guide, at the end there are some links to Wikipedia's resources.


Don't Panic! We had to say that somewhere here... Whatever you do with this Wiki you can't break it. It's like one of those Japanese dolls that just keep bouncing back upright. If you make a mistake you can reverse it, and if you're not sure how to do that we're there to help.

Login Accounts

You don't need to use an account to login and make edits, but it's encouraged and has these benefits:

  • Choose a Burner Name, which will show against all your contributions.
  • Edit without revealing your IP address (which can be used to trace your physical location) to the public.
  • Create your own Burner Profile Page page, to collaborate, share information about yourself, or just practice editing and publishing in your own sandbox.
  • Communicate with other Burners via your own talk page. You can also opt in to exchanging emails with other Burners.
  • Start new pages
  • View a convenient list of all your contributions (edits), and use your watchlist to monitor changes made to pages that interest you.

To Create an Account in the Burning Wiki contact John Mack at

Expanding and Editing Existing Pages

Everyone can participate in building and renovating this Wiki, in fact we hope you do. We've said it before, we'll say it again: 'DON'T PANIC' . Everything you do on the Wiki can be reversed. You can make interesting stumbles, but you'll always be able to get back up and carry on.

To edit a page, simply select 'edit' (for simple edits) or 'edit source' (for a more powerful tool). You have option to preview the changes when you use 'edit source', but in either case don't forget to 'save' or 'publish' your work. If you're not logged in with your Account name when you make edits your computer's IP address will be recorded against the change. If you like to keep your computer details private we recommend you create an account and login using it prior to editing the Wiki.

Don't be surprised to see incorrect or incomplete information on this Wiki. If it's wrong, correct it. If it's incomplete, add to it. Wikis gain accuracy and authority over time - your participation will get us there. We welcome nit-pickers and grammar-fanatics.

Using Images

You can add images to the Burning Wiki. Just make sure that you have permission from the photographer, and ideally from anyone 'in' the photo beforehand. Our policy in relation to photos is to ask everyone to take care, and to understand that if we receive a complaint we'll simply remove the photo.

If you add an image to the Wiki it will prompt you to give the image a name. To make things easier for everyone, we suggest giving the image a name that begins with the Burn name, followed by the Year and then the Theme Camp or Event or Artwork it relates to, followed by a sequential number. For example: Burn_Year_Event_001.jpg0

Creating New Pages

Here are some pages that are reasonably complete. You can copy the layout of these pages to create your own new pages.

To create a new page, type the name of the new page in the box 'Search Burning Wiki'. Then when prompted, agree to create the new page.

To copy an existing page simply go to the 'Edit Source' option, copy the entire contents of the page, go to your new page and paste the contents. Then edit and save the new page.

If you've had some really, really bad experiences with computers (who hasn't?) and you are creating a large amount of new content we recommend you save/publish several times while you are building that content, rather than waiting until you've finished. We can't protect your work from a power blackout unless your work is saved.

Help and Assistance

If you want help with something, would like to suggest new features or give feedback we have a small (join us!) support team.

For content issues or assistance: John Mack

For technical issues and support: Jack Rose

More resources