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Information Radio Stations are a feature of several Burns, broadcasting live into the Playa, and streaming on the internet worldwide.

Information Radio Stations Worldwide

Note that most of the Information Radio stations listed here are only broadcasting during the actual Burn they're associated with. However many of the Stations re-broadcast from the whichever Burn is running live. A column will be added later which will indicate whether the Station has original material being broadcast off-playa, and a link to the radio station schedule if one exists. A later section on this page will address practical issues and experiences of running on-playa radio stations around the world.

Burn Station Transmission Links
Burning Man Burning Man Information Radio 94.5FM, Live Stream facebook In the Burning Journal
Burning Seed Red Earth Radio 92.3FM facebook
AfrikaBurn Radio Free Tanka 99.9FM, Live Stream facebook, Website
Blazing Swan The Bomb - Blazing Swan Information Radio facebook

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