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Bibliophile, archivist, poet, wordsmith, weaver of stories...


Blazing Swan 2016, Blazing Swan 2017

Founding member of the Anti-Precludian Reading and Performance Society (2016,2017). Founding member of The Library @ Jilakin Rock City (2018). Founding member of Mind Body Spirit @ Jilakin Rock City (2018).

Co-organizer of the event: Blazing Swan Group Nude Shoot (2017).


  • Wiki Administrator
  • Theme Camp Page: The Library @ Jilakin Rock City (formerly the Anti-Precludian Reading & Performance Society
  • Activity Page: The Night Sky Party @ Jilakin Rock City
  • Activity Page: Nude Photo Shoot @ Jilakin Rock City

Creator and Administrator of the following Facebook pages:

Administrator of the following Facebook pages:

Unofficial archivist of the Blazing Swan Community Facebook page and creator of the Blazing Swan Facebook Index.


John Mack collects books in diverse subjects, and shares a house with over 13,000 volumes. Retired ten years ago from the IT field after 23 years of service in public and private industry, he types on a Dvorak layout keyboard, uses Ubuntu and Libre Office, and is no fan of wireless or Smartphones. He writes backwards, thinks visually and sleeps on the floor with a pile of books under his head. He believes that a helpful model for existence is, 'Be good and do good', and tries to follow this simple advice best he can.


  • Pre-Socratic Philosophy
  • The philosophy of virtue and reputation
  • Philology
  • Asian traditional kites
  • History
  • Social psychology
  • Astronomy
  • Architecture
  • Mediation
  • Management and Administration
  • Classical and world music
  • Ecology and sustainable technologies and lifestyles
  • Religion and spiritualism
  • Economics and politics
  • Post Impressionism, the Pre Raphelite School, and Ukiyo-e
  • Botany and Ethology
  • Jungian Psychology
  • Hypnotism and Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Libraries and information systems
  • Societies and cultures
  • Orphism and Pythagoreanism
  • Poetry and spoken performance
  • People