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*A Burn:[[Template Burn]]
*A Burn:[[Template Burn]]
'''Content Assistance/Support''' - [[John Mack| John Mack]]    I am happy to edit or enter content for you or help you set up your own account - just contact [https://www.facebook.com/johnmackaccount me on facebook] or at burnersworld@gmail.com.
'''Content Assistance/Support''' - [[John Mack| John Mack]]    I am happy to edit or enter content for you or help you set up your own account - just contact [https://www.facebook.com/johnmackaccount me on facebook] or at burningwikilist@gmail.com.
'''Technical Assistance/Support''' - [[User:Jay-aye-see-kay| Jack Rose]]
'''Technical Assistance/Support''' - [[User:Jay-aye-see-kay| Jack Rose]]

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Welcome to the Burning Wiki
The radically inclusive, participative and self expressive Wiki space for Burners.

Artwork by James Wickham

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The Burning Wiki Logo
  • We have a new Burning Wiki logo, up in the top left of this Front Page. It's a combination of James Wickhams pictograms for 'Communal Effort' and 'Participation'. James - who holds a Creative Commons right in respect of the images - actually did the artwork for us. Our feeling is that this Logo not only reflects the combination of the two Principles most aligned with this Wiki, but is also symbolic of the energy we hope it creates.

  • There's no point knowing WHEN an event is if you missed out on the chance to sign up to gain entry to it. So we've started including 'Invitation Status' information on our Burns & Burners Worldwide page. It is now a sortable column. Try it and see if it works for you. We are beginning to get firm dates for events in 2019, along with ticketing information.

  • We've filled out the 'ABOUT THIS WIKI' page and now you can read about what we're hoping to achieve and how we're going about it. Watch out Jimmy Wales? Not exactly... but we're kind of confident that we've got a good thing here and we can build upon it. See you on the inside of this, our virtual playa.

The BRC Wiki. New and fresh and growing rapidly. This Wiki has as its core a desire to document Mutant Vehicles and Placed and Performance Art at Burning Man, with the potential to encompass Regional Burns across the World.

News Archive

Featured Photo
Photo by Ramona August, with permission.

Aarhus Burns, Denmark 2018, Effigy Burn. Photo by Ramona August (https://www.augustramona.com), with permission.

Aarhus Burns

Every year, around the summer solstice, the Burning Man 10 principles - and the culture – is brought for a week into the permanent city of Aarhus in Denmark. The aim is to interact with all that is Aarhus; the people, the mindsets, the rules, the urban spaces, the buildings, the private homes, the municipality, the organizations, the dreams, the visions - and create transformative experiences together.

In 2019 Aarhus will host the Burning Man European Leadership Conference, between 11-14 of April. Contact the Aarhus Burns Co-Creators facebook group for more information and the chance to assist and participate.

Aarhus Burns Website

Aarhus Burns Co-Creators facebook group

More about Aarhus

Photo Archive

Contribute to the Burning Wiki

Burning Wiki is similar to, but separate from Wikipedia. Like all Wikis it's a place where all visitors are encouraged to add knowledge, and like all Burn Communities it's a Do-ocracy. One of the quickest ways to getting started creating or editing your own pages is to look at what others have done. To see the code behind each page, select 'Edit Source' once you open a page that you'd like to copy. See Help:Getting started for further information, a quick introduction to wikis, and links to resources to help you.

Step One: Create a Burner Account

Having a registered Burner Account in the Burning Wiki is a good first step. You can create a Playa Name and use that, and even a Burner Profile page for yourself. You can edit this Wiki without a Burner Account, but be warned, the Wiki will then display your computer's IP address as the 'author'. This isn't a good thing for people who like to keep their computer details private. Creating a Burner Account (at the moment) requires that you contact John Mack at burnersworld@gmail.com. Setup will usually happen within 24 hours.

Example Pages

Template Pages These are available to help you create structure and content in the Burning Wiki. Like all elements of the Burning Wiki you can improve them, and choose whether or not to use them

Content Assistance/Support - John Mack I am happy to edit or enter content for you or help you set up your own account - just contact me on facebook or at burningwikilist@gmail.com.

Technical Assistance/Support - Jack Rose