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All the Theme Camps on one world-wide playa...

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All the Camps

Name About Burn Year(s) Gifts
Apothecary @ First Aid Along with our usual first aid duties, this year the Medics will be a mini theme camp! Taking a step back in time, we are getting medieval with an apothecary-themed space exploring treatments from across the world and across time. We will also be providing a shaded area with games and music, as well as providing educational workshop from this space. The Medics are on hand 24 hours to assist you in any way possible, we will be located between Caffeinas and HQ. We can’t wait to meet you! Modifyre 2017
Lush ‘Orgasms for all” guarentees satsifaction. In a small intimate and private setting of only 24 participants. Widen your experience by gaining a safe release from tension. Wear comfortable clothing and this is for consenting adults only. Only 1 session each day starting at 2pm sharp. Be there early because once we start, no one else will be admitted. We might eff with your head a little but this is truely a memorable burner xperience. Modifyre 2017
Orgasms for All A place to feed your soul with a mystic pavilion, massage, decadent pancakes one morning, chill space, small collection of relaxing reading. Small fire pit, beanbags and layers of faux fur. Modifyre 2017
Last Drinks They say Last Drinks is less a theme camp than a state of mind. With a selection of leather-bound books and the rare smell of a mahogany bar, here the disc jockeys spin only gold records. Step through her velvet curtains and you will be transported to another era; witness mind-boggling magic, discover your inner puppet, lead an exercise routine, or present a reading of your latest work. This is participation at its finest - we simply set the stage, the rest is up to you! Modifyre 2017
Caffeina’s Tea Temple Have your body revitalised and your senses tantalised. A warm log fire will be complemented by an array of teas and coffee, while massage, meditation, storytelling and art will be taking place to prepare both body and mind for another adventure in the forest of Modifyre. Feeling overwhelmed? Come and let one of our facilitators hold space and offer support. facebook Modifyre 2017
Eclectic Chill Eclectic Chill is a blissful, colourful cozy camp offering an evening camp fire every night and a pot luck banquet dinner on the Saturday. Enjoy good vibes, great yarns and laughter. Returning for our 3rd year (previously called Rainbow Chill). Modifyre 2017
It's Yo Birthday! It's yo birthday! Or is it ? We don’t care! Sing Happy Birthday, eat cake, play pin the horn on the unicorn, musical cushions, pass the parcel. Saturday afternoon we intend on marching the streets of Modifyre to help bring about awareness of the unicorns. Before the march we will make our own Unicorn Horn ready for the march. Get in quick for a piece of the cake of the day! Bring a bottle of something to add to the crazy kids cordial! Come and celebrate your birthday with us! facebook Modifyre 2017
Rejuvination Station Come find us and take shelter under the shade of our yellow umbrella to rest and rejuvenate! 5 minute massages and tickles, mini facials and hot towels, hair funs and face paints - see what we’re offering today! Modifyre 2017
Sunset Ducks Sunset Ducks Kitchen & Bar is where you will find the all the tired, cranky, radically self-entitled crews who build our beloved Bug and Temple, and get the site ready for the arrival of all you stinkin’ hippies. Ducks is a quiet and respectable camp - not like those ragamuffins the Wonky Queenslanders. We serve only the finest of Scotch and Irish whiskeys, accompanied by earnest conversation and sophisticated musical selections. Our beautifully crafted bar is a work of art as refined as our taste in liquor. Swing by! Modifyre 2017
The Wonky Queenslander The Wonky Queenslander once again throws open it’s barely fastened and slightly lopsided front cover and extends a warm welcome to all those looking to peruse over the forward, settle in for a good read and get wonky in our little trailer park wonderland. Maybe our live music section will glue you to the page, with our sound maestro’s filling the atmosphere with modular synths, crooning drum machines any other instrument they can get their hands on. Maybe you’re chasing guidance on how to nail that foot stompin’, hip shaking boogie, that you can’t find anywhere but good old print. Have no fear, as our resident DJ’s have written quite the essay on what techy, squelchy and filthy numbers get the peoples’ feet moving. facebook Modifyre 2017
TIPinyaki TIPInyaki offers a sanctuary from the cold where you will always be greeted with warm smiles, a roaring fire and probably more than a few meaty yarns. We will be putting on a wood fired feed or two with the option to BYO meats or veggies if you’re too lazy (or cooked) to cook your own. Some utensils, seasoning options and a capable resident sizzle merchant/pretend chef will be on standby. Other attractions include a treasure hunt, shadow puppetry and Mongolian throat singing performance. So for tasty eats, chill beats and cozy feets come on down to TIPInyaki!. Modifyre 2017
Yoga-Play Play, Connect, Be with Yoga-Play. Look for the chimney in the Bell tent surrounded by hula hoops. Open 8am - 4pm daily (9am Sunday).

In keeping with the principle of Ahimsa (do no harm), please no animal products in the Yoga-Play space. Namaste.

Modifyre 2017
1 + Only Sit up high with a 360° uninterrupted view of the open desert or the bustling Tankwa Town, whilst enjoying conversation, a beverage and listening to chilled tunes and the sounds of Tankwa. AfrikaBurn 2017
A Week at Burnies Our Man, Burnie, has survived many burns from being a Virgin Burner, to the The Freedom Fighter and on to our Rock God at Yes Please to the Temple of Rock. We’re inviting all burners to pop in, pop out, lounge around, busk at our coffee tables, sleep on giant-sized cushions or party till we have to stop. Our sound levels will be constant but mellow throughout the day and funky at night. Catch our snacks and drinks... It’s all about the timing, Tequila Sunrises at sunrise, Bloody Mary’s for elevenses, Chai at night and maybe the odd midnight pancake snack. Come meet Burnie and stand a chance of winning a 3 course, fine dining, crystal glass, white table cloth Dinner for FOUR. PS: what happens at Burnie’s stays at Burnie’s. AfrikaBurn 2017
Alienz Coffee Shop Alienz, Unicorns, Rocketeers, Time travellers, Star Children and other Burners - bring your own mug for cappuccino and treats between 8am-10h30am. Tea & coffee (Self Help) for the rest of the day Stage for impromptu shows. Sharing of tables is encouraged and everyone is welcome to enjoy the shaded space. Alienz Coffee Shop will seat 150 plus people in a welcoming, otherworldly atmosphere. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Artsluts HQ ArtSluts offer skills, hands, saws and axes to artists of AfrikaBurn who may need additional assistance. Speak to Arteria for more info. AfrikaBurn 2017
Bad Mechanics In 2016, a crack unit of bush mechanics sent themselves to exile for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security theme camp to the Tankwa underground. Today, still wanted by the ladies and the Landy owners alike, they survive as soldiers of mercy. If you have a problem with your petrol-chugger, a shocking issue with your starter, a brake problem that just won’t stop, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can drink beer and learn to fix stuff with... The Bad Mechanics. AfrikaBurn 2017
Bedazzled Bedazzled is the magical fantastical fancy dress shop on the playa. For your transformation pleasure. Come in as a regular Joe and leave as a sparkly siren, mystical mermaid, pompous pilot, crazy clown or anything your heart desires. Borrow and bring back principles apply. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Birthday Suits Hate pants? Feelin’ dirty? We have a safe and non-judgmental space for you to take your kit off and participate in the human car wash. If you have to get lean in Tankwa Town, then come get clean with us. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Bob and the Beatles Open daily from 10h00 or 12h00 until 17h00 in communal stretch tent chill area communal stretch tent chill playing all the Beatles and Dylan’s album where burners can come jam serving ~ 20 - 30l beatle juice daily and marshmallow pies nuts and biscuits, Games Acroyoga - 3 times during the week Mutant Vehicle - The Yellow Submarine Cruise around the Binnekring serving good vibes (Beatles music) and Beatle juice and marshmallow pies. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Boerassic Park I hope you boere and bokkies are ready for Boerassic Park playtime 2017, plus some more. Open all day for some chill shade, moerkoffie and some eats – evening time as the sun sets over Tanqua Town the plaas swart pots come out and we will be serving hot farm made potjies. And that’s not all – a sop pot or two from out Dutch mense to take the chill out the desert air.We support total self-reliance which means you bring your own bowls and forks for our eats. No bowl - no sop. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Booze & Beats Long has the rhythm of the earth been determined by the vibrations of music. The flame in our hearts is beating in tune! Come feel the love on Rum & Reggae Day, or dance to Techno & Tequila just before May. Be the Punk with Punch unleashed and come over indulge in Brandy and Boeremusiek! Please check our board for which theme is on which day. AfrikaBurn 2017
Botergeil, An Afrodisiac Dining Experience Do you wanna feel BoterGeil? Do you wanna PLAY? Are you ready for a journey through the world of tantra, Ayurveda, love science and aphrodisiac nutrition? Just pick a boy, girl, tree or chimpanzee on the streets of AfrikaBurn and come to BoterGeil. If you can’t find one it’s no problem at all, you can come single as well. Prepare for a journey through all of your 5 senses and those of your partner. AfrikaBurn 2017
Bubbles and Bass Please join us each morning at sunrise on Tuesday through Sunday for amazing DJs playing beautiful House Music, while we serve you chilled sparkling wine. Please bring you own cup! AfrikaBurn 2017
Burning Mail Each year Tankwa Town’s official POST OFFICE, Burning Mail, is the place where Burners pick out specially designed postcards, write “wish you were here”, Sick on stamps, and pop them in the mail box. We post all the cards on our return to the Default World. We also offer an inter-camp postal delivery service, making our rounds across the Binnekring in a big red postal delivery van for these deliveries. The van will be a mobile post office, so people who don’t make it to our tent can still experience the fun of sending postcards with Burning Mail. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Burniversity Come join us in learning at The Burniversity! The faculty of The Burniversity will hold lectures and workshops on topics such as: Yoga (we have THE BEST instructress), Mindfulness for beginners, Responsible Drug Use ( is in the house!), making fire with sticks and Some Really Interesting Math Proofs. Guest professors are extremely welcome, please come visit our camp to arrange times and topics. We might or might not award degrees and/or professorships. AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Anvil We are the fire starters and noise-makers with meanest art cars... AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Arcadia A gathering of KiFf burners offering vibes-a-plenty, yoga, massages, tea ceremonies and dazzling desert tunes. Join us Wednesday evening for a yoga class just before the sun goes down. We’ll be celebrating the softer side of the Burn with yoga, massage & sophrology massages with burners all the way from Belgium. Thursday night a dance floor comes together, we’ll be playing sexy tunes of expression. Find us on 2ish... bring all your best misbehaviour! AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Deliciosa Delicious crepes or pancakes served every morning from 9am - 11am! Gluten free and vegan options available... AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Eclipse Everything turns, rotates, spins, circles, loops, pulsates, resonates, and repeats. Circles of life, born from pulses of light. Vibrate to breathe, while spiralling outwards for infinity through the lens of time and into a sea of stars and lucid dreams. Our camp will have dazzling drawing machines, resulting in mesmerizing artworks, intimate parties and random acts of craziness. Check our blackboard for daily activities. Every day: Create dazzling art on our Spirograph drawing machines. AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Flamingo We are the LAUGH OUT LOUD camp of Afrika Burn. Swing by and be entertained with a variety of adult themed games that will be sure to make you laugh out loud. AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp High Tea Tired of the zoo? Come to the circus! From the folks who brought you sunset magic sprinkles at 4ish - it’s High T at the High Top. Same kicking tunes, same sunset bliss, all new freak show. We don’t have bears on bicycles but do have belly dancers on tricycles. Tasty beats from the Ringmaster with the bling blaster to bazooka you through your zing faster. Dress in red and white and black and gold if clothes are your thing. Dress in pink and white and black and brown if they’re not. Find us on the far side of the moon - half way to the mountain, by the big T, out near the lighthouse on Friday 4ish. Zap Kablat. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Merrytwit Welcome to Merrytwit! Your friendly chill-out spot in suburbia.... Come and play with the ducks! Play on the lawn! Play croquet! Play with yourself! (maybe not the last one). Our world-famous masala chai will be back every morning as well as new additions Tai Chi, Quiz and Cards against Humanity - The Tankwa Edition. (The dusty party game for horrible people)▶Morning Masala Chai ▶Tai Chi & Chai Tea ▶Pub Quiz ▶Insanity and mirth AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Pompeii Pompeii returns, with pools, stage, live music - musicians welcome to come and show us their chops in the most decadently comfortable camp at the Burn.... we’re jamming afternoons, early evenings and well... see where we go from there... AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Skaduwee Camp Skaduwee is a regular feature on the Binnekring - the bright orange stretch tents provide you with a home away from home. A place to meet, rest, reconnect and of course enjoy the most amazing musical journey under our shade. From early morning yoga at 9am to an awesome mix of local and international DJs. Starting at 2pm every day, you’ll be so grateful that you found us. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Camp Stardust Cum Play Visit our beautification station and add those finishing touches. Or be daring and see if you’ve got what it takes to get a watermelon to blow its load. And the never-ending Doodle Jungle needs your colour. Cum Play! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
CEXx Camp CEXx - A Consensual, Educational, Xploration of seX. A camp focusing on talks about sexuality and sex during the day, and becomes a discreet, sex-positive camp with restricted, adult-only access at night. Sex-positive implies being open-minded, alive, connected, safe, sane and consenting with a HELL YES! CEXx will empower people with knowledge and provide a respectful, welcoming, consensual, safe space to explore, embrace, learn and grow. ▶ Daily 2pm-6pm: Individuals and couples may attend engaging and playful ‘CEXx Talks’. ▶ Nightly (8pm-on): Participants have access to the discreet sex-positive camp for ‘next-level’ adult-play activities and meet and greet parties. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Coffee and Cards Dawn - A morning altar to the great god of the morning. We rise before dawn and begin our morning celebration where we give thanks to the sacred bean. We brew carefully and with love and serve to those dawn souls seeking comfort in an energising beverage as we greet the morning sun together. Gather with us as we plan the day and we’ll share our lovely homebaked, organic special treats with you. ▶ All day - drop in for a card game, a chat, a chill, or, if you are feeling like searching - ask the psychic to read your Tarot. ▶ Evening - check board for special night time treats. Will include champagne when we’re feeling inspired. AfrikaBurn 2017
Dancin' on the Ceilin' Retreat from the harsh desert heat during the day and chill with us after sunset in our Moroccan desert inspired camp. Various international and local DJs will be playing melodic beats while you enjoy refreshing drinks and good vibes in our Bedouin lounges. Expect things to go a little bit out of control as the night progresses. We come from all over the world... Lebanon, the UK, Belgium, France, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Iran, the US, Ivory Coast and South Africa. Many of us are artists of some sort and the rest of us creators of magic. ;) AfrikaBurn 2017
Daybreak Coffee Corner Early morning coffee every day from daybreak 7am to 9.30am. Enjoy some beskuit and good company. Join us again for tea from 3pm to 5pm with some biscuits. AfrikaBurn 2017
Desert Magic Get our of the sun and come and relax with us in our decorated tent. Chill out on the beanbags and blow up chairs and be dazzled by our resident magician.Flavoured and chai tea with homemade biscuits from 2 to 5. Board games from 2 to 5. Magic show from 5 to 5.30. Hooka pipes from 7 to 10 in the evening.▶ Flavoured and chai tea with homemade biscuits from 2 to 5. Board games from 2 to 5. Magic show from 5 to 5.30. Hooka pipes from 7 to 10 in the evening. AfrikaBurn 2017
Discovery DISCOvery is open from 9pm daily. We play disco, funk and soulful beats. Come dance the night away or be the DJ. Check the board outside for the lineup and any special events. AfrikaBurn 2017
DMV DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) @ 6-ish, where mutants are wrangled and branded. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Don't Panic Uprize Plaza presents the Mantis Lounge. Our art installation shall be the Praying Mantis Stage presenting cultural workshops promoting the rich Khoisan heritage. Burners can expect workshops on indigenous language, poetry & prayer, traditional medicines, fire making and music...a one day music set extravaganza as well, so come dressed uP to receive a free gift... limited 1000 gifts available, so dont miss out... Our stage remains an open platform for all other Burners to utilise to come entertain and educate... RADICAL INCLUSION!! AfrikaBurn 2017
Dust Devil Camp Come play with the Devil, with the roll of a dice you could be rewarded with a whisky shot. If you happen to be around when the saloon is open you will be quenched with an icy cold draft beer. Look out for the Dust Devil Wagon on the move we may be stocking the bar in the desert. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Fear and Loathing in Tankwa Town Roaming the desert in your Tankwa induced haze you will find Fear & Loathing! If you want to try your luck at our ‘casino’, where you can bet your dignity and curiosity. Or lean back on an overstuffed cushion and survey the shimmering playa. You don’t want to miss out on our homemade ginger beer and biltong. Come and play. Open daily from 1pm-5pm for organised fun, otherwise pop in and chill. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Filosofy Cafe We will be available for thirst quencing chats in our shack about life’s questions. AfrikaBurn 2017
Flow Arts Commune The Flow Arts Commune is a collective of burners with a focus on flow, we run workshops on juggling arts through out the day, and provide a platform for others to share their flow, be it a cooking show, stand up comedy, acro-yoga, Lego, knitting, If you want to teach or display your passion, we will help provide a space for you, We also have a chill lounge to come relax and watch our fire shows and performances at camp. We have morning yoga, stretching and evening fire shows. Come do a thing! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Fractal Chill Ethiopian Coffee House Welcome to Fractal Chill Ethiopian Tea and Coffee house, serving our Brews since 2013. We have grown from 1 coffee pot to a Bedouin style cafe housed in a Nomadic tent decorated with cloth, lights, reinforcing your nomadic desert experience. Comfort is paramount and scarce at the burn, so we offer you a carpeted lounge with inflatable couches. We seat 100 people, it takes roughly 40 minutes to work your way through our brews. We open at 13-00 We serve pineapple ginger rooibos to clear the thirst, followed by Moroccan mint, poured from a thin spout to aerate the tea. Finally we serve Chai and Coffee. We have a clay wood-burning oven to make all of our brews. Our Coffee Maister brews a Burn favourite, pure arabica coffee beans in Ethiopian coffee pots. Our Chai Maister, a second generation Chai Wala, brews the finest Chai on the Playa by far. Expect to snack on fruit, biscuits and popcorn. Our resident Music Maister encourages the jam and has a nose to sniff out a crew of impromptu merry music makers. From around 14-00 the music Maister and his band of jammers get going all afternoon.It’s the last pot of coffee and the end of the day that signals the end of another great day at Fractal Chill, we close around 17-00. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
G.B.U. Good musical vibes AfrikaBurn 2017
Game On - Tankwa Game Toy Come play with our Tankwa Game Toy from 2pm-11pm. We will have various DJs both international and local playing throughout the burn between 4pm - 7pm, these will be scheduled on our chalkboard. Our Game Toy comes with other bells and whistles too...! We look forward to partying with you all soon! AfrikaBurn 2017
Geodesic Playground Visit our camp anytime, chill in our psychedelic Geo domes on the edge of the Tankwa, bring your own cup for fresh honeybush tea. Between 2 pm and 4 pm join us for silly games, Hula-limpics, Musical laps, Baby oil twister, White chess, back and front gammon and many more, see the board outside our tent for more silly game information. AfrikaBurn 2017
Heartburn Visit HEARTBURN and experience the importance of perspective by viewing our artwork from the comfort of the red couch. If you’re feeling creative why not linger and contribute a few lines of colour to the drawings we have available. We’ll be gifting morning HEARTSTARTERS and evening HEARTWARMERS so make sure to have your cup with you when you come and visit - check our chalkboard for serving times. AfrikaBurn 2017
I Spy I Spy with my little eye ... So you may have caught up with our roving Polar Bears in the morning, indulged in a bit of meaningful decoration of their hides, and thrown back an Iced Espresso (or two?) - now it’s time to sit back and relax, let the kids get creative, while you swill a classic cocktail and contemplate your carbon footprint. ▶ Wednesday to Friday, 3ish till 4ish, Shaken not Stirred Cock Tail hour. AfrikaBurn 2017
Ink Tribe Have the new Play BURNT logo printed on your Tshirt and take a memory home. ▶ Daily 9 - 12ish. Henna in the afternoon. Pick-Up-Sticks at teatime. AfrikaBurn 2017
Intents Intuition Got a burning question? Need some perspective? Happy with your destiny? Why not meander up to InTents Intuition and get your Tarot cards read ... InTents Intuition is the place to spend a dreamy afternoon with intuitions from the Tarot; explore your Enneagram personality; or see yourself differently in a drawn portrait. If that’s too intense just bring a friend and PLAY our board games, or simply relax on our comfy cushions while staring out into the shimmering desert. ▶ Come chill with us from 12-4 every afternoon. Tarot readings from 2-4pm. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Jungle Juice Everyone already knows the jungle is massive, but did you know it was loud too? Stumble over to Jungle Juice where we will be letting the monkeys out daily to serve wicked jungle cocktails and swing to the sounds of our great apes on the decks. We aim for sunset, but often miss. Check the board outside for serving times! Wristbands will be checked before serving, so no monkey business! AfrikaBurn 2017
Kneidel Meidels The Kneidel Meidels of the Camp Xodus “seders” are coming back to the desert to Play! Have fun on our over-sized board games & kids activities; join us for a kosher & vegetarian Friday night Shabbat dinner and Karoo sunset Shabbat welcoming ceremony and stay posted for other gifting deliciousness and cool fun!!! There may even be matzah ball (kneidlach) soup and wine :-D facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Le Petit Paris Come by our camp to play, chill or listen to some music! Open daily 10am-6pm for games and 4pm-6pm for cocktails! Activities may vary but will be announced on our board. We look forward seeing you there, a bientot! AfrikaBurn 2017
Living Room Magic We are groovy kids from all over the nation who link up once in a year in Tankwa to make magic. This year we will be offering a sacred space for meditation, interesting talks and ceremonies. Please check out the board for daily activities. AfrikaBurn 2017
Love All Tennis Court Ever fancied yourself as Andre Agassi or Maria Sharapova? Now is our time to live out your fantasy. Head over to LOVE ALL TENNIS COURT anytime of the day or night, pick up a racket and test your tennis skills. Bring your friends, or make some new ones on the court.If you make a visit on Saturday afternoon there will be refreshment on offer too. [Love All Tennis Camp at Afrikaburn🎾 facebook] AfrikaBurn 2017
Love Your Planet + Loki The Rhino Camp Love Your Planet (LYP) and our legendary mutant rhino, Loki, have rocked the Tankwa earth for the last three years and promises to again bring the unique combination of eclectic beats, spiritual healing and visual energy. Keep an eye out for the flaming horn and hot pink LED silhouette roaming the desert. This year we have a special treat with DJ Wanklemut joining the rhino residents to inject a little European flavour. Come chill at camp LYP between the binne and buite-krings on 7ish, and join us for a vodka “punch-up” street party on the Friday before the burn. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Mad Mike's Desert Playhouse Mad Mikes Desert Playhouse - A Champagne Drinking Hole - because no great story began with a salad... AfrikaBurn 2017
Magical Mystery Mob Arrive at our camp from 11ish To start an adventure granting every desert wish! There will be a board with a clever clue,That will tell you what you’re going to do...Follow a winding, intriguing path, Which we hope will include a bit of a laugh;You’ll discover the fabulous magical space,That makes the Burn such an extraordinary place!There’ll be magic and mayhem and spectacle and love - Absolutely nothing to tire of!And when you return, your quest at an end,We’ll call Victory and make you our friend!! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Metastofasis Metastofasis are, what’s the word I am looking for, ummm, on the tip of the it.....AMAZING! We have the best lumo pancakes EVER, made from freerange irradiated pixie blood and a dash of unicorn piss. We offer other activities, including manicures, making your own Scooby bracelets Twisted Twister, Musical Squares and more. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Mystical Lounge The Mystical Lounge returns for a 5th year with something on the go pretty much all day and half the night, daily. Open daily 9am-3pm for body and adornment in the form of henna and temporary ink tattoos, face and body painting, daily events (yoga, meditation, discussion groups, open sessions). Sunset cocktails. Open 7pm-12pm as a chill lounge with music, drumming. Check daily activity board at the camp for details. Something to offer and need a place? Get on our schedule. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
New Beginnings Hot ecologically friendly showers! Rejuvenate your beautiful body with our warm and welcoming waters. Wash off the old and embrace the new with a fresh cleanse. It’s a new beginning. It’s a revival to the mind, body and soul. You are free to choose when to start your vibrant new beginning. Yes, our hot showers run from sunrise to sunset. We are fully equipped with biodegradable soap and a camp filled with love to keep you company.Come play in our showers, you are all invited. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Now There is no time in Tankwa except NOW! We are a LEOPARD MAFIA (Thursday 14:00) to remind you of the magic of NOW! We gift your NOW with love, music, art, adventure and positive, playful energy!Always Sunsets parties at NOW. DJ’s deliver on BUGGY NIGHTS speakers and on LIFE ON MARS headphones. Wander off into the playa with our headphones, just bring them back!Get cosy in our LOVE BUNNY: those who enter the cuddle puddle may never leave.Come to our Play Room, for some sexy play games and instruction.R2D2? C3P0? Their home is NOW AfrikaBurn 2017
Playsure A pop-art themed P.L.A.Y.G.R.O.U.N.D. Playsure hunter this is home! Afternoon sessions: we have numerous games & fun time: lose habits, lose rules & create new ones! You said Circus?At night: our geeky lot will have you watch the stars while playing disco music during a very French “aperitif”. Oh, and we’ll marry whoever wants to in our chapel and unexpectedly turn into an Orgasmic Choir when the time is right! AfrikaBurn 2017
Reality Radio Camp Reality Radio is your perfect live playlist of new, old and original music. Our musical experiences are carefully curated and created by humans with great taste in all types of musical genres. Every day X will mark the spot. Using state of the art wireless technology Reality Radio will do an impromptu performance every day to the lucky friends and fellow burners that find the Reality Radio Pop Up Performance for that day. Handed out at the start of the day, 50 spots will be allocated for lovers of pop up music performances - be sure to find the Reality Radio Pop Up Silent Concert location for the day to enjoy an eclectic mix of genres from folk, to blues, jazz to soul to disco and deep house cross over. Using the sun, time of day and energy of the burn to guide the playlist for that special performance people will be taken on a musical journey that is beautifully tailored and chosen for that very moment in time. faceboook AfrikaBurn 2017
Rubbanecking Over the dusty horizon, in the glimmering heat you notice a couple of figures emerging as they travel through the Tankwa. What will these nomads offer? A dash of espresso to give you a kick in the morning? Soothing massages to ease your exhausted body? Some popcorn to munch while gawking at artworks being burned to the ground? Body art to carry the memory of your encounter? Some herbal tea to quench your thirst in the unforgiving landscape? Or a delectable drink to sip whilst being mesmerised by our African sunset? Well, whatever it is they are bringing to ready. We can pop up anywhere and anytime AfrikaBurn 2017
Rust'N Dust Tankwa Town’s bring & braai post-apocalyptic beach shack with a chilled-dub soundtrack. Lookout for Mad Max and Bob Marley bouncing a beer and a bat around the nightly bonfire for the nights that bite. Skulls and palm trees, dust, pirates and reggae. Look out for the Rusty Dusty Potjie Kompetiesie on Thursday. Hell, come join in and cook a pot... you may just win Afrikaburn! Tasty, tasty but be warned, No Bowl = No Chow (and we ain’t scared of chilli). Open daily from noonish till midnight. AfrikaBurn 2017
Samsara - The Home of the Vibe Tribe Samsara is a number of things! It is a beautiful, inviting and comfortable space which is home to the members of the Vibe Tribe. This space will also be a sacred sanctuary where you can start your day with a morning yoga session guided by a fellow burner yogi. In the afternoons, one of the Tankwa’s favourite dancefloors comes to life. Burners are invited to come and dance to he groovy sunset tunes or to take some time out in the beautiful Moroccan style chill area. This will be accommodated by ice cold gin and tonics at sunset. AfrikaBurn 2017
Sentella Sentella has started its world tour! It will be at AfrikaBurn and we cannot wait to play with you! AfrikaBurn 2017
Smokescreen A solar powered cinema presenting evening showings of award winning short films, special themed daytime parties and marches of the famous Tankwa Trolleywood Trompoppies AfrikaBurn 2017
Sonskyn & Wyn Come breathe in Tankwa Town’s soul and be! Be funny, be quirky, be laid back or your charming self. Simply be. And come and wine with us! Dive in for some sunshine and enjoy only the finest unfiltered low sulfur wines from our sunny South Africa. Bring your own glass and fill it as you pass by. Or rather stay a while. Artists and musicians come and say hi, we would love to hear those live notes fly. Breathe in, breath out, asem in, asem uit.. AfrikaBurn 2017
Southern Space Virgins Come experience a french “Bal musette” vibe with french music from the 60’s and Pastis at Apéro time everyday AfrikaBurn 2017
Space Cowboys Need a rest on your intergalactic journey? Come chill with the Space Cowboys in our uber cool camp. We can offer you a drink, some groovy inter-planetary tunes, and the best company this side of space. We welcome all kinds of stars and universal freaks. And Thursday night? You don’t want to miss the party to end all parties. Join us for cosmic cataclysm fun times. [Space Cowboys Have Landed - Afrikaburn 2017 facebook] AfrikaBurn 2017
Spectrum Lounge Need to add THAT much more colour to your life? Come on over to the Spectrum side where we promote lounging around in a kaleidoscope of colours. Wanna do more than just lounging? Colour yourself with colouring-in books, make origami, rainbow paint your nails, embellish skin with tattoos, or unbored yourself with some board games. Mornings are cocktails and sometimes breakfast. Come stick your paws in the sweeti-jars anytime. Afternoons provide some deep sessions to connect to your colourful spirit :) Nights will provide a fairy-light wonderland, some fire, around the fire instruments, marshmellows and Amarula hot chocolate. Enquire about recruitments for The Naked Spectrum Artwalk anytime AfrikaBurn 2017
Splash Bizarre Desert Rain - Sparkling drops of water under the hot Tankwa sun. Stand or Frolic under the dancing water droplets! As the majestic swirling sprinklers cool you down like the desert rain feeds our barren souls. 4 copper sprinklers will be placed in a splash pool. We hope to include a gas driven burning sprinkler for short periods during the hours of darkness. (depending on some arbitrary engineering miracle!) Our pool will have a carpeted entrance with a lounge area. Guests will be required to remove their shoes and any other items of clothing as their desire so grabs them in order to enter the pool area. AfrikaBurn 2017
State of Bliss We explore the idea of Play by introducing participants to the state of flow, where play resides, in the present moment, experiencing bliss: Talks and workshops to gather deeper wisdom into the physical and metaphysical, science, psychology and the human condition, through understanding and expression, moving into higher states of being. Movement, interaction, games, play and learning. Apply for your certificate of citiZENship. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Sunset Oasis It’s a cool camp on the edge of the desert with its own magical oasis. Grimy desert warriors and Play mates can arrive from 11 - 3pm and draw water from our well to wash off the desert dust in one of our awesome, super wet, desert-view showers. An uber cool offering, (and wet, did we mention wet?) in this drought ’n all. We will even offer spa treatments like back rubs, massages, body beautification and iced tea. While you wait, chill out in our comfy lounge or play with us. Perhaps a game of giant jenga, or something else surprising. Hell, you could even join us for a delightful sundowner drinks party one sunset. We just won’t tell you when until we know ourselves. Because, like you, we prefer to live in a zone of Zero Expectation, where Anything, and Everything can happen AfrikaBurn 2017
Supa-Dupa Feeling a little burned out, or perhaps just an opportunity for a change of pace? Then you’re in for a Supa-Dupa treat! Our shaded space, tastefully decorated, invites young and older to Chill, Stay, Play. Guests will enjoy different daily Signature Specialities (SS) from our multi-talented team - Chai Tea, Caipirinhas, Dutch Courage, and Melk name a few. Comfort. And proper DJs, with music for every mood or eventuality, are resident and standing by... A massage perhaps? Or time to Play? - Old Skool Cool backgammon, dominoes, table tennis, etc will be set up and available for those who are up for a shift in gears, down or up. And be aware of the Desert Twister. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
I Love Cinema Ever had an old fashioned whilst on the putting range listening to the soundtrack to The Big Lebowski in the background...thats us!Cinema doors open as soon as it gets dark and we kick off every evening with some sing along classics for the whole family.... after 11 its adults only and who knows what happens... sometimes quirky, sometimes short, sometimes factual but we promise it will always be good. AfrikaBurn 2017
Tangent Universe If a Tangent Universe occurs, it will be highly unstable, sustaining itself for no longer than several weeks.” So here’s our offering; a nonrestrictive, creative space to exist in for as long as the Burn allows. A camp for knowledge and culture, creating a sanctuary for burners to both lose and expand their minds. Share in the passion we have for literature, art, music and film that has helped us along the path of existence. You might be surprised at what you discover.▶ Open daily 9am-1am: Morning Dance Classes, Poetry/Book Readings, Craft Classes, Films and Music (See camp board for details). AfrikaBurn 2017
Tea & Sympathy Relax with some afternoon Tea and Cakes with top tunes from DJ Queenie. Psychic Tea Leaf Readings, Head Massage and Hair Braiding. Disco Trampolining. Mindless colouring in. Sunset Pilates sessions. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Bees Knees Le Boulle: join us for some fun in the sun! Its the game where you can have a drink, laugh and swear at each other all at the same time :-)▶ Open daily 9am to 3pm - Honey Bar: get some raw honey, have it with coffee, tea or just like that ▶ Honey Whiskey Bar: come have a shot of whiskey and join Loki on the Binnekirng in front of 7ish for some epic creation. AfrikaBurn 2017
The Bush Our 2nd year, and we are here bigger and better, our theme ‘The Bush’, a group of 23 Fenchman and a boertjie as camp leader. We will be offering our music lounge as a chill room from 10 until fall down. We have raging fire every night, meet and greet, or just a hug and stay warm. A mutant vehicle is pending. AfrikaBurn 2017
The Dragon Riders A gang of crusty and lusty sky pirates. Cruising the desert skies with their psychedelic dragon. Leaving trails of endorphins and dopamine in their wake AfrikaBurn 2017
The Emperor's New Theme Camp In the middle of our grand city, there’s a truly breathtaking theme camp. A new addition to the Tankwa landscape for the year of “Play”, brimming with entertainment, and teeming with trickery. Open day and night, the delights you will find within our glimmering silken tents will tease your soul and open your eyes. Enjoy hourly cruises on our “Party Yacht”, massive flamethrower and explosives shows just before dawn, a 24/7 banquet-style dining area (bring a cup and plate), free showers in the morning with symphonic accompaniment, nude circus performances at tea-time, 100% sandstorm protection, and a whole load more fun and games AfrikaBurn 2017
The Friend Zone Finally, a friend zone you want to be in! Some say this year’s theme is meant just for us, so come PLAY at Tankwa’s official Friend Zone, we have all the games to keep you on your game for this year’s journey! Hosting fun for every burner, all day, from beach bats and swing ball to backgammon and catan - we’ve got you sorted. AfrikaBurn 2017
The Grease Monkeys Bike tyre flat? Handlebars came off? Car won’t start? Drove your scooter into an artwork/ditch? If you have something mechanical that’s in need of a spanner-ing then bring it to us and we’ll try to fix it or show you how. We’re a team of mechanical enthusiasts with a passion for metal and lube. Welcome to Tankwa Town’s very own workshop - The Infernal Grease Monkeys! AfrikaBurn 2017
The Lekker Bar The Lekker Bar will be offering you all things lekker. Our international mixed camp is your little oasis to chill out at the bar, eat some delicious vegetarian soup and try one of our amazing cocktail specials. In return for all this lekkerness we only ask one thing; compliments! So pull in, talk shit, exchange your hat at the Hat Exchange and give us our daily compliment to boost our lekkerness! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Light Fantastic A snowball filled with starloads of pretty sparkly little lights to enchant and delight the residents of the urban fringe, a place to wind up, wind down, hang in, hang out, and accessorize with funky eyewear which renders all speech meaningless other than a wonder-struck “Fahhhhhhhhhck...!!!” AfrikaBurn 2017
The Lounge In keeping with the spirit of togetherness and, of course, a lekker kuier, The Lounge aims to create a vibrant, yet peaceful oasis where everybody can mingle. AfrikaBurn 2017
The Misfits We will be creating a playroom in Moroccan style for Tankwa residents to escape to. This will have various games to play, including a giant chess set. Come round for a game and some R&R. AfrikaBurn 2017
The Pancake People The dusty post apocalyptic clan known as The Pancake People once again welcome you to their house of madness and intrigue. Come one, come all but be cautioned...if you do come... you might not leave facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Purple Spanking Booth T/A Purple Playground Afrika burn? Sun burn? Purple burn!Come feel the burn! Need to release your inner submissive... Let the Purple Spankers take care of that with our hand selected range of Spanking tools. Come for a good old fashioned spanking then find a place to rest your tender rump in our chill lounge. But wait, there’s more! The purple playground will be bigger and better this year...come play twisted twister with us and if you need some guidance visit our tantalizing tarot reader.Last but not least, our (in)famous breakfast spanks will get your day off to a playfully pleasurable start. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Spirit Train Choooo chooo! Lobo’s Lounge is waiting for you! We welcome you into our majestic steampunk home, a place to let your creativity flow. Call out to all passengers to board the train on our platform, we are hosting speakers, workshops, performers and bands to come play with us daily on the amazing Spirit Train in the mesmerising Lobo’s Lounge decorum. Watch our train timetable and don’t miss your spiritual departure on our Open-Hearts Yoga sessions, opening your chakras for an even more magical week on the playa. Lobo’s Lounge will be the place to embark on a journey into the creative you. All aboard! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Steampunk Saloon The Steampunk Saloon is where you’ll find an array of misfits and merry makers, goddesses and glamor girls, mischiefmakers and musical miscreants. We offer live music, live burlesque and variety shows, whiskey and whips, tunes and tits and the best party of your life! We also host Critical Tits and a variety of workshops. Come and play with us! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Tankwa Town Library In the Beginning there was the Word, and the Word was Shhhhh....ush the fuck up and listen. The cool Cats in their Hats will be reading classics to children, big and small, for a few hours every morning. Other times the Mobile Library will be bringing the Word to you, and the Word is Shhhhh...uch a pleasure to have you on board, and have you brought us any children’s books? All books will be donated to Northern Cape schools identified by AfrikaBurn’s Outreach programme. Afrikaans books particularly welcome but The Tankwa Town Library doesn’t discriminate. Not even if you’re a book-burning philistine in white doctor’s shoes. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Theatre of Playful Banter We are gypsies who breathe music – it is our air and our water (but not our beer, that’s film). We offer an open stage for everyone who wants to play an instrument with others. We have instruments and amplification for daily afternoon jam sessions. Everyone is invited to come play! Early evening we open up for live electronics, video projections and ambient DJ sets, to ease into the evening. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Underpants Hotel Hello & welcome to the Underpants Hotel. Ring the bell & let our bell boy escort you into the world of Underwear. Please check your pants & egos in at the front desk. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
The Tankwa Hair Station We are offering a Pit Stop Hair washing station! Come get a quick hair wash if the Tankwa dust is getting your locks in a tangle. Since we’re good Tankwa citizens with a sound environmental policy, we supply fun, biodegradable shampoo, soothing tunes, a Tankwa Head Massage and water. ▶▶ Look out for Alex The Baker, his fresh Bread available most afternoons around 14:00 is a crusty affair. AfrikaBurn 2017
TOA (Tony On Arrival) Tony’s Jabronies is the certified home of the lucidly lovable mutant, Tony the Love Bus and his crew. This year they look forward to dazzling you all more than ever, from music and gifts, tequila and Sunrise yoga to desert adventures aboard the best looking mutant, this year it’s time to PLAY – something only the Jabronies know best! AfrikaBurn 2017
Transit Lounge Been to a bustling default airport - hours to kill in a transit lounge? In this parallel universe, we are open 24/7 and invite Burners to enjoy our buzzing space on the Binnekring whilst doing the things one does at a transit lounge. Stop and change plains/planes whilst our crew takes care of you. The day starts with morning classics solar powered music machine. Around noon G&T’s served by Transit Tranny crew. Early afternoon tunes. Late afternoon into the evening, the Orient Express DJs. Late night Mile High Club playing chill music around the fire barrel. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Trust Me On The Sunscreen Some time during the last few years a video was shared from Burning Man about a Dr Seuss poem called, “The Places You’ll Go”. Our theme camp for 2017 will be to shoot a similar video - I want Afrikaburn visitors to come past our camp, to find sunscreen to be put on. While they are there we will be asking them for a line, dressed in their favourite outfit and with their most fun way to do this - out of the poem called: Trust me on the Sunscreen. Watch the Dr Seuss video, then read the Sunscreen poem, and imagine all the delightful costumes and people at Tankwa - creating a unique video with a fantastic message. Once collected, from a few selectively placed cameras in and outside our camp, we’ll be compiling a video after the 2017 event, and share the new African version of this video, for everyone to enjoy and share. Please come and find us ...and give us your most memorable line! AfrikaBurn 2017
Uxolo Mandala Lounge Feel calm, centered and creative. Go within and then expand outward with a short led mediation, followed by some sort of movement, stretching or breathing exercise. Enjoy some tea (please bring a mug) accompanied by chilled sounds as we ease into the day. Join our communal table and paint mandalas, the beautiful and ancient exercise in centering, meditation and creativity. Expect some madness with the random G&T parties. Chill lounge after dark. AfrikaBurn 2017
VT Tranquility At VT Tranquility we will have a space where you can come and take a load off. Shaded camp with some beautiful art to rest your busy mind and over active imagination. Have a chill and drink some tea. We will also have a yogal space at 11 in the mornings to catch the more relaxed people that had a busy evening. Beautiful decor and art with chilled tunes at selected times. Check our info board. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Vuvustasie A weird and wonderful collection of colourful strangeness serving the lekkerste koffee to kickstart the dayness. You might even feel the need to move your feet because we play the wonkiest sounds around. Where there’s VuVus there’s fire, so if you’re ready to stand the heat then come play with us from morning till noon, or catch a ride on the Stoomtrekker, destination unknown. AfrikaBurn 2017
Walhalla What do they serve in heaven?! Yup! Walhalla Beers and Bears! 12.00-17.00 the teddy bears will pleasure you on their way to the Townships. Play some funky blues on our Piano and get dressed at the Funky Boutique, yes it’s back! 20.00-01.00 Hit the DIY Party Button for a 5 min poco-loco-party and beers! Find us at the Big Baby Viking that will talk to you inappropriately at night and will go to hell for that on Sunday evening! facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Wer1 - Moulin Mirage “All the world’s a stage” Audience, actors and stars alike - welcome! Enter our theatre of mystery and magic. Loose yourself in our laid-back wonderland. Embrace your playful self and transform your character at our body and face painting station. Allow us to adorn you, subtly. Embody your play! Our chill lounge and dance stage will be open every day from mid-afternoon and is sure to have you entertained till early evening with seductive beats to entice! Body decoration available until last light.Come, and be the PLAY. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Why Not!? If you know where to look, there’s always an afterparty! Turkish coffee/tea/delight. AfrikaBurn 2017
Wild Ass Saloon Wild Ass Saloon is our portal to the Wild West. Come and play some cards with our saloon girls, or chill on the stoep with the cowboys. If we’re out robbing a train you’ll have to wait for a poker game... open the rest of the time, when the cowboys get their girls in line. Poker might get rough so keep your kids out the bluff. facebook AfrikaBurn 2017
Wonky Willy's Take a trip through our imagination and experience the magical twist of Willy Wonker’s adventures. Enjoy local and international dance music plethora with a world class sound system & stage to match... AfrikaBurn 2017
A Transformation Station A Transformation Station is an incubator village for budding theme camps and home to Hub Camp & often playa art project teams/art cars. The village is aesthetically tied together by "Dusty Shiny" - a sculptural shade structure exploring when sprung organic curved structures and stretched minimal surfaces of shade interplay with wind, sun and time - it's shiny, shady ... and dusty. Hometown: Boston. facebook Burning Man 2017
Above The Limit (ATL) Welcome aboard! By day, come roast your own coffee and share in the morning caffeine ritual with us. Catch a yoga session or cooking class, or just get out of the heat under our tree-inspired dome (misters included). By night, enjoy daily rotating specials concocted by our in-house mixologist, and several themed parties while you contemplate soaring off into the stars and beyond. At Above the Limit, you’re sure to find your home away from home. Hometown: Westcoast. Website Burning Man 2017
Abstininthe Abstininthe is the friendly bar on the playa, providing our special drink to the thirsty of BRC since the last millennium. Come try our many flavors and enjoy the music, ambiance and conversation of our neighborhood bar. Hometown: Bay Area/Santa Barbara/Seattle. facebook Burning Man 2017
Academy of Arts and Sciences Plying the playa with Great Science and Bad Drinks since 2013! Bismuth crystal making, arts and crafts, body painting, and more! Hometown: Seattle, Boulder, Witchita, San Francisco. facebook Burning Man 2017
Acapplaya Camp Acapplaya Camp has been bringing jazz harmony to the desert since the noughties. Catch our gigs, or we might randomly come to you. Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
ACME Enterprises ACME Enterprises lights up the night with the Atmospheric Converter and the Radiant Guardian Spears, and everyone’s favorite little flame-throwing playa shark, the Flamboni. Or head out on playa and find ACME’s newest flame installation, the Three Wishes. Hometown: Portland. Burning Man 2017
AdramaNation Got drama? Dump it here and receive a release. Spent all of your wedding money to come to Burning Man? Get married at home on the playa! Legal weddings in a drama free zone. You must contact us 6 weeks ahead of time to ensure we get all paperwork for NV laws. Hometown: New Orleans. Burning Man 2017
Air Sky Family, a brother & sisterhood, a tribe, a people, a kin, whose initiation is earned through offering their soul to the sky. Together, we unite and share our collective skills and passions, inspiring ourselves and others to overcome fears and recreate themselves.. Hometown: Salt Lake City/Moab. facebook Burning Man 2017
Airstreameri and What Not Drop by our dusty living room for camaraderie and to send art postcards home from the edge. We can’t wait to meet you. Hometown: Genoa. Burning Man 2017
Albion Home of the UK FireWorks Collective Conclave group. Come and join us for some good old fashioned British Hospitality and a warm Celtic Welcome. Hometown: United Kingdom of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. facebook Burning Man 2017
Ali Bar-Bar ALI BAR-BAR is a theme camp that provides shelter day and night, drinks, and edgy entertainment for the citizens of Black Rock City with the mission to have fun in a welcoming and comfortable environment to chill, relax, drink, and dance. Hometown: Palo Alto. facebook Burning Man 2017
Alice in Slumberland Alice in Slumberland is the home of the Caterpillar’s Hookah Lounge and the Red Queen’s Croquet Court. Do you play…Croquet? Come on any of your unbirthdays! Afternoon Hookah, Anytime Croquet. Hometown: Santa Rosa. Burning Man 2017
aLittle There’s aLittle something for everyone! Hometown: Oakland. Burning Man 2017
Alter Ego Alter Ego creating an experience through art that challenges and expands one’s sense of self. We are a group of Architects, Artists and Musicians. Hometown: Reno and Los Angeles. Website Burning Man 2017
Alternative Energy Zone The AEZ is a generator free zone. If you like alternative energy, then welcome, you are invited to join our village of friendly folks. You will see and can learn about solar panels, wind generators, solar ovens, solar showers, water cleaning, and meet people who can show YOU how to do this. Hometown: Reno. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Althing You’re never lost if you can see the way to the biggest little camp on the Playa! Look for the Runic compass to guide you to joy; our radical ritual is TLC! Burning Man 2017
Altitude Lounge Climb our 50-ft tower and see the City you are a part of. We offer magnificent views, downtempo music, and couches that will suck you in as you watch the world go by.. Hometown: Boise. facebook Burning Man 2017
AmaZONE Brazilian Burners Camp !!! If you want to join our international caravan wich is providing Art for Black Rock CIty this camp is for you! Hometown: Rio de Janeiro. Website Burning Man 2017
Amber Dust Come get your amber on: amber, amber beverages, amber lights, amber people, and amber dust. Open 24/7 Hometown: Venice. Burning Man 2017
Amberland Amberland: Honey Is Flowing In All Directions Hometown: Winters. Burning Man 2017
Amulet An amulet goes with you, and draws you back toward a radical ritual; reminding you of your own participation, your impact, and your amazing decisions- bridging intention and manifestation. Welcome to Amulet; let our counselors guide you to craft a record of your rite of passage in brass. Hometown: San Francisco, East Bay, Pebble Beach and New York City. Burning Man 2017
Anahasana Village Anahasana Village brings awareness to a fully embodied knowing of the power and the wisdom of our own hearts. We are a collection of camps offering gatherings in tantra, yoga, meditation, contact improvisation dance, nutritious eating, ecstatic dance, authentic relating and acro yoga. We believe in the power of the divine feminine, of embodied awareness, and in ontological spaces. Hometown: Earth. Website Burning Man 2017
Anita Cocktail Camp Anita Cocktail: Hailing from 16+ countries around the globe, we contain traces of Australians, Kiwis, Chileans, Saudis, Turks, Nuyoricans, LA-LA Landers, New Yorkers, and other nutty products from afar. Serious reactions may occur. Activities abound all week in our chill space, craft cocktail bar, tea house, spiritual center and cuddle puddle tower. Our cups runneth over with welcome. Let’s get down and boogie together! Hometown: NYC, Los Angeles, Colorado, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Bunbury, San Juan, Auckland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Toronto. Website Burning Man 2017
Anonymous Village Anonymous Village is a safe place to camp for clean and sober participants. We have various 12-step meetings all day long, starting pre-event. Please visit for details and registration. Hometown: Boulder Creek. Burning Man 2017
Antevasin Antevasin is the place to leave the bustling city and live at the edge of transcendence. Venture into the unknown through sound healing and guided meditation….arise and awaken to a new world! Hometown: Tahoe/Truckee/Verdi. Burning Man 2017
Anti M's Home for Wayward Art Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art is a place for small art, medium art, amateur art, but especially Bad Art, Lost Art, Found Art, Art which Needs a Good Spanking, and of course, Wayward Art. This is not just a gallery, it is a juvenile detention for art, an orphanage, a half-way house for misfit art. All art in the Home is up for adoption, all the prospective new parent needs to do is fill out a small adoption form and clip it to the Home in place of their newfound art darling. Art may also be committed to the Home, just put it securely in place and say good-bye. If you have multiples of similar pieces, please bring them around to the shade structure. While the emphasis is on visual art such as paintings, drawings and photos, other mediums such as small sculptural art are welcome. The Gifting Box is for even smaller items such as jewelry, swag and trinkets. Hometown: Ogden. facebook Burning Man 2017
Apocalypse Wow Trade up! Go AWOL (or commando) at Apocalypse Wow. We’re here to fulfill you need for cold beers, dusty beats and daily shenanigans. All comrades welcome! Hometown: San Francisco. facebook Burning Man 2017
Apollo One Apollo One has crash landed and we’ve set up home base. Bringing the Bass Heavier vibes to the 2:00 side of town for some rockin’ day parties Hometown: Bozeman. facebook Burning Man 2017
AquaZone Healing Oasis Water Bar Come join us in the revitalizing Ritual of Drinking Love-Infused Water. Replenish your soul and your water bottle at our 24-Hour Self-Serve Water Buffet. Recharge your body through the healing powers of our Reiki Masters — as well as recharge your cell phone/device at our Solar-Powered Cell Phone Addiction Retox Station. Reinvigorate old and new friendships at our “Do Your Friend” Nail Polish Stations. The Life-Changing Power of Positive Ritual happens when YOU show up. Hometown: Berkeley. Website Burning Man 2017
Arctica Ice Sales Arctica Ice Sales is your center-of-town resource for ice. Bags of crushed and block ice are available for $4/bag. During the event, ice sales hours are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun Noon-6pm and Mon (Labor Day) 10am-Noon. Pre-event ice sales are Thurs-Sun noon-6pm. Hometown: Icelandia. Burning Man 2017
Armageddon Camp Armageddon – it’s not the end of the world, it’s the Safe Word! Come to Armageddon for bike repair, yoga, music or just to ‘set a spell’ in our community dome! We offer professional bike repair daily, serving the 3:00 sector for 10 years. Morning yoga classes in our dome are the best way to start your playa day! And our dome is a great place to hang out and watch the world go by, at any time. Come for a visit! Hometown: Chico. facebook Burning Man 2017
Arrakis Spice Market Arrakis Spice Market: We will gift culinary spices and spice-infused cocktails from 1-4 pm Monday through Friday. Come enjoy some tasty beverages under the shade of our Dune Shaihalud sandworm. Hometown: Seattle. Burning Man 2017
Art Car Bus Stop Hurry up and wait! Art Car Bus Stop is your premier source for faux municipality. Do you desperately crave the civil structure of a Metropolis? Can your thirst for order and reason only be quenched by public service legislation? Do you desire municipal services to help your lifestyle gain that extra degree of sophistication? Us neither! But we can pretend, right? Hometown: Los Angeles. Website Burning Man 2017
Art Car Camp Art Car Camp is a celebration of Art Cars founded in 1994 by Harrod Blank. In addition to art cars parked in front, there is a photo exhibit of the history and with the DMV located nearby it helps to demonstrate the difference between art cars and mutant vehicles. Come see for yourself. Hometown: Douglas AZ. facebook Burning Man 2017
Art of Steam Join us at the Art of Steam! The guild of steammasters invites you for the transformative Banya ritual. Discover yourself in the evergreen ancient tradition of steam, branches and meditation! And enter the knowledge of the steam spirit together with us. Hometown: Moscow. facebook Burning Man 2017
Art of Such n Such (A.S.S.) Camp A.S.S. (Art of Such n Such) is home base for honorarium project UNCLE CHARLIE’S RED HOT COCK so stop by – check our nightly burn schedule & while you are visiting enjoy our Paternity Testing Station (Back by Popular Demand!) Warm late night/early morning fires and some Bad Advice for your Burn. Hometown: Atlanta. Website Burning Man 2017
Artech Artech is an Art Support Camp for art projects, artist, project crews, and art cars affiliated with and/or created at Artech of Reno; We, however, welcome and will gladly provide assistance and support to non-affiliated projects and crews. Just ask we may be able to help or we may know someone that can. Hometown: Reno Nevada. Burning Man 2017
Ascension Ascension, also lovingly known as “Coco”, is a 150 ft wide and 45 ft tall giant white origami crane crafted from white fabric, aluminum truss and tension wire skeleton. Hometown: Los Angeles. Burning Man 2017
Ass Stamp Camp daily derrier stamping with camp logo Hometown: Reno. Burning Man 2017
Astral Headwash Greetings dirty desert dwellers! We are Astral Headwash and we are back for our 20th anniversary on the playa! We will wash your beautiful dust filled head for you again this year. That’s right, clean, fresh water warmed in the desert sun with wonderful smelling shampoo and a bit of leave-in condition to send you on your way! Bring your happy selves to us for first come – first served amazing pampering; Monday – Friday noon until 4 pm! Participation is required! Hometown: Denver. Burning Man 2017
Astral Outpost Hot and thirsty? Come to our snowcone and hydration lounge between noon and 5 every day. The Astral Outpost rejuvenates astronaut, space cadets, and aliens on their interstellar voyages. Join us in the hottest parts of the day, from noon to 5 pm. We’re a crew of space nerds we feature daily interactive activities around space travel, astronomy, rocketry, the future, and more. We especially love our ‘Spaceship Earth’ and include dialog about the most special of planets by covering biology, conservation, ecology, sustainability, and human society. We print and gift gorgeous large scale images, from the extra-galactic (i.e. Hubble telescope), mega-scopic (satellite imagery), to the micro-scopic (i.e. light and electron microscopes). Take home gifts such as compasses, sun-dials, star maps, and more which we 3D print or laser cut ourselves. Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
Astro Cats We invite all burners to chill at the Astro Lounge with special drinks during the day, and hot or cold sake at the Dragon Lounge at night. You can enjoy acrobatic performance and workshops at scheduled times, and a place to practice and spin fire with us. If you want to join our kitties for morning yoga, bring your mat to stretch and pose with us. You can chill on our chairs and watch people pass by while sipping our special drinks. Or you can challenge yourself to manipulate the LED Matrix, walk the plank, or play the game of Simon Says while enjoying your sake. Hometown: San Francisco. facebook Burning Man 2017
ASTRO SHACK JaVa JoINt The hangout for extraterrestrial beatniks, mutant cyborg gear heads, trans-solar scooter gangs, wigged-out weirdos, and caffeine fiends of every stripe. We Javanauts offer the finest fresh ground, dark roast, French press coffee in the galaxy, brewed as black as the depths of interstellar space itself, served up with wild tunes, outlaw poetry, outsider art, and gracious hospitality – like, dig this crazy scene, daddy-o! Hometown: Monroe. facebook Burning Man 2017
AstroPups Sirian Embassy Galactic AstroPups – Fun, Frisky, n Fabulous! Exploring the PupVerse one lick at a time! Hometown: San Francisco. facebook Burning Man 2017
Atlantis Imagine a future a thousand years from now. We have lost all history and technology, but discovered strange artifacts and the sun gods. Let’s worship deep house with them… Hometown: San Francisco. Website Burning Man 2017
Atom Cult The Most Radiant Camp at Burning Man. Come taste our hot fusion pancakes at 9 AM and cold fusion ice cream and iced coffee at 3 PM. Enjoy the magnificent views of BRC and bounce off the trampoline at the top of our 30′ tall Chilling Tower. Or relax in our Reactor Dome to the soothing sounds of the Geiger counter. Hometown: SD-OC-LA-SF-NYC-Moscow-Riga-Amsterdam. Website Burning Man 2017
Atomic Pussy Photo Lounge Photo art, photo soul, photo gifts. Cold drinks and chill boogie. Serving/photographing M/W/F noon to 6pm (or whenever we’re around). People are strange, but no one is a stranger. Hometown: Salt Lake City. Burning Man 2017
Awesome!(ville) The home of spontaneous Awesome!(ness), providing and inviting all for music, art, performances, and good times. From arts and crafts events to daily parties, come join the fun with us – the home of the Tahoe Block Party on Thursday! Hometown: Lake Tahoe. Burning Man 2017
Awesomesauce Do you ever wonder what the ball feels like when you’re watching the game? Now’s your chance to find out! Come join us for Awesomeball in 2017 and strap in for an exhilliarating experience. When you’re safe inside a cushioned see through sphere you’ll find whole new ways to move. Be The Ball – Awesomeball at Camp Awesomesauce. Hometown: Bozeman. Website Burning Man 2017
Awkward & Tawdry Lounge Many years ago, a snake oil salesman named Dr. LeTawdry traveled the swamps of Louisiana in search of fabled elixirs. Many of his potions were successful, but it was his mixture for lovesickness that backfired and lead to tragedy — awkward hugs. Now, Dr. LeTawdry urges you to visit Awkward & Tawdry Lounge to find the cure! He offers many treatments: moving pictures, sing-alongs, breakfast with cartoons, easy listening and lemonade, drinking and merriment. Hometown: Sacramento & San Francisco. Website Burning Man 2017
BAAAHS Station BAAAHS Station is the central depot and homo-licious home on the range to BAAAHS, the Big-Ass Amazingly Awesome Homosexual Sheep – part mutant vehicle, part penetrable sculpture and part rolling disco. Weary travelers come sit for a spell, kick up your hooves and dance, or begin a new journey as you slide through a pulsing pink sphincter into the luscious cocoon of his polyphonic peritoneum. The village itself also offers a “petting zoo”, public lounge spaces, art installations, and more. Hometown: San Francisco. Website Burning Man 2017
Baba Camp Have daddy issues? Come to Baba. Craving a slice of Pizza? Come to Baba. Need advice on how to make bad decisions? Come to Baba. Feel like chilling? Come to Baba. Baba is for you, Baba is for me, Baba is for everyone. You get it, just come to Baba. Website Burning Man 2017
Back To Camp Back To Camp is a summer camp inspired theme camp bringing a forest lounge, arts+crafts, postcards, games, cold beers, and campfire circles to citizens of Black Rock City. Don’t you wanna go back to camp? Hometown: Oakland. Burning Man 2017
Backfire An community of inspired Artists and Makers sharing the Deaf sensory experience with the entire community! Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
Baconeers The Baconeers are back for more mischief! Come visit our new drum installation !BANG!, enjoy some shade and periodic live DJ music. Always shade and cool libations to share. The Porta Potty Pigs will be hosting the usual potty comfort station with unlimited toilet paper, wipes, nice smelling things, and lots of fun! Join us in the evenings for fun videos and music, too. Hometown: Reno. Burning Man 2017
Bad Asstronauts A space-themed camp from Denver, Colorado. Come blast off with us! Hometown: Denver. Burning Man 2017
Badlands Bordello Badlands Bordello- It is years after Trump has destroyed the planet. The apocalypse is upon us. The worlds oldest profession will also be the last profession. The badlands Bordello is a post apocalyptic brothel and speak easy. The lavish and swank lounge is waiting for you, but only if you know the password. Speak Friend, and enter. Hometown: Coarsegol. facebook Burning Man 2017
Baggage Check Experience Burning Man free of emotional baggage! Check your baggage with us—emotional baggage only!—by writing it in our book, which we will burn at the Temple Burn. Stop by any time of the day or night, get a drink of water, treat yourself to our pamper station, get out of the sun, or join a dance party in progress. We have a full slate of events every day. Whether it’s a Disco Line Dance, Beer Yoga, Salsa classes, a Foot Poll, or a Cuddle Workshop, we have something for you! Hometown: Seattle. facebook Burning Man 2017
BALLS DEEP Mix one part milk tea, tapioca, sugar and add two shakes of Deep House. Mix well and serve up good vibes and get down, Balls Deep. Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles. facebook Burning Man 2017
Banya Camp Hometown: Toronto. Burning Man 2017
BaoChickaWowWow Bao Chicka Wow Wow! Come get freshly served hot steamy Pork and Red bean Chinese Bao. Come by for late night or brunchtime for Bao! Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
BAR MACTROPOLIS BAR MACTROPOLIS is the friendlyest andbrst oasis in BRC. open and serving mostly day and night for your enjoyment Hometown: Oakland. facebook Burning Man 2017
Barbie Day Spa Barbie Day Spa — Pampering on the Playa since 2010 — fingernail painting, foot wash/foot massage, wine, massage, and games. Hometown: Austin. Burning Man 2017
Barbie Death Camp Come by and meet up once again with the sickest bastards on the playa: yes the demented denizens of Barbie Death Village–complete with piano bar and wine bistro–are back for our 18th year to amaze and offend even the most jaded of burners. Join us for a glass of Barbie burgundy, relax in the shade, or step up to the plate for fizzball. At Barbie Death Village, we know how to make you party. Hometown: Placerville, Newcastle. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Bard's Corner Bard’s Corner is a cool retreat from the heat and grab some iced tea and share some songs and stories (or hear some of ours). Hometown: Fairfield. Burning Man 2017
Barren Garden of Fucks Hometown: New York/ New Jersey. Burning Man 2017
Bat Carnival We are the spine-tingling fright of the funhouse mixed with the thrill of carnival games of chance. We have have bats in our belfry and tricks up our sleeves. Hometown: Vallejo. facebook Burning Man 2017
Battle Born Burners Battle Born Burners Bar – The Friendliest Bar on the Playa! The Bar with Nevadatude! Join us for Mimosa Monday 1:00 PM – A Formal Event (Formal attire encouraged, think bow tie and flip flops, or go all out with a gown!) and Shot Party and Giant Beer Pong Friday! 2:00 PM Have a shot keep the shot glass! Hometown: Carson City. Burning Man 2017
Battlestar Erotica Welcome to the edge of space and all the weirdness that lies beyond. Whether human or machine (or something in between) you are guaranteed to find good company, sexy boozy drinks, and a host of asses that don’t know how to quit. Strut your stuff on the butt walk, take a spin on the stripper pole, or relax and engage with our spread of events, games and activities. Space-themed dance parties? You bet! Erotic science fiction storytelling? Why not?! Wherever you’re coming from or going to, be sure to stop and say hi along the way. Hometown: Seattle. Burning Man 2017
BC Village BC Village is home to many artists, art project, and theme camps from the regional BC Burning Man community. Come visit us for a little Canadian hospitality and get your Canadian passport and say hi to sexy Justin Trudeau. We have events happening all week at the Polar Bar and Bonkers Empire. BC Village Center Camp hosts “open shop” daily from 12-4 staffed by friendly Canadians. We have a wood and metal shop including welding equipment for minor repairs. Hometown: Vancouver. Burning Man 2017
Be There Now Come sit in Temporary Enlightenment, a temporal sound and video cube. Hometown: Oakland. Website Burning Man 2017
Be You, Do You Be You, Do You: Embracing the unique qualities of who you are and expressing yourself in your most authentic form. Hometown: San Jose. Website Burning Man 2017
Beach House Tiki Bar Hometown: Las Vegas. Burning Man 2017
Beans, Beans, the Musical Camp Bring your favorite cup or bowl and eat some beans with us every day at 4pm! Bring your music-loving self and join in our jam sessions, or just chill out and enjoy! Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
Bearly Legal Bearly Legal is a camp that welcomes all to come learn about the 10 Principals and cuddle up with a teddy bear! Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
Beats Boutique Come where love is always in fashion, dancing is a way of life and every person you know is waiting. Grab some beautiful threads, have a drink and dance till there’s holes in your shoes. This camp is devoted to turning your energy UP!! We will have Beats Droppin, Booze Flowin and a Boutique to enhance your style on the playa! Our positive and loving vybes will make your stay at our camp epic! Hometown: Las Vegas. facebook Burning Man 2017
Beaverton Camp Beaverton is an intentional, experimental, and experiential Burning Man community theme camp. We are a group of queer women/trans/genderqueer/lesbian/bisexual/heterosexual/etc… or folks who are simply as wayward as the playa is dusty. We celebrate sexuality, self exploration, and respect for one’s journey on through this life. Our goal is to provide a safe space for queer women and trans folks on and off-Playa. We encourage education, participation, inquiry, conversation, and self-reflection. We extend our goals to the greater Black Rock community by hosting workshops and social events. Hometown: Oakland. Website Burning Man 2017
bEEcHARGE!!! The bEES are cHARGING!!! We wear the bLACK and yELLOW. In all kinds of awesome ways. We bUZZZZZZZZ. We sWARM! Once again we will sWARM the mAN! Wednesday at sixish. Before that, at 2, YOU bEE up and come to our camp for lABEETOS: Honey kISSED Mojitos. yES and wE lOVE newbEES!!!! Think aHEAD: bLACK and yELLOW… Come bEE with us, find a new way of bEEING: bEEUTIFUL bEEING!!!! bUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Hometown: San Francisco. Website Burning Man 2017
BELLIGERENT GAP THE BELLIGERENT GAP is a Western-themed, homebrew camp dispensing cold beer daily (from high noon to whenever we want), served up by the most lovable assholes this side of the 6 o’clock suburbs. Hometown: Santa Cruz. Burning Man 2017
Best Butt Camp Best Butt is dedicated to the relentless appreciation and promotion of all things buttocks related. Hometown: Seattle. Burning Man 2017
Beyond the Surface Hometown: Reno. Burning Man 2017
Big Puffy Yellow What began as a Burning Man Theme Camp in 1999 has grown into a collective of Burners, artists, DJs, performers and general badasses who love all things Big, Puffy and Yellow! Hometown: Charlotte, NYC, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NOLA, London, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, etc. facebook Burning Man 2017
Bike Gods Bike trouble got ya down? Come visit the Bike Gods, where we practice holistic bike medicine; we treat both the bike and the owner. During our full service repair hours you will never stand in line. Simply take a number, grab a refreshment, chillax, socialize in our lounge, and let our attentive staff wait on you. We’ll also have an interactive mural, photo booth, and crazy games to entertain you. When our Gods are off duty or if you can handle simple repairs, our DIY Bike Portals are stocked and available 24×7. Out on the Playa, look for our Lanterne Rouge art car. After midnight, look for our bike-drawn Shangri-Lounge martini bar “somewhere” out in deep playa. If you can find it, we offer classy, table-side cocktails in lounge comfort while listening to the sounds of Frank Sinatra and other great analog waves of goodness. Hometown: Reno, Boulder, Paris. Website Burning Man 2017
Bioluminati / Bike Mutation Bioluminati has been illuminating BRC for over two decades with art, quests and the BIKE MUTATION STATION (formerly Pimp Yr Bike), the mutation/decoration station where Black Rock Citizens can mutate/decorate their rides with that extra get-up-and-glow. Open daily. Donors of non-moopy craft materials get VIP access! Hometown: Berkeley. Website Burning Man 2017
Bitchin' Braid Camp Out of control hair taking over your life? Come on over to Bitchin’ Braid Camp and K-Bar (or Bar-K) to enjoy a refreshment, music, conversation while we braid your nappy locks in the shade. Hometown: Reno. Website Burning Man 2017
Black Hole Literary Society Black Hole Literary Society, a theme camp for all ages, features a black light interactive art gallery with 3D glasses available to participants upon entry at night, a 24 hour coloring book and chill zone for all ages, and a life-size Brite Light interactive art installation. Come play with us! Enjoy the shade, some cold H20, great conversation, and make new friends!! Can’t wait to see you at home )'(. Hometown: Los Angelos area, NorCal, and Portland, OR. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Bakery The Black Rock Bakery is a magical place where your culinary dreams can come true! We will bake anything, or you can bake it yourself! Ask about our wedding cakes for your nuptials! Hometown: San Jose. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Blind Tiger Art Support camp for an immersive, puzzle and riddle locked Speakeasy full of art inventions in the deep open Playa. Hometown: Austin. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Boutique We provide funky,and fabulous fashions to the citizens of Black Rock City. Hometown: Portland. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Center for Unlearning A neighborhood favorite, BRCU is 3,000 square foot, shaded, 24-hour bar, serving a different craft cocktail each day. Come relax in the shade with a refreshing drink, snuggle up for a nap in one of our cuddle puddles, enjoy music you actually know the words to, jump on our trampoline, or just hang out with us at the bar – we’re terribly charming conversationalists. Hometown: Reno. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Chalet and Ski Patrol Hometown: San Francisco. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock City Airbrush Black Rock City Airbrush with Scorch is here to provide your airbrushing needs! This camp resides within the Sin City Village and offers the finest custom airbrushed body art made just for you! Bring in a clean, white, T-shirt if you want your art to last even after you leave home. “You-say-it-we-spray-it” at Black Rock City Airbrush. We are creating MAXIMUM participation from gifted patrons! Expect to participate, and/or take a guerilla course in airbrushing! You may even find yourself running our booth while we sneak away. Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Compliments, Flirting, Patience, and Cold Beer go a long way at our camp! Hometown: Las Vegas. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock City Body and Paint Black Rock City Body & Paint Open 9am Friday Sept. 1st to Whenever! Located in Barbie Death Camp. Stop by before Critical Tits for body decoration in our shaded piano lounge. Our Playa Picassos want to make you SPECTACULAR for this major event in BRC! Bring your body to us to adorn with whimsy for the race. Hometown: Carson City. Burning Man 2017
Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe The name says it all. Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe will be on-site with a variety of tools and supplies to help build or repair just about anything on the playa. We are proud to have spent over 15 years serving Black Rock City in this capacity. We have hand tools, power tools, nails, nuts, bolts, tape, string, wire, paint, bike tools, automotive tools, glue, rivets, and whatever else we can manage to fit on the truck. We enjoy helping people work on art projects and helping camps who have suffered structural difficulties, but we also help with minor automotive problems, generator issues, and fix an inordinate amount of bikes. Whatever people bring us, we’ll try and fix if we can. We do not have lots of raw building materials, like 2x4s, PVP pipes, or plywood, but do have a need/want bulletin board to connect gifts with needs. The Playa often provides! Hometown: Seattle. Website Burning Man 2017
Black Rock City Post Office There’s no team in Fuck You! We provide service and delivery of your U.S. and playa mail, on and off the playa. Come trade post cards, stamps, stories and deliver the mail. We provide performance art, socialization, integration, certified documentation and BRC citizenship. Come join the team! Hometown: Portland. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock City Science Center Come by for dancing, drinks, cool lights, great atmosphere, play toys, relaxing netting, interactive games, and a bunch more! Hometown: Seattle. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock City Welding & Repair Come to Black Rock City Welding & Repair for welding, repair, adjustment and general tinkering help. Use our tools to fix your bike yourself at our self repair booth! Already well-adjusted? Join us at our evening Bar and Dance Club IGNITE for mostly pre Y2K music! Stop by to enjoy a short climb and great view from the Tall Couch. Need a sign or something painted? Come see War Rabbit at the Sign Making and Paint Anything booth. Learn Fresco at one of the Fresco painting classes. Come on over and warm yourself at the Night-Time Warming Station. Hometown: Portland. Burning Man 2017
Black Rock French Quarter The heart of the Big Easy come to Black Rock City, including cocktails, bakery, fresh roasted coffee, live music and burlesque, wine cellar, vineyard, Mardi Gras, Jazz Funeral for the Man, and a few other surprises. Our French Quarter buildings are based on an open design that your camp can build to join us. And this year, look for Asiatown! Hometown: Los Angeles. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Fun Jet Black Rock Fun Jet – “We take you on exotic vacations to exotic destinations without leaving HOME.” Hometown: Reno. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Gladiators A Rage Space for People with Safe Issues ™. Bringing consensual combat to the playa since 2016. Hometown: Portland. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Kwoon and Dojo Welcome to our shrine in which mind and body are forged in the fires of introspection and discipline. We teach, learn, and practice all forms of martial art and meditation, in our quest to enlighten and be enlightened. Hometown: Los Angeles. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Lemonade Ice Cold Lemonade for dusty humans. We will cure your scurvy and your thirst. We serve from playa noon until dusk or later. We play music and hydrate people. Hometown: Truckee. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Piano Lounge The Black Rock Piano lounge is a place where people from all over the world come to meet, enjoy and play great live music. We bring one of the best piano’s to the playa (and tune it several times throughout the week) in one of the coolest lounges. Live music is played by both camp members and any fellow Burner who stops by to share their talent. Music plays 24 hours a day and we host parties throughout the week. Hometown: Seattle. Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Power CO-OP The Black Rock Power CO-OP Village is a group of camps that share one common need, electricity. We are a group of 10 unique camps and there is something for everyone. Hometown: Oakland. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Public Library Come grab a book with a one-year checkout period at the dustiest library in the world, the Black Rock Public Library! Add yourself to the Human Card Catalog to share what you know best, or look up someone who can teach you about a subject anywhere on the playa. Hometown: San Francisco. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Roller Disco A roller disco in the middle of the desert? Yes, there’s a camp for that!!! The Black Rock Roller Disco is your friendly neighborhood full service roller skating rink in BRC!!! We bring the old school funk and roller disco magic to Burning Man!!! Come join D. Miles, the GodFather of Skate in San Francisco and the Holy Rollers from the Church of 8 Wheels and have a funky good time with us!!! Hometown: San Francisco. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Spatial Delivery WE TAKE STUFF PLACES…your on-playa delivery service hosts the Virgin Letters Project. Hometown: Portland. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Travel Agency The Black Rock Travel Agency’s Theme Camp ( established 1999) is the heart and soul of the Airport, offering events such as the Thursday morning pancake breakfast and the Saturday Afternoon Airport Cocktail Party. We are united in our desire to serve you – not drag you!. Hometown: Planet Earth - We are from everywhere! Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Vineyards Producers of the first and only wine grown pressed and aged entirely in Black Rock City! Established in 1999 the vineyards have nurtured a cutting of the nearly extinct carnivorous Cabernet Dionaea for 12 years to yield the acclaimed Vinum Pejorative – vintners and wine lovers stop by for a sip! We especially need experts and trainees to start our first batch of Dandelion and Lilac wines! Hometown: Los Angeles. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Weather Black Rock CIty weather conditions, forecasts and fun. Hometown: Carson City. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Wine Cellar The unrelenting heat of the Black Rock Desert is no place for wine! If you have a special bottle in need of tender loving care we invite you to check your bottle into our refrigerated subterranean facility where it will await your return under lock and key. And while you’re here why not join us for a tasting? And if you have construction skills our excavation crew always needs hand. Hometown: Los Angeles. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Yacht Club Black Rock Yacht Club is an arena for aeolian celebrants. We teach sailing on our our custom-built windsurfers-on-wheels. Hometown: Bay Area. facebook Burning Man 2017
Black Rock Yearbook Camp Put on your best outfit and come by the Black Rock Yearbook for your official (unofficial) playa photo! We are open daily with our photo team ready to take your photo which is released in an annual online yearbook! Hometown: Los Angeles. Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Blacksmith Shop

Support camp for the Playa Blacksmith Shop. Hometown: Truckee.

Burning Man 2017
BLD The BLD Village. Hometown: San Francisco. Burning Man 2017
Blintzkreig Blintzkrieg is a theme camp centered on the ritual of breaking fast to the core of people’s beings by nourishing their tummies and taste buds with delicious and surprising flavors every morning. After a long night on the playa wouldn’t you like a delicious breakfast blintz? Hometown: Davis. Website Burning Man 2017
Blissfits (Retirement) Village The Blissfits “Retirement” Village is a motley crew of seasoned playa vets and offers a more mellow, “Snarkle Pony”, lighthearted fun, to the event. We host 24/7, Shuffle Board zone and hold tournaments daily as well as our friendly bar & quesadilla stand where we aim to please and will take great care of replenishing you along your journey! Namaste..and f ur day. Hometown: Los Angeles. Burning Man 2017
BLM Interpretive Camp BLM Interpretive Camp containing informational displays about the Black Rock National Conservation Area and surrounding area. Activities will focus on appreciation of natural environment and conservation principles. Hometown: Winnemucca. Burning Man 2017
Blood, Rust & Whiskey Welcome to Blood, Rust & Whiskey – where pseudo-randomly selected individuals will be required to pass through our sobriety checkpoint, and those determined to be sober will be issued libations – not citations! Chill in the Yurthedral – or enjoy a proper cup of tea and peruse our extensive collection of randy reading material in the Tea and Porn lounge. Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
Blue Lotus BlueLotus Camp -primarily from SF BayArea, a perfect mix of photographers, musician, designers and dreamers. We have been with BM community for more than a decade. Hometown: Bay area/SF Burning Man 2017
Bonkers Empire Bonkers Empire is a bar without walls, travelling far and wide, spreading cheer, merriment, weirdness and flavour profiles across the world for the betterment of human kind….and the detriment of our careers, personal relationships, and societal norms. Hometown: Victoria facebook Burning Man 2017
Boonville Cabaret Boonville Cabaret. Your destination for spontaneous theatrical performance. A small venue for you to realize your fabulous talents. Come visit daytime and/or Thursday eve at sunset. Intimate stage and appreciative audience provided. Hometown: Boonville, CA facebook Burning Man 2017
Boosh Camp Comprised of members spanning the globe, this year we’ll have members residing in Canada, Australia, UK, Israel, USA, Nicaragua, Argentina attending. Keep an eye out for our famous blender bike parties (and maybe even the biggest ballpit this side of 6 o’clock)! We’re also hosting the first ever Intercontinental Banana March, where everyone who has a Banana costume is welcome to meet up on Thursday at 4pm to protest the Carrot and Bunny March. Hometown: Vancouver and Melbourne Burning Man 2017
Boots and Cats Boots & Cats – your one stop shop for boot repairs, drinks, sunset parties, and people who don’t like cats. Burning Man 2017
Booty Hunters The Hunters of the Golden Bubble Butt, spankers of booty-ful asses, and givers of booty shorts! A Burning Man camp for all lovers of all booty! Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Born To Roam Born To Roam. A crowd sourced, communal photo experiment. Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Bottoms-Up Welcome to the peachiest, most perky camp in Black Rock City. Hands-down, we are ‘Bottoms-Up’ Hometown: London Website Burning Man 2017
Brand-ur-Ass Brand-UR-Ass ‘N More will stimulate your entire being, from your mind to your ass. Bare your butt at the hitchin post and get a temporary brand. Bathe in gong vibrations, do some cock ropin’, enjoy tunes, belly up to the saloon, enjoy the giving tree and hitch a ride on our vehicles. Y’all come N play! Hometown: Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Brass Tax Radio Malibu We’re still here. and hopefully not ever leaving! Tune in to our 24-hour coverage of Brass Tax shenanigans on Radio Malibu (or stop by the on-playa studio): music, sing-a-longs, live interviews, morning calisthenics, and intraplaya sunrise traffic cone sports reportage. Winners every day – you could be next! Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
BRC Hash House Harriers (BRCH3) We are the BRC Hash House Harriers Bike Repair Camp, a drinking club with a running problem. Our mission is to share our love of hashing with Black Rock City while keeping the beer cold and bikes running smoothly. Hometown: San Francisco Website Burning Man 2017
BRC HOA The BRC HOA prides itself on offering a wide range of options for any prospective Black Rock City homeowner. Hydration! Dehydration! Art! Craft! Heckling (the good kind AND the bad kind) and so much more! Website Burning Man 2017
BRC WEEKLY newspaper BRC WEEKLY is Black Rock City’s favorite independent newsweekly. As BRC’s premiere lifestyle & culture rag, the BRC Weekly features insightful articles, colorful editorials, and of course, its infamous Out/In List and Playa Lingo. Hometown: San Francisco Website Burning Man 2017
BRC3PO (3:00 Post Office) Set in a giant rural postbox, the Black Rock City 3:00 Post Office (BRC3PO) provides postal services up to 24 hours per day that include authentic one-on-one creative interactions that can range from the supremely silly to the sublime. You never know what will happen next at BRC3PO — YOU could be what will happen next at BRC3PO, if you pay us a visit! Hometown: Sonoma County, Oakland, Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
BRCB&B If you have the itch to get down right filthy we have the camp for YOU!!! Come join us at Black Rock City Bass & Brews for ground rattling beats and the tastiest home-brew and cocktails in the BRC. We will make sure you dance the day away with the most eargazmic beats while you mingle with the friendliest burners around. Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
Breakaway Republic Do you need a playa name? Everyone needs a playa name! Come press our button and get your playa name! While you are there, pay your respects to our camp mascot, Gerbils. He and over 100 of his minions await your offerings. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Bring a Pheromone Hometown: San Francisco Website Burning Man 2017
BRINY DEPTHS! Occasionally, delicious noodles from the Deep. We believe in Oxford commas, and Making It Better. Hometown: Alameda Burning Man 2017
Brokedown Palace Brokedown Palace is an interactive Grateful Dead theme camp. Underneath our 40’x40′ tent we play Dead tunes almost all day, allowing Burners to come in and dance on the dance floor or to get out of the heat and relax in our ample lounge area that’s filled with comfy chairs and sofas. We project a liquid light show on the ceiling and serve drinks from our tiki bar (a full bar, including an ice cold beer upon request, plus we always have water out). We’ve got a great sound system and an endless supply of live Dead recordings. At night we offer live music from our House Band on the Brokedown Palace stage, plus we are always open to host impromptu performances. We will be doing special events all week–check out our Facebook page or listing in Who, What, Where! Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Broken Compass Broken Compass is a collection of travelers from a far away world, and we have built this forum to share with you all that we have seen, heard, and learned during our travels. Our world is comprised of 5 continents, each with its own unique story, culture, climate, and aesthetic. Over the next 5 years, we will be investigating each of these strange lands, then reconvening back here to tell of our adventures. While our travels instilled in us a breadth of knowledge, the catharsis of adventure has left us with a desire to share our experiences with the world. Through workshops, lectures, performances, and merry making, our mission is to educate you in the ways of these 5 mysterious and foreign lands. In addition to daily and nightly events, we will also be serving food and drink which we have discovered along the way. And what of your travels? Do you have stories to share with us? Read through our story books, then add your own tales to be incorporated into our ever growing lore. Hometown: Oakland facebook Burning Man 2017
Brulee Cult of Brulee. A traveling circus inviting you to join us in exploring the Beauty of Bacon, Reason and Ritual. Underlying Unification Lusty Laughter, Esoteric Eroticism and the Exaltation of the Erotic. Hometown: Denver Website Burning Man 2017
Bubble Camp Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and drops to drink for all. Dispensing thai iced tea and cold pressed coffee for all you parched playa peeps. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Bubbles and Bass Welcome to Bubbles and Bass where we rock you out from first light til midday with bubbly bass-tastic house music. Dance the AM hours away, enjoy an interesting conversation with a new friend, and drink some bubbly while you watch the sun rise over the Playa! Hometown: New York Website facebook Burning Man 2017
BuddhaCamp @ the Lotus Dome Every human being can manifest their full potential and live a life of true happiness. Come learn, play, and chant with us at the Lotus Dome. Everyone is invited to stretch their body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy fresh roasted espresso or an Italian soda in our Moroccan cafe, take a yoga or self-defense class, and while away your day in the shade as you find your inner Buddha. Hometown: Seattle Website Burning Man 2017
Bumblepuss Bumblepuss brings a spa theme to the playa. With the addition of the aromatherapy focused Lavender Lounge. Visit and soak in the aromas as you relax in the shade. Hometown: San Francsico Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Bunny Meth Lab If you’re a Bunny, you’ll be safe here )*( Hometown: Denver and NYC Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Burban Outfitters Burban Outfitters – Your #1 supplier of costumes and costume accessories. Specially featuring fire safe gear and warm clothing in addition to all kinds of costumes (and costume accessories). Hometown: Las Vegas Burning Man 2017
Bureau of Misinformation We’ve been doing alternative facts since before alternative facts were the new facts… If you don’t know, come ask! Hometown: Los Angeles Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Burner Buddies Ever have someone say you were gonna lose your Gay Card only to realize you don’t have one? Get one @ Burner Buddies. Come for the best music, bar and party on the playa. Hometown: Palm Springs facebook Burning Man 2017
Burners Without Borders (BWB) Burners Without Borders (BWB) Camp returns to BRC-2017 celebrating the work of our community around the world and taking a look at the world refugee crisis and how burners, and burner prototypes are shaping the field. Come and join us for music, making, speakers, art and service offerings designed to leave you refreshed & inspired. Hometown: San Francisco / Chicago Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Burning Globe We are bringing a reimagined Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to the Playa and filling it with people witnessing one another speaking with joy, passion, abandon, specificity, imagination, irreverence, humor and pathos. Hometown: Berkeley facebook Burning Man 2017
Burning Man Bike Course Come test your skills on the Burning Man Bike Course! A bicycle challenge obstacle course for all ages, abilities, genders, and sexual preferences. Hometown: Truckee and Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Burning Man Information Radio Burning Man Information. 94.5 FM – The Voice of The Man. Hometown: Oakland Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Burning Man Studios Burning Man Studios is a diverse group of crazies from across the country and beyond that love movies, self expression, and poking fun at ourselves. Come by for a drink, some shade, or just to tell us a story. Hometown: LA/San Fran/Florida/South Africa facebook Burning Man 2017
Burning Man T-Shirt Factory Do-It-Yourself Burning Man T-Shirt Factory open 24/7. We provide the paint and stencils, and you provide the clothing and creativity. Quick, easy, and fun. Hometown: San Jose Burning Man 2017
Burning Questions Come escape the heat and climb around the thin net separating the clouds below from the stars above. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Burning Sky Burning Sky: Skydivers over Burning Man. Come see Black Rock City from 9,000 feet in the air. Watch the skydivers exit the plane while you stay safely inside, and get an exciting ride back to the earth. Gifting rides Wednesday & Thursday 11a-5p. Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area Website Burning Man 2017
Burning Velvet What could be nicer than sparkling seltzer water on a hot day in Black Rock? Hint: Nothing. But guys, I hate bringing cans and bottles of seltzer water to Burning Man because of all of the garbage and potential moop. Don’t fret boo, Burning Velvet got you covered at their “VIP” Bubble Lounge located at 6:00 and E (TBC in 2017). Every afternoon Monday-Saturday thirsty citizens can walk our Red Carpet, grab your very own Burning Man VIP bracelet and sidle up to the Carbonation Bar. Step under our pimped out silver disco shade structure, chill on our couches under our cooooool water misters, listen to chill house and disco as our Carbonation Experts serve you. Legend tells it even works to turn boxed white wine into ‘champagne’. Sit back and enjoy a simple luxury on playa! Hometown: New York City & Montreal Burning Man 2017
Burnstream Court Burnstream Court’s 16th year on the playa is dedicated to Airstream affectionados! We have Airstream tours, photos opps, putting for Pabst, fun & games & grilled cheese LOVE! We would love to have you hang out with us in our trailer park, burner-style. Hometown: Grass Valley, CA. & USA Website Burning Man 2017
Burntanical Garden Camp Learn more about the Burntanical Garden Camp at our website. Hometown: Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Burntown Burntown Snuff Guild offers fine nasal snuffs and a trip across our Rope Bridge of Death…. We have a Corner Store that is not to be missed! All day, some late nights…come find out what tobacco and other non-tobacco snuff can do for your burn! Hometown: Auburn Website Burning Man 2017
Cabana Club Come and enjoy The Favorite Vacation Destination for the hard working citizens of Black Rock City! The Cabana Club is an oasis of hospitality and friendship. We serve up a refreshing array of nosh and cocktails for your Afternoon Delight daily. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Cafe de la Fin du Monde Join us in our devotion to coffee, and enjoy a fresh roasted cup of the darkest expression of God’s love. Hometown: Los Angeles Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Zen as Fuck en as Fuck – A shady place in your mind. An important step on your path to enlightenment is to stop by, relax and give your face an ego melting Dunkaroo. You’ll leave wondering, “Who am I?” Hometown: Fresno Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Zendo Project Feeling out of sorts and looking for a place to recoup? Zendo volunteers are available 24/7 to offer psychological support and education for drug-related concerns. Come by our open-air yurts near 5:30 Rampart/ESD/RHQ stations. Hometown: Santa Cruz Website facebook Burning Man 2017
ZOO CAMP Zoo Camp – animal chilled zone – happy music and bar – sunset parties from Tuesday to Friday. Hometown: FRANCE Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Zoom Into Decadence Zoom into Decadence is an amazing mashup of two long time camps: Camp DOA and Camp !Zoom! and we will be honoring both camps heritage! From a tune filled wine bar to endless shade, playground equipment and chill spaces we look forward to providing tasty libations, good times, and respite for the weary dust-encrusted travelers of BRC. We cant wait to meet you! facebook Burning Man 2017
Zulai Camp Zulai uses his hand to carrying people,meaning he’s saving us from suffering and protecting us; lead us and watch over us.We hope this vehicle shares the beauty of the East and make people feel peace and comfort. Hometown: New Taipei City Website Video Burning Man 2017
Yabba Dabba Do Me Every action has a reaction; every motion has an emotion. Move and laugh in our bizarre playland. Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
Yacht Klub We are an all-inclusive resort community located on the beautiful shores of Black Rock City, NV. Hometown: Northern California, Nevada, and seas beyond Burning Man 2017
Yeah Man! Have you ever exclaimed “Yeah Man!”? Come share your story or experience a new one at Camp Yeah Man! Grab a drink and enjoy an eclectic music selection. Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Yellow Bike Shop Black Rock City’s Yellow Bike Shop facebook Burning Man 2017
Yellowstone Burners The Yellowstone Burners come from Northwest Wyoming and specifically Park County which is home to 90% of Yellowstone National Park. Our base is in Cody, Wyoming where we gather to build the Saddle Up! art car. Stop by our camp, when we’re not out prowling the playa on our giant saddle, and join us at our campfire for s’mores, drinks, and stories. Hometown: Cody Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Yes Please Yes: adv – Used to express affirmation, agreement, positive affirmation, or consent. Please: adv – Give pleasure to or to be pleasing to; give satisfaction. Yes Please is the answer to every question. Come chill in our calm and revitalizing sanctuary, dance with new friends and experience our inclusive oasis of sex-positivity, queer empowerment and love. Learn to focus on whatever is positive in your life and your surroundings. Be sure to visit our infamous Non-Monogamy Advice Booth, and experience the Apparent Horizon art installation. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Yes, And Come celebrate the ritual of craft cocktail making at Yes, And! Hometown: Seattle Burning Man 2017
Yes. Now. Please. We believe in the power of saying YES. Doing it NOW. And PLEASE is just being nice while doing it! Is it a bar, is it a game? It’s a GameBar!! Come by for happy hour nuttiness and climb all over the GameBar with your friends and go away with new ones! Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
You Are Healer We offer to the playa our healing sanctuary. A quiet place to relax, receive healing, body work, aromatherapy, ceremony, an occasional workshop, yoga and other mystically centered healing modalities. Come to rest and get out of the hot sun to refresh your body and your mind. Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook Burning Man 2017
YOUniversal YOUniversal will offer a Persian Tea House, with desert-friendly drinks, hot and cold, along with exotic sweets and treats, and some parlor games and poetry / fortune telling all based on the Persian culture. Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
Yummy RUMInations Playfully-mindful camp uniting burners through laughter, curiosity, and consciousness. Daily experiments in vulnerability, intimacy, self-discovery, storytelling, workshops and home of The Yum Cart…people leave with a smile and often come back for seconds. Hometown: SF Bay Area, LA, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., NY, Miami Burning Man 2017
X Camp X marks the spot for a visually interactive experience focused on the intersection of sound and light. Come lounge in the cool shade, learn how to transform the ambient sound and light of the structure, and meet fellow Burners in a lowkey, learning environment. Hometown: New York City Burning Man 2017
XJoy! XJoy! (xpanded, xhilarating, xcessive, xtreme, xaggerated, xhale, xceed, xquisiteness xcellence, xceptional, xpressive, xuberant, xtraordinary). Playa Mart open 24/7 with all your needs! Hometown: Chico Burning Man 2017
Xpat Alien Xpat Alien and the Crop Circle Cantina. Providing the finest in terrestrial based partying. Hometown: Denver facebook Burning Man 2017
XTR With the desert as an open canvas, and Burning Man as a context, XTR lab creates an immersive information and research platform as part of a physical platform and living playground, the structure itself. The roof provides a common ground of discourse, extracts what is the most absent in the Desert: Water, with a habitable scaffold of misting stations, sustaining and promoting a new ritual of exchange and life in the desert. Hometown: New York Website Burning Man 2017
Waggle Lounge Meadery Our busy bees have spent the last year brewing an ancient, 8,000 year-old libation called mead (“honey wine”). The Waggle Lounge, home to the honeycombed Infinity Bar, is a gifted sweet-space for rowdy and fun interactions, or simply partaking in an ancient chilled ritual with our Milo’s Mead. Daily happy hours and specials! Hometown: San Diego Burning Man 2017
Walk over Come visit camp Walkover and see what we have to offer including map stamps and iron on man logos. Hometown: Cave Junction facebook Burning Man 2017
Wanderer's Camp Our Camp is an oasis on the playa for the Wandering Burner who happens upon our camp and finds HUGS, ice cold Gin/Tonic’s, and Hot Dogs, Come by every afternoon from 4 to 6 for a hot dog or veggie dog, a gin/tonic and enjoy the shade, great company and music. Hometown: Reno Website Burning Man 2017
Wasabi Kisses Wasabi Kisses aims to provide a safer space for queer and trans burners and their allies. We provide group workshops around the intersections of sexuality, gender expression, consent as well as social events / mixers. Hometown: Oakland facebook Burning Man 2017
WeScream Help us make liquid nitrogen ice cream! Come by to enjoy some cold ice cream made by YOU in the heat of the hot summer day. Hometown: Boulder and Denver Burning Man 2017
Wetspot The WetSpot Bar & Faceplant Lounge: Welcome to the best place on the playa to enjoy a craft brew or SNG while relaxing in our unique lounge. WetSpot is about making new friends in an open to all setting while engaging in musings around one of our favorite pastimes: consuming libations. Our crew includes homebrewers and non-homebrewers alike and provides an inviting atmosphere to sample one of our concoctions as well as just having fun. Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
What Would You Do For A Pickle? What Would You Do For a Pickle? Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Whisker Biscuit Swing on by Whisker Biscuit for some aerial fun and entertainment! Love 1/2 naked circus freaks spinning around and flipping upside down? Feeling rambunctious and want to take a whirl on the tire swing? Or just thirsty and in need of shade and entertainment? We’ve got it all. Stop by Mon-Fri from 3pm-5pm for the happiest of happy hours to check out all the action the Whisker Biscuit has to offer. Can’t make happy hour? No problem. Stop by Tues night for our Gratitude party, a communal thank you to all the builders and organizers of BRC. Or simply stop by anytime, there’s sure to be someone awesome here. You might get snark…you might get a hot dot…the sky’s the limit. But we’d love to see you all!!! Hometown: Denver Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Whiskey and Dust We are a Whiskey camp with a small habitual yoga problem. Our concept is simple. Capitalize on what the Burning Man community desires more of (Yoga, Lyra performances, Juggling, Dance classes and Hooping). At the same time, be challenging and creative to show the community something; anything that is new and different. Hometown: Denver Website Burning Man 2017
Whiskey Division Whiskey Division: Whiskey is a solution. We are the problem. Hometown: Seattle Burning Man 2017
White Bronco Welcome to White Bronco! We will host daily DJ events, performances, and the first annual 7:30 sector Bronco Chase. If you are a performer or a musician we encourage you to perform at our camp!

We are also looking for potential members who are willing to pay dues, carry out daily camp responsibilities, and help with breakdown. This is not a catered camp and we expect all members to do their part. We look forward to hearing from you….CONNECT! Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook

Burning Man 2017
White Ocean White Ocean is an immense, immersive sound and art experience, created through the collaboration and passion of many brilliant and dedicated artists. We celebrate the creation of community through music, ideas, and free expression, and are grateful for the opportunity to once again bring our dreams to life. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
White Trash Superstars We are your BRC Neighborhood Dive Bar. Join us for drinks, bring your own cup, we have the supplies to pimp it out if you want! You might even get some of our awesome White Trash Swag, or make your own with a 12″x14″ item. We have shade, drinks, games, music and a whole lot more. Besides drinks, we serve anything from love to snarky attitude, so you never know what you are going to get! Hometown: Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Whomp Den The Whomp Wagon and The Lions Den will have DJs and dancing at camp and provide art tours on the playa day and night. An ‘Open Closet’ gifting playa gear and attire will provide selections to help amp up your style. Hometown: Reno/ San Diego Burning Man 2017
Why Knot? Life is short. Experiences are precious. Come by and take a ride on the magical side with our CA art car “Relax-a-taxi”. Hometown: Tel Aviv Burning Man 2017
WickedLand WICKEDLAND has been turning the world of fairytales upside down from its inception in 2014. We believe each and every Playa Dweller has a fairytale hidden inside of them, and our camp helps these stories (especially the most wicked ones) emerge and see the light of day… or night! Do you think you need to speak to tell your story? Do you think you need words to understand somebody you just met? The Wicked Mash Machine will free you of these perceptions. It’s part-game, part-performance, part-experience and YOU are at the very centre of it. Use the cube in the centre of the dome to create patterns of lights and sounds, collaborate with others and see what wickedness emerges! Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Wide Open Who are you really?! we would love to know! come get your portrait taken before and post burn to immortalize how burning man changed your soul! Monday 1-4pm and Saturday 1-4pm if you can’t make those hours, then just drop by for games, tatoo or fire spinning! we’re wide open! Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
Wish Maker We invite you to come share your wishes, stories, spirit and style in the comfort of our lounge and crafting area every day, 3-6pm. We share with you the space and materials to create your own burnable tribute for the temple, to add your wishes to our wall, or to have your body adorned with an image of one of the ten principles. Hometown: Austin facebook Burning Man 2017
With Dust or Against Dust You can hate dust or love dust, but either way, you can’t beat dust. Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
witness relocation camp Witness relocation Camp; We silkscreen the ticket or poster (whichever we find cooler) on your white cotton t-shirt. One print per person. Let others get one too. Tues.-Thurs.10;00 -5:00. Warning, there can be a 3 hour line so bring some patience. Hometown: Cayucos Burning Man 2017
WMICC- Organic Fruit & Veggie Bar Keeping the people of Black Rock sweet and juicy since 2011. Come nourish yourself with good food and good people. Hometown: LA / San Diego Website Burning Man 2017
Wolf Pack We’re Wolf Pack, and we’re the camp destination if you want to learn about body bead work from our accomplished artist Shine or eat some pippin’ hot traditional ramen at night by our resident master water boiler, Tyme. Hometown: Seattle Burning Man 2017
Wonder Camp Wonder Camp is a place to bring your broken bicycle, art project, mutant vehicle, etc. Come with a tee shirt for a silkscreen print and a worn body for a massage. Hometown: Lakebay, WA. facebook Burning Man 2017
Woop Woop Woop Woop means distant, remote even, from the daily default world. Hometown: Boulder Burning Man 2017
Wrongtown Wrongtown is an international reunion. Our primary landmark is a 40′ tower that supports an LED beacon and sail shade structure, which serves as our living area and daytime public chill space. Hometown: Oakland, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Melbourne, Perth, Berlin. Website Burning Man 2017
V-Spot The Volunteer Resource Team helps turn citizens into participants throughout the year and at Black Rock City. Hometown: Bay Area - San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Vagabonds & Tagalongs Hometown: The Internet Burning Man 2017
Valhalla Valhalla is the majestic hall of the god Odin; Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries, while the other half go to the goddess Freyja’s field Fólkvangr. Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook Burning Man 2017
UFO UFO – home of Ur a Fabulous Organism spa day! facebook Burning Man 2017
Uli Baba & the Horny Thieves O illustrious merchants of the flesh and pillagers of the wealth of man. Our glorious master, Uli Baba, he who is magnificent and just, commands your presence at his Slave Auctions and other debauched and glorious events. Hometown: San Diego Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Ultimate Celebration The end is nigh! Come bounce while you can upon the upholstered luxury of our Bungee Couch Garden (yep, exactly what it sounds like), sip the ambrosia of perpetual motion (champagne and 5-­hour energy, the official libation of our Ultimate Celebration, available from 4-­6pm daily), and/or contemplate your own ultimate destination while you zip around on a Wiimote-­controlled electric armchair. In short, if your vision of the apocalypse is as lazy and carefree as ours, we’ve got you covered! Hometown: San Francisco and New York City Burning Man 2017
Underwear World Welcome to Underwear World – the place of panties sculptures, futuristic underwear exhibitions and performance place! Welcome everyone, even if you come without panties! Hometown: Dnipro-city Burning Man 2017
Unicorner The Unicorner is a haven for creativity, light-hearted fun, sharing, and gallivanting about! Hometown: Bay Area facebook Burning Man 2017
Universe University Universe University; Come find yourself and join in our shenanigans. We will show you how “U of U” can put the U in yoU. Hometown: Issaquah, Washington. Burning Man 2017
Unnecessarily High Five Failure is the goal! 4 out of 5 dentists agree that the Unnecessarily High Five is the MOST DANGEROUS interactive art on the playa! Hometown: Alameda, CA and Puerto Rico Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Utah Builders Community We are proudly building an honorarium temple for Burning Man this year. Look for our project around 1:00. Hometown: Salt Lake City Website facebook Burning Man 2017
T.B.C. We are the Breakfast club and all are welcome! Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
Tacoma is for Lovers Our ‘Shady Lovers Lounge’ is a lush and cushy retreat for all you dusty lovers out there! For all you young and young at heart we invite you to browse through our Sparkle Boutique open daily until the goods run out! Come mend those broken soles at BRC Shoe Repair or treat yourself to a kiss during our Happy Hour Kissing Booth! Some of our in-house DJ’s will be spinning sweet D&B periodically though out the week so stop on by, try our Lazy Morning Yoga and meet a fellow Tacoman or just snag a little love, we’ve got plenty to go around. Hometown: Tacoma Website Burning Man 2017
Talisman at the Oasis Create a talisman for your own ritual at Talisman at the Oasis Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 2-5. Metal, leather, wood, beads and more with tools and adornments as well as a celebratory cocktail all provided. Hometown: Palm Springs Burning Man 2017
Tango'd Up In Blues Discover what it’s like to hold a dance partner in your arms and move to the music. Tango. Blues Dance. Join us in re-popularizing partner dance in America. Hometown: Eugene Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Tarwater Tarwater will be back with bowling and throwing games and Lady S’s Boutique. Join us for the Ritual Rat Dance, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:00 AM. Hometown: santa rosa Burning Man 2017
Tautology Tautology is a collective of mathematician-artists from all around the world who build installations for local, regional, and international festivals. Hometown: Seattle Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Taxi Camp Connecting Pedicab and Taxi drivers with alternatively-abled members of our community. Hometown: Reno Website Burning Man 2017
Tazii Tazii returns for a 17th year, offering a lush, authentic Moroccan festival tent chill space, furnished from the souks of Marrakesh, and our custom octobar, serving only the finest top shelf concoctions. Swamp cooled by day, warm at night, come luxuriate with us! Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Tectonic Come bask in the shade of our fire-poofing volcano, and boogie to our ground-shaking beats while we serve you a refreshing iced libation. Don’t forget to bring us your playa virgins to sacrifice to the volcano god and to search for the poofer trigger! Hometown: Portland facebook Burning Man 2017
Teddies on Teddies Teddies on Teddies… oh my! Join us in discovering the “stuffing” of life. Enjoy a drink at our bar, snooze in the cuddle puddle, or admire the view from the top of our dome. We offer fluff and frills and so much more. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Temple Guardians Camp Our camp hosts Temple Guardian orientation/trainings for new volunteers and returning Guardians. Temple Guardians offer volunteer opportunities 24/7. Sign up for a shift or three! Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Temple Homage Camp We hold Homage to the Burning Man Temples and Builders and what they represent and our main goal is to interact and welcome to all of those who consider all sacred sites within Burning Man. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Temple O'Flying Spaghetti Monster We are a comfortable neighborhood pub with a rockin’ attitude. In honor of His Noodly Goodness, the Friendly Fire Bar will administer ice cold libations and groovin’ tunes for your mind, body and spirit. Test your pole dancing skills, call almost anywhere in the world on our free public phone, or use our public wi-fi hotspot. The Flying Spaghetti Monster welcomes all, so stop by and be touched by His noodly appendage. Hometown: Southern California Website Burning Man 2017
Temple of Anointment Please join us for drinks, lotions, massages, tattoos and live music. Take the ramp of death bicycle jump ( free band-aid if you get messed up) – It’s YUGE!!! – Write down your favorite saying on the potty mouth wall of shame. Visit our Dare to be Great interactive exhibit where we will film your feat. The band will be singing original harmonies most afternoons. Hometown: San Diego Burning Man 2017
Temple of Gravity Camp Website Burning Man 2017
Templehedron Templehedron meditation temple. BRC, early morning ritual meditation, & afternoon chill space. Evening Deep House and ice cold wine. The band will be singing original harmonies most afternoons. Hometown: Pequannock, NJ & London England facebook Burning Man 2017
Tender Heckles Tea Lounge Mosey on down to the Tender Heckles Tea Lounge to sip a wide variety of teas (don’t forget your cup!) and hop on the megaphone to sass strangers until they become friends! Hometown: Oakland Burning Man 2017
Termination Dust Hole Come one come all for our kinky and raunchy socks at our Erotic Sock Puppet Theater. Or do you dare challenge us to a game of Flunky Ball? Hometown: Anchorage facebook Burning Man 2017
Tetrix Village Tetrix VIllage welcomes you to Camp Meow, Rubber Armstrong and the Stargazer Artcar. Rubber Armstrong’s iconic feature, the illuminated Skull, Tent space for performances, bar, workshops, talks, games and events throughout the week. We’ll be throwing a space party on the first Monday night at 8pm! come party with us, and then take a maiden midnight journey on the Stargazer onto the playa. Hometown: Sydney facebook Burning Man 2017
That Camp Over There Swing by and draw with UV light, enjoy Spanking & Pringles, climb our scaffold and Moon The Man in the comfortable seating up top, chill in the shaded hammocks in Las Hamacas, 7-11am enjoy coffee, pancakes and unidentifiable fried pig parts. Snowconeokie will be roaming deep playa, catch us, do a forfeit, get a cone; transforms into Darkwadeokie at night, roaming the playa giving out lights and shots to foolish people. Entirely Amateur since 2001. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
The Airtight Garage If you’re struggling with a broken down art car, come to the Airtight Garage and get the assistance you need to get back out on the Playa. Our skilled crew will be available from 1pm-5pm each day to assist in making minor repairs and dispensing advice! Hometown: Vallejo Website Burning Man 2017
The Ancient Cult of the Alligator The Ancient Cult of the Alligator is a place for worshippers to live in the NOW. Come by for daily afternoon activities, featuring an open bar providing specialty drinks (Alligator Bites!), music to replenish your soul, activities to refresh your mind and body, and, the hallmark of any good cult, a soupcon of brainwashing so light you won’t notice till it’s too late and you’re one of us. Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
The Avant Yard The Avant Yard has been a theme camp since 2008 but our founders first tasted dust in 2006. We are affiliated with the Arts Diaspora, an international network of artists, healers and do-gooders who meet once a year at Burning Man to produce art, connect with new Gnomies (members of our community) and find new ways to empower each other to do wonderful things. Hometown: New York City Website Burning Man 2017
The Barbie & Ken Experience Come play with our interactive Barbie & Ken boxes. Surprise and delight your friends with the surprise that awaits you in our camp. Play in the boxes, or sit and chill Dress up like Barbie, play in the boxes, sit and chill – Come play with us! Hometown: Irvine Burning Man 2017
the black hole Home of the Black Rock City Gate, Perimeter and Exodus Department. If you’re into that sort of thing. Hometown: Black Rock City Website Burning Man 2017
The Black Rock Notary Bring your intentions! We’re here to witness, illuminate & document your presence. Indulge yourself!! Let’s make history!!! Hometown: Saugerties facebook Burning Man 2017
The Breakfast club Village Hometown: Oakland facebook Burning Man 2017
The Buffer Zone the Original Electro-mechanical Massage Therapy that leaves you Vibrant and Feeling Energized. Hometown: Miami facebook Burning Man 2017
The Burner's Court Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All persons having business before the kind of Honorable Court of Black Rock City, are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for the Court is now sitting. Bring your own defendant, or one will be provided for you. Hometown: Sacramento facebook Burning Man 2017
The Coalition Did you know a pack of cheetahs is also called a coalition?! Well we are the friendliest, silliest, and most ridiculous pack of cheetahs you’ll ever meet! Come say hello, take a ride on our PlayaBeest, have a drink at our bar, enjoy our DJs mixes, dance with us, be dazzled by our pyroboard, and make some new best friends. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
The Copper Egg How do you like your eggs? Discover our kitchen and dining room and be treated to a service of eggs in a most inviting and enticing atmosphere that you’ll not soon forget. Be greeted by our warm Hosts, dim lighting, and soft music. Turn off your lights and drop your packs, take a seat at our communal table set with plates and utensils just for you. Trust us, our eggs and our service are what you’ve been looking for. How did you like your eggs? …I thought you might. And you’re always welcome back for more. Hometown: Oakland Website Burning Man 2017
The Cove The Cove is a 14′ tall tower designed for climbing and interaction among Burners, inside the tower is lined with cushions, blankets and pillows for lounging, sleeping and spending time with each other. Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
The Dirty Beetles The Dirty Beetles seek to provide an all-inclusive and inviting space of positivity and creativity, to welcome strangers and family alike with a soundtrack of danceable music drenched in love and boogie, and to create a space where people want to be. Hometown: Los Angeles Website facebook Burning Man 2017
The Donner Party Would be nice to meat you at one of our barbecues. Hometown: Doner Summit Burning Man 2017
The DPW Ghetto Home of Black Rock City’s Department of Public Works. Burning Man 2017
The Dump Where the worlds most fabulous musicians and dancers from MarchFourth Marching Band, The Saloon Ensemble, Love-Bomb Go-Go Marching Band, Trashcan Joe, and The Ukeladies are dumped and recycled to endlessly create music from a by-gone era. Come sing, dance, play our piano, and join-in as we all share in electronic-free acoustic joy! Lyrics included! Hometown: Portland Burning Man 2017
The Dusty Beavers Directly from the Great White North, land of the maple leaf, comes the sugar shack of your dreams. Yes, a sugar shack on the Playa! Maple taffy on snow. Yes, snow on the Playa, in August. We will make it happen. Join us after dark for a taste of sweetly delicious “tire d’érable sur neige.” The Dusty Beavers are an international group: Canadians, French and Americans. Hometown: Montreal facebook Burning Man 2017
The Dusty Booty Ranch An outpost where misfits fit. Hometown: Seattle Website Burning Man 2017
The Electric Capybara An international group of diverse individuals united to achieve a new homeostasis of desert utopia. Like the giant rodents of their namesake, the Capybara is both distinct and copacetic, if not symbiotic, with others. Hometown: Bridgewater Burning Man 2017
The Embassy We are Black Rock City’s Embassy to the Default World. We are dedicated to inter-world relations and promoting the export of Black Rock City values to the Default World. Hometown: Boston and Denver Burning Man 2017
the Empress Welcome to the Empress, the last bastion of a failed Empire! Every afternoon and evening our gracious hosts will serve you tea in our interpretation of a Victorian Drawing Room, bringing you back to a more civilized time, where sanguine conversation begets cheer and hope. Burning Man 2017
The Enclave The Enclave consists of a bubbly band of brothers, sisters and lovers united by a passion for art, design, engineering, entertainment and a whole lot of miscellanies fodder. The Enclave brings a self-made Playastani charm to the inner ring of Black Rock by celebrating the civically minded gifts we have to offer in a format that intends to suspend and expand our visitor’s expectations. Hometown: Santa Barbara Burning Man 2017
The Flamin' Merkin The Flamin’ Merkin, Improving the Margarita-to-dust ratio since 2013. Swing by for a day-time party, with Margarita happy hour every day, and for all of your merkin requirements too. Hometown: London facebook Burning Man 2017
The Flower Tower Camp The Flower Tower Art Support Camp. Hometown: Petaluma facebook Burning Man 2017
The Future An assembly of tinkerers, artists and fun weirdos who are designing the future through new and strange experiences. Come visit us, and you too can climb into the skies and watch the world from above, or stay down on earth for some great celebrations! Hometown: San Francisco Website Burning Man 2017
The G-Spot The G-Spot, stop by and enjoy our pleasures. Remember if you can’t find us you are not coming! Hometown: SF Bay, L.A., Seattle, Pollock Pines, CT, Great Britain Burning Man 2017
The Hive A buzzing mass of madness from the East descends upon the desert, full of burning light and energy. Is the Hive full of honey, or stings? Bathe in our glow, and discover! Hometown: Boston Burning Man 2017
The Institute Village Holy Flaming LED Ball! Visit the Institute of Higher Yearning where our overeducated undermanaged faculty staff will jam in your brain all the science, electro-shock therapy and swordplay that you can take. God created the playa to train the faithful and we will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know, both in Theory and through practice. Pay attention! On Thursday, there will be a Final Exam. Burning Man 2017
The Journey The Journey Home is the support camp for the art project The Journey, offering fellow artists and wayfarers a respite: a space to rest their weary feet. Panel discussions will provide insights, both pragmatic and inspirational, on making a large-scale, civically-engaged art project succeed and thrive. Hometown: San Diego Website Burning Man 2017
The Key Camp Key = Believe. We will guide you to find your own key to open any doors. Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
The Lost Penguin What could be more lost than a penguin in the desert? Drop in to our hospitality oasis where we offer comforts such as shade, couches, wine, lemonade, chocolate, snow cones, friendly people, and live entertainment. Day or night, get up on stage for asshole theatre, watch some bands, dance to DJs or take a workshop. Join us as we navigate surprises all week! Or just sit and we will engage you in conversation as you watch the playa float by. Hometown: Toronto Burning Man 2017
The Mason Jar Revival The Mason Jar returns to the playa after a decade long break! The inhabitants of this structure will once again capture and catalog the insect people of the playa and feed them the nectar of their choice. They will be tagged and classified and much data will be collected. The Mason Jar is a giant jar on its side, which first appeared on the playa in about 2000. It became a hit with the insectoids and the population in general. The Mason Jar houses a bar and becomes a public space for our events, teachings, and general mayhem. Our camp will incorporate a tea house dome, serving fine teas daily for those who don’t want to be bugged. Hometown: Boise Burning Man 2017
the ministry of douchebaggery Hometown: Nevada City facebook Burning Man 2017
The Miscellaneous Heathens The Miscellaneous Heathen’s are home to The Beethen, a Mutant Vehicle that is one part Bee, one part Beast, and one part Heathen. She brings devilment, laughs and comfort to burners who encounter her in the dust. Hometown: El Cerrito facebook Burning Man 2017
The Monkey Hut The Monkey Hut has hosted jam sessions, jewelry design, and body art workshops which have always been open to all. No prerequisites exist to participate in our community, and every year it has enlarged. In taking part in these sessions, the participants will be given enough instruction to get started, but will need to discover, exercise, and rely on their inner resources to find the artistic conclusion to their projects. Through the music and art, the participants will express themselves using their unique gifts. The Monkey Hut community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We think for people to go from listening to music to making music can transform and individual. Everyone is invited to play music and craft with us. Through making music and crafting together we seek to overcome barriers that stand between us and a recognition of our inner selves. There is no substitute for immediate experience. Hometown: Manhattan Beach Burning Man 2017
The New Barbarians It’s the year 2017, the New Barbarians, led by their massive steel ruler, Jurassic Pork, are on a quest to spread their bountiful stock of delicious wieners to the mouths of hungry burners. Come party with us! We’re all about Sausage Sizzle BBQ parties serving up sausage meats and tasty beats. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
The Organization The Organization: Espresso Martini Parties 1-3pm Tuesday-Saturday! Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
The Orphanage The Orphanage – come join us for a few minutes or a few hours and let us be your “home away from home” Hometown: Orlando Florida and Boston Massachusetts facebook Burning Man 2017
The Phage The Phage is an homage to the vast dark ecology whose foment gave birth to Earth’s living diversity. These ubiquitous viral life forms evolve faster than any other life on earth. In their furious co-optive radiations they have acted as the vital genetic pollinators that wove long-separated lines of cellular life into resplendent new threads — the phage are the needles of life’s tapestry. Beware if you encounter us: memetic biohazards lie ahead. Hometown: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, NYC Website Burning Man 2017
The Pongo Lounge Come and play with us ! The Pongo Lounge is an SF based community dedicated to interactive games, art and music; stop by and take a ride in our HUMAN GYROSCOPE, play an interactive game with us, relax in our cuddle puddle or just lounge and chill. We play soulful cuts of deep and progressive house, to lift you up, brighten your afternoon, and get you ready for those playa nights- our later afternoon parties are on tuesday and thursday. Hometown: San Francisco and East Bay Area facebook Burning Man 2017
The Prize Cock Public House Everything you would expect from a genuine Birtish Boozer: Draft beer, Karaoke, Skittles and casual verbal abuse from the staff. Jukebox music policy:

(NO EDM, Dubstep, Psy Trance or Coldplay). Hometown: London facebook

Burning Man 2017
The Red NOse District For 19 years The Red NOse District has aimed to provide a place for the citizens of BRC to find the joy of Play without reservation. Giving all a reason & the support of family to get physically engaged, dressed up silly & laugh, providing a feeling that is hopefully taken away & made part of every day life back in the default world. FUN = Funny Unique Nutty!! Stilts, Swings, a DIY Stage, Shade for laid back heckling, Fire Sculptures to snuggle up next to for Intimate nighttime Giggling, High Chair & Low Top Bars with Themed Cocktail Parties, Playground Gear Shenanigans Adult Style, Lessons & Movie Nights… Come Visit, Learn, Play & Laugh, who knows you might wanna move in with us! Hometown: Los Angeles Website facebook Burning Man 2017
The Sunset Trip The Sunset Trip is a mashup of 4 Los Angeles based camps with a concurrent theme of getting together and throwing epic parties. We are all vastly different in what we provide to the world, yet share the same values and deep rooted awesomeness that bring us together year after year. We bring the Dirty, Sparkle and Bad with No Pants! Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
The Thrill Chill Cult Need some energy for your nighttime adventures? Those who dare to join the Thrill Chill Cult will be rewarded with tasty coffee and visual treats. Hometown: Chicago/LA/NYC Burning Man 2017
The Wastelanders A gathering of post-apocalyptic tribes and restless souls. We who wander this Wasteland, in search of our better selves. Burning Man 2017
The Whynauts inspiring people to radically reimagine our world by connecting with a sense of child-like wonderment dream. dream bigger. ignition. liftoff. whynaut? Hometown: New York City, San Francisco, Lima, and Nairobi facebook Burning Man 2017
The Yard Come find out what brings all the burners to The Yard! Whether it’s Falafel’s eats; Lootbaggers treats; Best Butt booty; a titillating climb on the scramble of scandal or the promise of the perfect pube postiche, we’ve got it all in a quaint and inviting setting sure to please. Hometown: Vancouver, Seattle & Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
The Yurtnited Nations The Yurtnited Nations – art support camp collective for The Dung Bug honoraria project. We’re from New Orleans, so come talk shop, and meet our awesome team. Hometown: New Orleans Website Burning Man 2017
Theme Camp Theme Camp A lively bar with different themes everyday and tasty libations to match! Hometown: Reno/Chicago Burning Man 2017
Things That Swing We’re a low-key lounge and rest stop for wanderers who want to get off their feet for a while. If you favor a community built on the intimacies of storytelling and sensual touch, if you need a break from bar-crawling and the sonic hypnotics of boots-and-pants bootyshakers, if swinging is in any way your thing, then this could be your place. With adult-oriented events and play space cuz some of us swing that way too; consent means not being too afraid to ask. Hometown: Brooklyn Website Burning Man 2017
This Old Camp We are veteran Burners with over 120 years of experience in creating a drama free experience for ourselves and the Burning Man community thru creative problem solving and outreach. If you are having a problem with your infrastructure or looking for ideas for improvements, come by and let us help. Hometown: Nevada City Burning Man 2017
Three of Cups

The Three of Cups Tarot Card is the card of celebration, friendship, community and creativity. Come join us for a drink and celebrate an old or create a new friend! Hometown: San Francisco

Burning Man 2017
Thumper Hometown: DC facebook Burning Man 2017
Thunderbirds\Totem Orchestra Art support campv Hometown: Haverstraw Website Burning Man 2017
Tickled Mink At Tickled Mink (where everyone is a star!) we are here to help you pretty yourself at our our movie star mirror so you can release your inner diva. If you don’t know how, we’ll teach you how minks smeyes so once you step into our plush, cerulean fake fur lined photo booth you can strike a glamorous cover page pose when the flashes pop. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Tierra Bomba Tierra Bomba is our take on a typical backpackers hostel in a lost paradise somewhere in South America. Known for having laid-back vibes, it is welcoming, cozy and full of travelers from all over the world. Hometown: Cartagena facebook Burning Man 2017
Tiki Bar & Hammocks Tiki Bar & Hammock – bring your thirsty lips over to enjoy a fresh cool island drink and visit and connect with neighbors and fellow burners. Get some advice if you are new to burning man, and of course, swing in our hammocks with us or relax on our sofas and stools in the shade! Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
Time Camp At Time Camp, take some time to think about, “That one time…” Hometown: Mendocino Burning Man 2017
Time Colony The Time Colony offers an array of services and support to hungry time-travelers and the time-traveler-curious. Hometown: Minneapolis, Seattle, & Dublin Website Burning Man 2017
TIME MACHINE Camp Time Machine is the supporting camp for the 2017 Honorarium recipient art build, “Time Travelers Elevator” . Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Time To Burn The “Must Have App” camp returns for high-tech workshops, gifting, LED repair workshop and shenanigans. Hometown: San Diego facebook Burning Man 2017
Tin Foil Hat SAVE YOURSELF! COME make your way to TIN FOIL HAT, Black Rock City’s Center for Pseudo Science and Conspiracy Theory! You think its a fashion statement but it is soooo much more. Share your Talents in bending Aluminum Foils to your fantasy, and share them with the world! We are bringing our materials of Tin Foil to allow the freedom of expression of making hats of tin foil…WE WILL SAVE THE WORLD! We are ingesting heavy metals , By wearing Tin Foil hats we will be saving ourselves from the radio waves that vibrate those tiny bits of heavy metals within our brains…causing all types of dis ease. We invite everyone to step right up, into our shady chill space to join our tin foil hat making 24/7….Bring your own aluminum, or some will be provided…Several Professional Tin Foil Hat Makers will be on hand to give lessons and help others shield themselves. Hometown: Las Vegas Burning Man 2017
Titicaca The winds howl across this high Andean lake, blowing in strangers from mysterious far away lands. Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, Ca; Reno, Carson City, Las Vegas, Sun Valley Idaho, Denver, Austin Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Toneage When you think “pickles and techno”, think “Toneage”. Hometown: New San Frandencouver Burning Man 2017
TortoiseTown TortoiseTown is an international village comprised of people of all races, ages and lifestyles. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Totally Legit Camp Totally Legit Camp is a camp based in Brooklyn, NY. We brew 15 gallons of New Orleans style cold brew coffee each day on the playa and serve it with love. Hometown: Brooklyn Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Tower of Slackjaw Visit the amazing Tower of Slackjaw for even more amazing views of BRC from the 3:00 outskirts of town. Hometown: Olympia Burning Man 2017
Toxic Disco Clam In the default world, the Toxic Disco Clam is a real aquatic creature – it uses a sparkling lighted exterior to attract other fish… and then it immobilizes them with acidic snot. We’re pretty much the same: we draw you in with dazzling lights and entertaining activities, we ply you with our intoxicating beverages, and we hope you never leave (we promise less snot). Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Tramp Camp Tramp Camp. Join the Radical Ritual of Breaking Free on our giant trampoline. Hometown: Barcelona Spain Burning Man 2017
Transcendent Souls Transcendent Souls – a journey within. Interactive Public Art Piece. This piece tells the story of our existence through the seven stages of our evolutionary map and gives a visual representation to knowing enlightenment and ultimately unconditional love as our higher or spiritual selves align with our human selves. Imagine two trees shining in copper with exposed roots that grow in to hands holding a glowing heart of unconditional love. Transcendent Souls will be approximately 16′ tall will be made of steel, concrete, foam, fiberglass, copper, glass, wood and chain for “porch type” swing and solar for the electrical components inside of the heart/flame and solar spots lights that shine upward upon the tree trunks at night. Underneath the piece spectators will be able to experience Transcendent Souls from another perspective, with a large porch type swing that will be mounted/hung from the two main tree trunks. This will allow soul gazers to become part of the creation. Hometown: Truckee facebook Burning Man 2017
Transdimensional Alchemy Hometown: Austin facebook Burning Man 2017
Transfoamation Transfoamation is an interactive perfoamance camp. Perfoam with us Wednesday thru Saturday 1pm to 4:20pm, families with children 12-1pm. Burning Man 2017
Trashistan Our heroes return. Our space will be available for fortune telling, ranting, cinema, games and shenanigans. Hometown: Lake County Burning Man 2017
Traveling Lotus Camp Welcome to the Traveling Lotus Camp! Where we bring culture, music, creativity from all corners of our Earth into a fusion here at our camp. Come experience a regenerative way of thinking, being, and playing with us! From seed gifting, to nightly art voyages out into the playa, to sunrise sets with warm tea tingling in your mouth preparing you for the rest of your journey. Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Tribal Spirit Come and play with our growing tribe. Bring your music instruments and fun activities to us. Hometown: Sydney Burning Man 2017
Trifucta Village Trifucta was born after three people in separate RV’s decided to create community space by parking them in the shape of a triangle. From that small act, a community comprised of artists, builders, fashion designers, and welders joined together to create connectivity through a common space that engages the playful creativity and expression inside each participant. Hometown: Las Vegas Website Burning Man 2017
Tropical Treehouse A verdant home alive with the warmth of aloha! Castaways welcomed to paddle up to the tiki lights and toast the night with a Mai Thai. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
True Reflections Palace True Reflections Palace. Come see who you really are when you can see your true self without being reversed. Hometown: Accord, NY Burning Man 2017
Twinkii Twinkii is a magical spirit of hospitality and togetherness. By having two horns, this “twinicorn” is the weird one even by unicorn standards. Hometown: Portland Burning Man 2017
Twisted G Spot Twisted G bar- multiple happy hours. Random midnight celebrations of Happy New Day popping champagne to the tune of Auld Lang Syne on our sound system. The happy hour will have DJ Exodus and DJN8tron at the helm with dancing plus more to offer for your pleasure. Twisted G Spot Bar serving up PVD’s (Playa Vodka Drinks) w/mostly organic fruit juices and a “Twist” of lime or lemon. Otter Pops upon request, served cold and hard! Human Twister played with kinetic spinner wheel. Complement fairy dropping random compliments. P&J sandwiches offered by Miss Prepared on Thursday and foamy things for your ears always available at the bar. If you need a horsey fix, come find Margie and check out Horse, camp mascot and resident mutant vehicle. Horse will deliver mail on playa too! Check our mailbox for schedule of planned events. Our shade 30X40 is your chill spot. Showers open to public. Radical ritual Birthday celebration complete with candle and cake! Hometown: Reno, Lake Tahoe, Nevada City, Bay Area, Wisconsin Burning Man 2017
Two Lanterns Best weddings on playa, Unofficial Playa Civil Unions (incl. rings/certificate), Black Rock Temporary Divorce, Annulments. Amazing interactive elwire sculpture and a Kubb game to boot. Hometown: Santa Cruz facebook Burning Man 2017
Two-Stroke Transit Got questions about your two-stroke engine? Maybe you just like to rev up your engine and make a lot of noise? Come on down to Two-Stroke Transit to talk to us. While here, you can find out how to prevent playa damage from dripping oil while improving your engine’s performance. Hometown: Redding Burning Man 2017
S'MORES N Amour S’MORES every night at sundown and The Temple of the Oracle of Blackrock: consult the priestess at the Oracle of Blackrock for rites and rituals of purification, release and renewal. and The TARDIS and Pandorica. (Doctor Who is a burner) Hometown: North Hollywood facebook Burning Man 2017
S.A.T.B. - Singers At The Burn Connect with the Something Other often overlooked at Burning Man. Your Playa Choir welcomes all Burners to come and participate in a fun 4-part harmony of classic sacred and secular songs. Rehearsals are Wednesday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. To listen, please join us for the Sunday Sunrise Performance at the Temple, or the Full Choir non-denominational, non-religious but entirely welcoming, spiritual and moving “service” at 11:00 a.m. in our Dome. Singers of all skill levels, and persuasions are welcome 🙂 Also looking for Musicians! Contact for more information or swing by our camp on the playa! Hometown: Oakland facebook Burning Man 2017
Sacred Cow Glory Hole in the Wall Come to the Sacred Cow – the Restaurant of Distinction of the Playa – a space open for penetration and delight – culinary and otherwise every night. Once you reach us and are invited to penetrate through the (Glory) Hole in our Wall you will find fabulous food, games, and interactive participatory roll play. And some afternoons a Mexican Fiesta of Tequila and guacamole – along with music and games will be provided to all who dare to enter and say Ole (or Ola!) Hometown: NYC, SF and Seattle facebook Burning Man 2017
Sacred Song Teahouse The Sacred Song Teahouse is a temple for devotional singing on the playa. There are many traditions of devotional singing, sometimes known as bhajans or kirtan, which help to quiet the mind so that the heart can open to the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality that is our true nature. Rather than being a performance in which the audience listens to musicians, it is a participatory spiritual practice in which everyone is encouraged to sing and express their inner joy. The Sacred Song Teahouse is a Burning Man camp dedicated to creating and maintaining a serene temple oasis for joining our voices and diving into the Divine… together. We welcome the keepers of tea wisdom to join us in our temple space to sooth our throats with their mystical infusions. We welcome musicians to join us on stage and have a safe and secure place for them to store their instruments during the Burn. Together we create Magic! Hometown: Atascadero Website Burning Man 2017
Sacrificial Fruit A colourful, comfy place to hang with good company. Cuddle on our cushions, make friends, play jumbo Jenga, or come to grips with it all on our custom climbing wall, the “Scramble of Scandal”, and more! Together we create Magic! Hometown: Vancouver facebook Burning Man 2017
Sacrificial Harem Escape to a Middle Eastern oasis! Smoke some shisha, drink mint tea, and dance your afternoon away in a bedouin tent of delights. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
SAGA Valhalla, Where good Vikings go to party! Hometown: Venice Burning Man 2017
Sake II Mi Sake II Mi: Not the original. But what we lack in history we make up for in sumo! Disagree? Come wrestle it out! Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Sake To Me Sake To Me is your neighborhood sake bar! Stop by for a comfortable shady pitstop, some great chilled sake, and test your skills at a giant version of Jenga. Hometown: Las Vegas Burning Man 2017
Salon Soleil Salon Soleil is a welcoming space for personal exploration, self-expression, and interaction with other organic beings. We invite the Black Rock City community to visit our friendly, comfy quadruple Do-Me Domes any time, shake your bootie at our funk dance party, learn at our East Asian calligraphy workshop, or our Healing Faire with massage, readings, and personal and relationship counseling. Also, come feed your power hungry devices and fill depleted batteries at our solar charging station! Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Salt House Salt is one of the most important building blocks of life and one of the most important elements playa-goers need to sustain a healthy Burn. The Salt House brings to the playa salt of all kinds: homemade salty snacks and drinks; sweaty (salty!) yoga classes and dance parties, and mind-expanding workshops that conjure [the good kind of] salty tears. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Salty Camp Salty: Day and night we are the local deep dive bar of the 9:00 neighborhood. Nautical, underwater themed, we are your safe haven from the fervor of the playa playing R&B, Soul, Blues, Electro-swing, Hip Hop, and Disco. Hometown: SF, LA, Boise, Seattle, NYC Website Burning Man 2017
Salvation Bunker Hot? Thirsty? 21 or over? Why not seek some Salvation with the Bunker crew? Just be sure to bring a cup and your ID. What is Salvation? Well, it’s ice cold, lightly alcoholic, and probably not worth worrying about, but hey, it IS refreshing. Bar service daily, 11 AM to 3 PM. Burning Man 2017
Sauna Dome and Lunar LOver Empty your mind, purify your soul, feel amazing and refreshed at the Geodesic Sauna Dome that is being heated by 400 lbs of hot moon stones. Our experienced “Sauna Masters” have traveled from the Moon with our experimental Lunar Lover Mutant Vehicle to bring this unearthly experience. Hometown: Helsinki facebook Burning Man 2017
Scar Bar You provide the scars and we provide the drinks. Now with more movie! Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Scarbutts Coffee Scarbutts Coffee serves up hot and iced.Cold brewed coffee and Spankings daily Hometown: Oakland facebook Burning Man 2017
School of Consensual Kink All the classes you wish were available when you were in school — Black Rock School of Consensual Kink (S.O.C.K.) offers a variety of classes and BDSM tastings by our faculty of trained kinksters. The kink curious of all genders, orientations, and identities (18+) are welcome, see you in class! Hometown: Seattle Website Burning Man 2017
School of Safe Sex The School of Safe Sex is a casual environment inviting guests from all corners of the globe and all walks of life to come together for an amazing burn. Our relaxing, judgment free, venue features shaded space to take a break from the heat, a daily happy hour (and a half), prize wheel for free sex toys and dispensers with free condoms. Hometown: Salt Lake City Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Seaweed Artist Cooperative SEAweed Artist Collective-Seattle based Art Support Camp. Hometown: Seattle Burning Man 2017
Second Star Second Star to the right, and straight on ’til morning! Escape to Neverland and join us in our funk oasis for music, drinks, and good vibes. Have an adventure with the Lost Boys, or dance it out at our Second Annual Second Star FUNKtion. Grab a drink at the Pirate Bar or get your booty in shape…. Hometown: New York / Ft. Lauderdale Burning Man 2017
Secret Passage Come find the SECRET PASSAGE INTERACTIVE SPEAKEASY! Have a drink, play a parlor game, do some time-traveling. A traditional speakeasy, except sometimes with space cats. Hometown: Brooklyn Burning Man 2017
Sentella International Theme Camp Welcome! To Sentella; The International Theme camp, We are a traveling band of Burners from South Africa representing our newest Burn, Sentella.

We are here to learn and play, come join us! Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa Website facebook

Burning Man 2017
SERENDIPITEA TO UNEXPECTED ADVENTURES AND TEA, IN OUR DUSTY PARADISE. We focus on surprise, and spontaneity with live performance artists mixed in with activities and a range of carefully curated dj’s to provide a camp that is filled with mystery, excitement and even some delightfully unexpected snacks and drinks. Let us linger in the beautiful foolishness of things, and revel in our ignorance. Hometown: London Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Serenity Giant Game Camp Serenity Giant Game Camp. Giant Game Camp is back this year with more games and new events each day. Hang out and enjoy the games you played as a kid. Picture a giant size Connect 4, Jenga, Backgammon or a Checker Board, you have to walk on and move your pieces. No more searching for people who aren’t embarrassed to play kids games. Check calendar for the events. Watch for the Mutant Vehicle pulling a Giant Connect 4. Hometown: NY,NY Website Burning Man 2017
Servants of the Secret Fire “You cannot pass,” he said. “I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.” Join our community of wizards for magical potions, acquire mystical knowledge, and learn to wield the power of fire! Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Sextant Sextant is Hard Science, Hard Engineering and Hard Sexy! Come for the giant Tesla Coil, climb our 52 ft Tower, and have drinks at vünderbar, ze bar in ze sky, before riding our Zip-Line high above Black Rock City! Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Shady Hoop Camp Come for the hoop class. Leave with new shades. We’ll be giving hoop lessons (and hoops until they’re gone). New for 2017 – come get some cool sunglasses! Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
Shallow End Providing the citizens of Black Rock City with creative themed events using our special three step party plan, guaranteed to support the principals of Burning Man. This year we feature the Black Rock City Polling Place for voter education, A Bike Bar Show and Shine event, and many impromptu functions. New for 2017 – come get some cool sunglasses! Hometown: Reno Website Burning Man 2017
Shamandome Camp Shamandome Camp guides you to FIND YOUR POWER ANIMAL. Healer shamanistas move you to the first day of the rest of your life, reconnection, transformation. Wake up the Shaman in You. Hometown: New York City Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Shangri-Lawless A forgotten paradise to soothe the wary adventurer, or a lawless land of risk & reward? We are both. A yin and a yang. An amalgamation of two elements, each playing off the other. Come and enjoy our beautiful bar-lounge replete with delicious concoctions and hookah or meet the love of your life getting nasty on the dance floor. We are here for you! Hometown: San Diego Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Sharkey's Bar and Lounge Sharkey's Bar and Lounge Hometown: LA, SF, Denver, Austin and every curve of this ball we call Earth. facebook Burning Man 2017
Shine Town Come get your shine on with us you crazy diamonds. Hometown: Boulder and Seattle. Burning Man 2017
Shipwreck Tiki Lounge Step into a mysterious lost world at the Shipwreck Tiki Lounge! Enjoy alluring music while sipping exotic libations. But beware of cannibals! Hometown: Oakland facebook Burning Man 2017
Shit Show Saloon Join us at the Shit Show Saloon for some belligerent activities. Leave the kids at home =] Hometown: Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Shitshow Roadshow Gameshow The Shitshow Roadshow Gameshow invites YOU to try your hand at our OVERSIZED games! Come play the Mumblewaze, Plinko, and Hungry Hungry Sparkleponies! Hometown: Oakland Burning Man 2017
Short Stack & Om Skillet Short Stack & Om Skillet bring you a chill park vibe and gourmet grilled cheese in the desert. Join us at 1pm on Tuesday and Thursday for full sandwich service and some groovy tunes. Tuesday afternoon is the Tutu Tuesday dance party! Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Shots for Shocks! An electrical tasting bar: We zap you with a shock, you get a shot! Tuesday afternoon is the Tutu Tuesday dance party! Hometown: Seattle facebook Burning Man 2017
Shotski Wanderlust Looking for skis, boards, a killer chair lift, shots & fun? Camp ShotSki Wanderlust is the place to come! We are an open and diverse group of people comprised of veterans and newbies who like to bring a bit of the Sierra fun to the Playa. Hometown: Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Shrine of Brotherly Love What the Jawn you Lookin at?! Hometown: Philadelphia facebook Burning Man 2017
ShrinesBurg ShrinesBurg is a Art Support village for the Shrine Projects which is this year’s regional project on Playa. Come say hello to those do’ers that built the lovely Shrines you discover all around the Man Pavilion and in the Keyholes. Ask for Mayor Birthday! Hometown: CA, Colorado, Texas and Japan facebook Burning Man 2017
Siberian Electric Company Hometown: Santa Fe Burning Man 2017
Sidekick Camp Sidekick Camp strives to train and provide sidekicks playa wide to help the unsung heroes. Where there is someone that needs that extra zap strap, little piece of sound advice, or the encouragement to know you can do it, we’ll be there. Hometown: Seattle Burning Man 2017
Sideshow BRC’s carnival of smoke and mirrors returns to the playa to amuse, amaze and confound; featuring daily shows, evening magic, the Odditorium of Wonders, Midway Games and much more! See the freaks, BE a freak! Hometown: Reno Website Burning Man 2017
Sietch Jacurutu Sietch Jacurutu is a Dune themed camp which offers martial arts instruction, fire sword battles, and a ritual of sensory overload to guide you along to the left hand path towards enlightenment. Come train in the weirding way, then stay and get weird. Hometown: San Francisco Website Burning Man 2017
SIGN CAMP WHATS YOUR SIGN? camp will be a super fun, laid back, creative sign making experience! We want to give burners the opportunity to make their mark at Burningman, in a non-destructive way! Burning Man 2017
Silicon Village Silicon Village is non stop fun for Burners seeking entertainment. Come and enjoy our Twirling Teeter Totter, Joyism and Party Snail art cars, Java Joy Café Hut, Joy-Climbing Wall, Mindwerk brainwave control light and music, Airbrush Body Art, Pomerosegasm cocktail, trick or treating, Deep playa art tours, Labyrinth, No Drama Camp Bar, Oracle Readings, Rituals, Orgasmic Meditation Workshops, Wine Tastings, Love Notes, and much, much more! Hometown: San Jose Website Burning Man 2017
Silver City Silver City an old west themed camp that will be providing live music, open mic, swing dancing, line dancing, interactive games such as lassoing, Tin Cup, corn hole (bean bag toss), a bar providing beer, non alcoholic beverages, and slushies (great for when it is hot). Come by and ride our life size rocking horses, take your picture on the gallows, or just come by and say howdy and cool off in our covered bar. Hometown: Reno facebook Burning Man 2017
Simian Akademy Bike broken and nowhere to turn? Well, you may be ‘all thumbs’ but if at least two are opposable, we can help you fix it! (And if not, we’ll help you break it altogether!) Here at Simian Akademy, our mission is to help you gain the skills necessary to adapt to today’s dynamic, ever-changing playa environment. Our dedicated team of trained monkeys will show you where it goes and how to work it. If a trained monkey can do it, you can too! Looking for a truly unique and interactive experience? Come visit the Olfactorium where our Mistress of Scent will concoct a custom perfume just for you, based on your unique, personal preferences. Feeling cranky from the heat? Your new best friend getting on your nerves already? You need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT AND COLOR! Come visit our shaded dome to relax and color your frustrations away. Choose your favorite, beautifully embellished swear word, or perhaps a picture of unicorns being total assholes! Hometown: Boulder Website Burning Man 2017
Sin City Sin City is a place where freedom of expression is embraced and “What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City.” There is always something happening and there are many things to see and do at the clothing optional Party Naked Tiki Bar, Black Rock City Airbrush, Sin City Day Spa, Sin City Photography Studio, Sin City Art Center, photo opportunities and much more. Hometown: Las Vegas facebook Burning Man 2017
Sin City Art Center Come by any time to enjoy our collection of Burner Art created by camp members and local Burners. See what creative minds have made for you to enjoy. If you have art that you created and to have displayed you can bring it by to add to the collection. Please, be respectful of the artists that have contributed to create this display and do not vandalize or steal from the art center. Thank you. Hometown: Las Vegas facebook Burning Man 2017
Sin City Day Spa Have a mini “MIRACLE SHOWER” and learn how you can “shower” on playa with two glasses of water and feel squeaky clean. All you need to do is bring your own towel. Once you have learned the secret you can stay super clean with a minimum amount of water in your own camp if you have white vinegar and baking soda. Other services include foot massage/moisturizing, sun screen or aloe vera application, manicures and more. Come by and check for hours of operation and full services list. Thank you. Hometown: Las Vegas facebook Burning Man 2017
Sin City Photo Studio Come by for a truly unique and fun photo session where we create your unique photo souvenir. Dress up in your favorite playa outfit or come as you are. Using our custom backdrops and props our talented photographers will make you look amazing in your images. Personal treasured mementos will be created just for you and your tastes. This is a photo session where you can have fun and express yourself. Your photos will be made available only to you online with a unique code. Ask about our group playa outings where we do photo sessions at various art features and playa locations. Hometown: Las Vegas facebook Burning Man 2017
SizzleVille Scoot on over for that extra Sizzle!! Revel in your Dusty Bumm under hundreds of G-strings while taking a snowboardski or 3, immerse yourself in fur in our Hooka Lounge, Play some giant Beer Pong or Jenga, Relax in our Cuddle Puddle oasis, jump on multiple types of trampolines or swing to your hearts content! You’ll feel at home while you get to know your some of your fellow South Bay burners while enjoying a beautiful sculture garden! Official kickoff spot of the Busty Bacon Brigade! We’re here to cook you up some goodtimes!! )'( Hometown: South Bay Area Burning Man 2017
Skepticons Skepticons welcomes in anyone interested in making music, from absolute novices to experienced musicians. Hometown: Springdale, AR Website Burning Man 2017
Sketchy Camp Sketchy Camp – come and release your inner artist. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1-3pm. Come by and create sketch art. Materials provided and display probable. Hometown: Toronto/San Francisco/Zurich/Sydney facebook Burning Man 2017
Skinny Kitty Teahouse Tea and couches 24/7 Hometown: Ukiah facebook Burning Man 2017
Skrambles**!* Born from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence. Home of the world famous “Now we dance! Now we fight!” Dance/Fight party. Absolutely no eggs. All hail String. Hometown: Washington Burning Man 2017
Skytown Amid the clouds and dust, a glorious steampunk airship appears on the horizon—Airpusher is returning to dock! Skytown is bustling with activity, ready to entertain, refresh, and resupply voyagers before they set off on their next adventures. Hometown: Oakland Burning Man 2017
Slippery Tentacle Camp Slippery Tentacle, where desert pirates artist Peter Hazel and crew hang out and enjoy the Playa. Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
Slumberdome Piano Lounge Slumberdome Piano Lounge is a calm and quiet escape where the dusty traveler can relax and enjoy the music of our beautiful Wurlitzer piano and assortment of other instruments. Whether to come and play, or come and listen, all are invited within the comfortable and serene environment of the Slumderdome. Featuring calm and subdued lighting and bedecked in beautiful fabrics, we hope to provide a resplendent respite from the elements. Join us every sunset for a Slumbered Aum session! There will be yoga, live musical performances and flaming slackline routines throughout the week. Hometown: Encinitas Burning Man 2017
Slushious Cool refreshing boozy slushies, shaded dance floor and lounge, DJ’s from across the globe and confessional. Let it all out at Slushious! Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Slutgarden Cum suck down our Slut juice, wrap your body in our love and pound your hips to the rhythms of the playa. Hometown: Portland Website Burning Man 2017
Slutt Putt The Slutt Putt is a mini-putt course where you can get strokes off your golf game by being slutty! Come enjoy a refreshing Arnold Palmer and play a few rounds! Hometown: Tucson facebook Burning Man 2017
Smiley Grrrlz Smiley Grrlz welcomes you to our Chai tea lounge! Serving delicious Chai and Mate to anyone looking for chill vibes and smiles. We love you and can’t wait to connect with you over some hot tea! Hometown: Truckee facebook Burning Man 2017
Snark Bar “The Snark Bar”. Founded upon the principle of “Leave No Trace” we drive ourselves on using creative and comedic means to encourage the community to clean up after all our entire community on playa. Hometown: Reno Burning Man 2017
Snow Koan Solar Come and have a snow cone, relax and meet fellow Burners each day around 4pm. Hometown: San Francisco Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Snowflake Village Snowflake Village is a haven for the long-distance traveler, with our unique smaller-scale, one-on-one interactivity operating round the clock. Hometown: Milwaukee facebook Burning Man 2017
So Far So Good A quick and fun three-hole putt-putt course for your golfing pleasure. Come work on your short game through a series of obstacles. Hometown: Los Angeles Burning Man 2017
Solipmission - 50)'(50 Camp The support/theme camp for Dadara’s Solipmission. We make the art happen and ensure that it will be great! on the basis of 50)'(50 A permanent camp structure with different art project each two years. The Art will be the picture, the camp as a permanent flow in background. The camp also hosts the famous Solipmission Bar. Year on, year off Half old, half new. Hometown: Amsterdam Website Burning Man 2017
Society for Temporal Preservation The Society for Temporal Preservation consists of time travelers tasked with preserving the fabric of space-time. The society welcomes travelers from any era or dimension and specializes in assisting the temporally locked in altering their place within the framework of time and space. Hometown: Sparks facebook Burning Man 2017
Sophista Pirates The Sophista Pirates; A cove, for cozy and relaxation. A platform for social discussion and personal experiences. Hometown: Salt Lake City facebook Burning Man 2017
Soul Mate SOUL MATE (mah-tay) invites friends new and old to join us for funky mate tea cocktails delicious vintage soul music. Revitalize your soul with mate, music, and friendship. Hometown: Seattle Burning Man 2017
Soul Shakers Soul Shakers is a global community of nomads from a secluded beach on Koh Phangan island in Thailand where yoga, meditation & conscious living are the norm. This tropical paradise has brought together like-minded souls from around the globe & we are coming to Burning Man to bring some of the practices, interests and ceremonies that are the DNA of our island life to the playa. We hope to inspire others to live more courageously, compassionately, consciously, and less conventionally, and aim to shake some souls with our music, dance, yoga, and conscious workshop offerings. Revitalize your soul with mate, music, and friendship. Hometown: Koh Phangan, Thailand facebook Burning Man 2017
Soul(ar) Society Come re-charge with us! Scale our Tree of Life for a full panoramic view of BRC and plot your next playa adventure, chill out in our hammock jungle, grab a cold Disco Lemonade and dance with our resident DJs. We are fully equipped to power your FUN-O-METER. Hometown: Seattle facebook Burning Man 2017
South Bay Burner Art Collectivety South Bay Burner Art Collective — home of the South Bay/Silicon Valley Region and this year’s South Bay art project, Deux Ex Machina. Come to our meet & greet or connect with us back in California at We are fully equipped to power your FUN-O-METER. Hometown: Silicon Valley facebook Burning Man 2017
Space Gnomes Intergalactic Party Enablers. Hometown: Calgary facebook Burning Man 2017
Space Hole: Mist Opportunity Visit Space Hole: Mist Opportunity. Get misted and see some cool no-RV Burning Man camping tech! Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
Space Oddity We are Space Oddity. We are here to sooth our fellow wearied space travelers with the following: -To ward off the sickness of having lingered so far from our home star, come bask under our One Square Meter Of Sun lounge, equipped with a fire ceiling built as the ancient Egyptians to fill your pores with flames, who we all know came from space (Hours of operation: 2 hours ending around midnight) -Fly around in our psychedelic Anti-Gravity Gyroscope, and ready yourself for travel beyond planets (Climb aboard anytime with supervision) -Rest and relax in the Cosmic Lounge filled with levitating carpets (hammocks), chill Martian beats mixed from our spaceship (always open, music 2 hours daily, dusk) -Prepare for harsh enviros of new planets with our Steam Chamber and accustom yourself to life without your suit (open 2 hrs in the evening) -Climb atop our space deck and view the space you have past traveled, peer at the stars and chart your way towards your next frontier (always open) Hometown: Bay Area Burning Man 2017
Spaghetti Burritos If only there could be another way to do this ’cause it feels like murder to put your heart through this. I know I always said that I could never hurt you, well this is the very, very last time I’m ever going to eat a Spaghetti Burrito Hometown: Los Angeles/Toronto Burning Man 2017
Spank Bank We are the playful, sensual playa spanking experience. Let us tease, torment and turn your cheeks a light shade of pink while satiating your thirst with an ice-cold cocktail in one of our commemorative cups! Hometown: Hood River Burning Man 2017
Spank of America Get your bottom robotically spanked on our ATM (Ass Thwacking Machine). Enjoy the mist system, Bottom Bar ,bank/spank satire art and videos. Mark your hometown on our “world o spank” world map.

Our motto.. We give till it hurts . Hometown: Torrance Website facebook

Burning Man 2017
Spanky's Wine Bar (and Village) The infamous crown-jewel of Burning Man bars – The legendary “Spanky’s Wine Bar” celebrating our 10th year! Lead by notorious “Admiral Painjoy”, our village is a large, group of theme camps with something for everybody; The Camp for Sensual Pleasures (The Orgasmator Experience and Eros Tangier), Camp Stupid (flaming minions art installation and wine & cheese parties), Hello Camp (hilarious name badges – since 1999), The Buffer Zone (car buffer massage), Body Painting, Camp Lola (massage, grilled cheese, cattle prodding), The PlayaQ (FinalQ). Spanky’s hosts a myriad of events: Spank U!, MPR (Morning Painjoy Radio), Many great DJs, The Festival of Bubastis (FemDom fetish party), Spank-dat-Bootie – (mash-up music party DJ’d by Adrien Roberts), The Chapel of Smoke and Wine-Down Party. And playa-famous toys/structures, The Chairway to Heaven Tower, The Teeter Totter of Death, The Spank-o-Matic machine, the Latex Vac-u-Bed, The Playa-Penthouse, The Orgasmator, and 5 art-cars. Hometown: Sacramento Website facebook Burning Man 2017
Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar Need to update your playa look? Sparkle Camels Costume Bazaar has you covered with costumes and a photo studio for lasting memories. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Sparkle Donkey Village Our ultimate goal is to create a space where people can come together to build new friendships, learn about the world, and discuss the philosophy of Burning Man in order to better assimilate the principles into both their own lives and back into the default world. Hometown: Oakland Burning Man 2017
Sparkle Love Oasis Hometown: Ashland, Los Angeles, Sebastopol, Boise, Eugene and more facebook Burning Man 2017
Sparkle Pop Kittens (SPK) The Sparkle Pop Kittens will be riding in on the Cosmic Space Worm this year. Keep your eyes peeled for a galactic group of giggling Kittens squirming around all over the playa. Meow! Meow!! Hometown: Portland Burning Man 2017
Spice N Vice Spice N Vice – offers Bedouin hospitality every day from 12-4 p.m. Visit us for some hot or cold chai tea and treats. Relax in an authentic Bedouin tent, share your stories and make new friends. Occasional workshops and regional meet-ups take place after 4pm. The playa home for Shanghai’s Regional Community and other regionals. Hometown: Norfolk, Shanghai, Detroit, Bahrain, London facebook Burning Man 2017
Spice N Vice Spice N Vice – offers Bedouin hospitality every day from 12-4 p.m. Visit us for some hot or cold chai tea and treats. Relax in an authentic Bedouin tent, share your stories and make new friends. Occasional workshops and regional meet-ups take place after 4pm. The playa home for Shanghai’s Regional Community and other regionals. Hometown: Norfolk, Shanghai, Detroit, Bahrain, London facebook Burning Man 2017
Spirit Dream Chords of light coming down and woven into the tapestry of the land. Living waters spring forth and bring refreshment, healing, and freedom. Come and rest in the Coffee Dome. Share a cup of espresso brewed with intention. Open your spirit and receive revelation in the Encounter Tent. Truth, comfort, refreshing, cleansing, transformation, peace and love flow into you with no limits. Fill your cup and then return for more. It’s all here for you. Join us for our 14th year of loving people and the land. Welcome home. facebook Burning Man 2017
Spoonful of Friends Our art is cooking and hosting diner parties ! Come around 7pm to enjoy a diner with 40 strangers every-night. Great food and amazing evening guaranteed! Hometown: San Francisco / Paris Burning Man 2017
Squirrel Scouts Squirrel Scouts is scouting for everyone. We aim to celebrate and perpetuate the upholding of the 10 principles, offering fun, information, and opportunity to all. Hometown: Austin Burning Man 2017
Stag Camp 11 Hometown: San Diego facebook Burning Man 2017
STAMP IT! CAMP STAMP IT! is the stamping souvenir place to get yourself and your stuff stamped with Radical Ritual 2017 BM related stamps. We provide the stamps and inks and you bring yourself and souvenir items to stamp and take home with you. Hometown: Pittsburg Burning Man 2017
STAR STAR ROADHOUSE We bring a risque mix of dance, theater and live rock and roll to the playa. Sexy, physical, thematic. Daytime movement, yoga, and twerkshops throughout burn week in our shaded venue. Night time shows to loosen you up! Hometown: Placerville Website Burning Man 2017
StarBarf Across the space/time continuum, through galactic upheaval and hiccups, we have evolved to this chaotic existence. Colliding and reforging, StarBarf weaves workshops, discussions, and movement into our shared vision of community. We strive to connect with beautiful and messy humanity; the humbling scales in which we exist; and the unbounded possibilities that we, as StarBarf, realize… You are StarBarf, too. Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Stardust Lounge Stardust Lounge is an eclectic pit stop for dusty travelers on their inter-playatary journeys. The three sections of the camp–the Casino, Spa, and Wedding Chapel–offer visitors a fun blend of rituals, games, and opportunities for self-care. Hometown: San Francisco facebook Burning Man 2017
StarFist StarFist presents: The Fabulous International Tea Service! (this year open on Saturday!) Monday-Saturday 2-5pm – serving a delightful selection of hot and cold infusions from around the world, served by the Stars themselves. And of course, home to the infamous GO POSTAL! – independent message delivery service (at your service!). Now in it’s 11th year on the playa! Our streetfront booth is open for you to send a message across the playa to the recipient of your choice. Our international fleet of mystery is at your service! Hometown: Black Rock City facebook Burning Man 2017
Stars And Bikes tells the story of the bicycles donated at our Burning Man bike drop as they go from Black Rock City to The Gambia in West Africa. Check out the 2016 Report to read about former President Jammeh’s refusal to give up power and how it very nearly derailed our entire operation. While you’re there, rent a bike and help us pay for the camp! Hometown: Minneapolis Website Burning Man 2017
Stations of Humanity Support Camp Art Support Camp for the “Stations of Humanity” instillation. Hometown: Los Angeles Website Burning Man 2017
STEEP! Transformational Tea and Conversation. We are a space for rejuvenation, replenishment and self discovery. Join Camp STEEP! for a delicious cup of herbal tea. With more than 50 herbs at our tea bar, we have a custom tea blend to sort you out, lift you up and leave you ready for more dusty adventures. Drink in the Love! Hometown: Los Angeles facebook Burning Man 2017
Stella Camp Stella is a Burning Man theme camp of diverse queer and queer-friendly folks who have agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober. Camp Stella hosts 6 open AA meetings during the week. Hometown: San Francisco Website Burning Man 2017
Stellar Dusty Moon Stellar Dusty Moon is an out of this world experience that blends artistic expression, live music, performances, and a wide variety of interactive workshops, all with the accompaniment of delicious craft cocktails from our Full Moon Saloon! Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment to get silly, get sexy, and get fun with our galactic visitors, so come get cheeky with us!! Hometown: Camarillo Website Burning Man 2017
Strange Gardens Bear Magical Fruit We are home to Joe’s Playa Pizza and Paulas Full Fat Ice Cream and Drugs pop ups, along with Misssus Paula, the cycloptic alien mutant vehicle with the gleaming eye and full lips.

Stop by anytime, if your timing is off for the Pizza or Ice Cream Cafes, we usually have the slushy machine going filled with Painkillers. They’re frozen, alcoholic, strong and delicious, just like you. Hometown: Leader in NYC, Key members in Reno

Burning Man 2017
STRANGELOVE Sit back, relax, and enjoy one of our afternoon flights while you sip the beverage of your choice – afternoon sets of Progressive and other House laid on by one out five house DJs in a jet-era fantasy! Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
STRANGELOVE Sit back, relax, and enjoy one of our afternoon flights while you sip the beverage of your choice – afternoon sets of Progressive and other House laid on by one out five house DJs in a jet-era fantasy! Hometown: San Francisco Burning Man 2017
Street Life Camp Hip Hop Jams Street Life – Hip Hop Comes to the Playa Hometown: New York, NY [tps:// facebook] Burning Man 2017
Swish Embassy Swish Embassy, Night time Audio and Video offerings, Dusk to Dawn. Daytime chillin with friends hammock and shade area. Home base of the Galileo II Mutant Vehicle. Hometown: Provo, UT Sacremento, CA Susanville, CA Website facebook Burning Man 2016
Drink, PlayA
Syncytium Syncytium is an interactive fire and music camp with great drinks. Come get warm, come dance, or just come and say hi. Hometown: Ann Arbor Website Burning Man 2016
Drink, PlayA
Badlands Coffee Serving up the strongest coffee at Mys by day, BDSM scenes all night. Myschievia 2016
Drink, PlayA
Acoustic Tea We play acoustic guitar... and make tea. There may be some calisthenics. Myschievia 2016
Music, Drink
Zingaro A underrepresented camp where people know our presence but do not visit. Myschievia 2016
Camp Handbasket From deep in the woods, a glow. Smoke. Music. Heinous ribaldry. A hunting lodge that was not there before, and will not be there long. Hunters within, with ghastly trophies. A place to lay your weary head, or someone else's. A place to find a hunt. A place to join the hunt. And possibly even a place to be hunted. The Handbasket returns. Myschievia 2016
Cosmic Rampage Cosmic Rampage aims to provide a relaxed shady chilling space to conduct body painting and and other art activities. In addition we will have three art structures this year: the cosmic kaleidoscope, the alter of discordia, and an over sized hammock and climbing structure to play on. Myschievia 2016
Drink, PlayA
Fairytale Artifacts Fairy Tales are real for a certain reality, so we go to that reality, find interesting artifacts, bring them back, and tell the tale. Myschievia 2016
Hash House Harriers We are The Hash House Harriers, the Drinking Club with a Running Problem. We organize Hash runs where a Hare creates a trail of flour and the Hounds follow the trail in pursuit of glorious beer and various other libations.,,Friday night we will have our clothing optional walkabout pub crawl and Saturday will be the infamous Red Dress Run. Myschievia 2016
Gypsy Steam Circus We are an entertainment/circus themed camp. We run a bar and other attractions throughout the event. Myschievia 2016
Good Vibe Tribe Provide a chill spot and some shade for peeps to share ideas, conversation and good vibes. We will be providing body paint, and a shaded cuddle puddle pool with squishy stuff pillows and animals. Also, potentially a scavenger hunt to be available Friday or Saturday for anyone who wants to join, however we are still putting this idea together. Myschievia 2016
Crazy Ass Mashed Potaters A mashup of friendly faces formerly from camps the disassociates, glue shit together,the guild, and gypsy steam circus join forces to boil you up until soft, mash your lumps out, and whip you up all smooth like with our unique flavor of art, music, and foods. Myschievia 2016
Meat's and Baked Potatoes A service camp for the first responders and MEATs. We provide a quit place for meetings, beverages maybe a meal on burn night. Myschievia 2016
Space Apes An experimental shuttle with a primate crew, launched into deep space, for science! Abducted by aliens from beyond this dimension and transformed into hyper-intelligent beings on a collision course with the fate of the universe. Myschievia 2016
¡BANG! Come bang our 20 foot tall tower of 100 drums, dance, hoop, and poi. ,,Daily & Nightly drum jam ,,Nightly music jam and karaoke, Myschievia 2016
Lick N Suck For all your plug and play rich boys and girls needs Myschievia 2016
Camp Fuck Yeah I'm a Wizard We're wizards, what else do we need? But seriously, we will be providing hot tea and on demand poetry to the playa masses :) plus a little magic if needed. Myschievia 2016
Ain't It Radical Campaign (A.I.R. CAMP) artificial air, light, and sound installation art theme camp Myschievia 2016
Pigmentation Station Stick n poke tattoos! Myschievia 2016
The Asylum A general place for all of us crazy people who love to do for others and help each other as well! We are peaceful, loving, and generally in a cheerful mood. We are going to be serving at least one hot meal every day until we run out of supplies! We want to be a haven for the tired, moody, kinda crazy, and creative! Myschievia 2016
Lavaridge Spa The ultimate luxury getaway for the serious hunter. Take a cool shower with refreshing scented soaps sure to alert your prey to your presence. Or stop and get a massage, relaxing so much the hunter can become the hunted. Perhaps get your nails painted in neon, non-camouflage colors. All of our services are certain to relax, pamper, and sabotage the serious hunter. Myschievia 2016
Church of Different Strokes Art... lounge area... Myschievia 2016
Camp Juicy Peach Offering refreshment for those participating in The Hunt. Or maybe just re-hydrating after a binge. Myschievia 2016
Fuck You Telecom Fuck You Telecom brings: The Call of the Wild!! Our all new old wireless phone network will extend from tree to shining tree, from badlands to awesomelands, from the crossroads to the middle of fuck nowhere! As always our service will be mediocre, and we'll fuck your ears mercilessly with our Badvertising campaign! Many pizza will be ordered, none will make it on time. We're also accepting HotLine Operators this year. Want to be a Sloppy Sex Hotline Operator? We can do that! Psychic Hotline? Sure! Your imagination is the limit! Go ahead and rack up those minutes, we'll get you the bill before monday. Nonpayers will meet our collections agent Vinny, and he will not be pleased. ,,Coordinate the Hunt with us! As if you have a choice. Myschievia 2016
Lumination We are a theme camp that shares our love of LEDS, UV Glow body paint & refraction in art form! Myschievia 2016
The Guild The Guild is a cadre of pranksters, sexy beasts, and the best damn DJ's at Myschievia. From epic performance art to dance floor beats that offer existential life review, we do it all. ,,Myschievia 2016, The Guild brings to you a relaxing lounge space where “anything can happen from changing scenery, to various workshops, to chill & cuddle zones near the sexiest dance floor at the event. Myschievia 2016
Glue Shit Together Your local adhesive enthusiasts.,We bring the glue and shit. You help us put them together. Myschievia 2016
Mysfit Camp A death-style Tiki camp offering some games, some chill space and a couple luaus. Myschievia 2016
Ragnarok I'm going to hide a few tents and perhaps a bus deep in the woods.,i don't require your help.,,this is to inform you as a courtesy. Myschievia 2016
Hair of the Dog Morning bar with Bloodymarys and Screwdrivers. We are there to help you after a long night of wild hunting or to help continue the partying. We should have hair of the dog that bit you or one closely related and a supply of otc painkillers like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and some vit c. Come by, sit down and tell us of your adventures. Easy to spot with dog or wolf blankets covering most exposed surfaces. Myschievia 2016
Hyperbole Social camp, we may have an art piece called the Hyper Bowl. We also engage passerby's in various forms of hyperbole from time to time. Various members of our camp volunteer as well so Hyperbole is our living room/social hang out. Myschievia 2016
Snack Attack We will be providing hot grilled cheese sandwiches to the hunters per our whim, or by mass request. There will be tons of candy, snacks, cookies etc. for all! Myschievia 2016
Eat My Meat We make meat. You eat that meat. Myschievia 2016
Munchie the Hutt Drop by and have a taste of the unusual. Sweet, sour, spicy and remarkable. Snacks of the strange. Discover new tastes. Remember your childhood. Share with your friends. Myschievia 2016
Zebra Safari Rolling hot showers Myschievia 2016
Jungle Medicine Shaman Rockstars take you on a sacred journey in Jungle Medicine. A field of burning flowers will transform your part-of-the-problem soul through the power of fire. Our collective badassery will align your chakras via uncomfortable eye-gazing and inappropriate hugs that will make you wanna shower after. Myschievia 2016
Chupacabra Policia We are the fucking cops. Myschievia 2016
Myschievia Science Theater Beer, popcorn, and weird movies in a (hopefully) dry cuddle space? What could go wrong? Come find out in the return of Myschievia's namesake movie theater! Will we play Rocky Horror? Probably. Will we wake up and put on cartoons every day? Probably. Will our generator make it through the entire burn? It hasn't lately, but you never know! Myschievia 2016
High Noon It's always High Noon. Welcome to the bar that never shuts down. We pride ourselves on serving cold drinks and chill beats 24/7. Myschievia 2016
Rednecstasy Ducks & Trucks and 8 Point Bucks, that's what our little Redneck Camp is made of! Climb on up into our cammo cuddle puddle and hunt for honeys from 18' above the Piney Playa. Swing by and sample some squirrel on a stick or get fitted for a custom beer box tube dress. Possibly inbred, fully flannel, we are tasteless and toothless. Let's go Cow Trippin'!! Myschievia 2016
Deez Nutz Burners can not live off Cheetos alone....or at least they don't have to! Our camp provides healthy food like nuts, trail mix, fruits and veggies. Myschievia 2016
Floating in Colors My camp will be a coloring camp, we have tons of crayons and coloring pages. Myschievia 2016
Dive Camp A group of friends, originally gathered by an interest in SCUBA diving, but now united by the BURN. Myschievia 2016
Shakin' Bacon We love bacon and we love you! We want to spread the wonderful smell and taste of bacon to anyone and everyone around. With breakfast tacos in the morning and great bacon treats throughout the day we plan to feed as many people as possible with the great love of our lord and savior the great bacon. We hunted it and cooked it all you need to do is find us and eat it! Myschievia 2016
International Bank 808 Beats and Booze, all night long, and Massage by Twinks Rub N Tug during the day. Myschievia 2016
Troll Camp Troll camp embraces the art of trolling and is a group of fire artist. Myschievia 2016
The Spot A house music lounge outside of the effigy circle, including a small sound system and a pallet bar for quenching alcoholic and non-alcoholic thirst. Myschievia 2016
French Camp We are French, and you are not. Myschievia 2016
Imaginary Camp Live performances and more. Myschievia 2016
Dr. Sam's Medicine Show We provide a chill space for healing your issues and tissues. When you're tired of hunting, come to our tent to get a cure for what ails you. Myschievia 2016
Tha' Plant Shed A great place to hide for the hunt.....but not. Myschievia 2016
The Blind Tiger In the heart of the deep piney playa, a curious structure rises sharply from the ground. From the exterior it resembles a rustic workshop that composes parts of a larger puzzle. Vintage furniture, flickering chandeliers, and a welcoming porch beckon you to the entrance. From the dimly-lit interior, faint strains of jazz and tinkling laughter emanate into the night. Welcome, dear traveller, to the Blind Tiger.,,The Blind Tiger is a novel speakeasy conceived around the idea of participation and play. To gain access, you must solve the exterior puzzles and discover the password that allows entry. Myschievia 2016
Camp Arrow Come on down to the candy shop where the wonky casino games might just have you robbed of your dignity. Arrow party friday sunset is where the the magic starts but dont let that stop you from popping back in Saturday for our flavor trippin' party. Find yourself a horny mess? Come checkout our Alien Porn, unless of course youre asexual, then our true mirror will be more up your ally. Whatever you do though dont missout on Sunday lunch goat tacos, sure to be one of the freshest meals you have this burn. Materialize at our bar and enjoy a Getto Mamosa or a Chancellor. Myschievia 2016
Aquanaughties Dive deep into our cuddlefish tank and indulge yourself in aquanaughty bliss. Our creatures of the deep will bring out the bioluminescence of your essence with our glowing octopussy ink and delectable drinks. Myschievia 2016
Smokebreak We'll be providing a relaxing area with comfortable, covered seating for passersby to chill out and have a cigarette. We'll have a shitload of cigarettes and ashtrays for passersby to consume and dispose of properly. At a previous burn we thought a camp to just relax and chill for a cig break would be a great idea, so we're making that exist. Myschievia 2016
Aiding & A-Betting Roll the dice, flip a card or spin the wheel to seal your fate Blazing Swan 2017
Alliance A journey into sound, light and hyperspace. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
APRAPS THE ANTI-PRECLUDIAN READING & PERFORMANCE SOCIETY Hosting the Blazing Swan Free Library & Lounge Blazing Swan 2017
Amandaland A creative zone for making jewelley, painting drawing. Blazing Swan 2017
Aruma Aruma is a Nyoongah word for "happy". We are a collective of artists, DJ’s, and creative creatures. Blazing Swan 2017
Banana Bomba The Banana Bomba dome is a meeting point for friends, and randoms who become friends! Blazing Swan 2017
Blazing Saddles In collaboration with Camp Shit Gift Blazing Swan 2017
Black Lagoon Stimulation, rejuvenation, coffee and conversation. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
CamPassion A safe space to land. CampPassion aims to restore harmony where there is disconnect, balance where there is imbalance and safety where there is fear. Blazing Swan 2017
Camp Unicorn Powwwerrr Do you want to go somewhere where nothing is happening 90% of the time? Do you like crafting and gluing shit to your tits? facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Chill Camp A place to showcase films and doco's by local artists in a quiet and peaceful family friendly environment. Blazing Swan 2017
Dream Gallery Dream Gallery is the space where you come to breathe, exhale and mellow out. Blazing Swan 2017
Exquisite Foot We have art, ping pong, sporadic foot baths, nipple dipping and overly dramatic compliment delivery services with a twist. Blazing Swan 2017
Far Away Tree Tribe A place where whimsy and love collide, exploding into a glitter rainbow. Blazing Swan 2017
Fire Tribe Fire Tribe is the gathering place of Blazing Swan's fire performers. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Fort Swan Fort Swan builds entertaining art vehicles and provides a space where the inner beast is welcome. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
God Said No Come party under the Pyramid Blazing Swan 2017
Greasy Pirates Full grease! facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Gringo Clothes Swap. Clothe the people of Blazing Swan! Blazing Swan 2017
Hammock Haven Community Roots Hammocks and recycling Blazing Swan 2017
High Tide Keep heavy heads afloat. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Huckleberry’s Farm We are cooking and distributing organic sweet corn Blazing Swan 2017
Juicy Tooties A small juice bar with a sun sail with rugs and cushions for people to sit on with relaxing chilled music. Blazing Swan 2017
Kaleidoscope Mandala Kaleidoscope Mandala is dedicated to sacred geometry, communal art, yoga and the sharing of food. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Kamp Koasis Kamp Koasis are a group of cross-eyed crooked vagabonds, and extremely attractive trash bags Blazing Swan 2017
Live Camp Live Camp is a live music haven! Previously named Jam Camp Blazing Swan 2017
Lollipop Village The Lollipop Village offers a space for all of Blazing Swan’s families to join together and create a fun world for the festival’s children to play, share, and enjoy being around other children Blazing Swan 2017
Moonbase The MOONBASE is back this year with the magic you've come to expect, facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Movement Madness We want to offer a range of modalities for expression, encouraging you to try something new, and discovering even more ways of expressing yourself through creativity. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
No Limit Sound System An electronic music sound camp, with a colourful visual show, daily events, crazy games and tasty sangria with plenty of smiles! Discover fresh techno music from European DJ’s, from slow BMP to super fast techno. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Outrigger Island Immerse yourself in tropical Polynesian dreams. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Papazahns Cocktails, Coffee, Beats and Treats. All the lush to move your feet. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Pom Pom Palace The Pom Pomp Palace is place to polish your pom pom proficiency to perfection and participate in a parade of peculiar pastimes! facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Rainbow Tribe Body Painting & Body Marbling! facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Rope Space Kinbaku: Japanese Rope Art Blazing Swan 2017
Sanctuary Sanctuary is a clean white space focusing the mind away from visual stimuli and enhancing other senses. Blazing Swan 2017
Serene Green The name says it all really but leaves out “FOOD”. We’re big on food. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Shadynasty’s We’re excited to let everyone know our Topless Pina Colada Paint Party is making a return! Funky beats, fresh cocktails and paper-mache-bust-casting Blazing Swan 2017
Shiva’s Tea House Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and then surrender to the plush comfort of mountainous piles of cushions. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Solar Moon Orical A solar light chill camp for traveling people from camp to camp. Blazing Swan 2017
I Scream Kareoke I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!!!! Blazing Swan 2017
Steampunk Pancakes Cooking and gifting pancakes to the Blazers. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Swashbucklers Swashbucklers will be a no drugs or alcohol camp suitable for all ages known as “Your Place” between hours of 9am till 4pm. Blazing Swan 2017
Sweat Lodge A native American sweat lodge and fire pit in which to heat up the rocks. Come and experience a traditional native American sweat lodge and prayer ceremony Blazing Swan 2017
Teenage Junkyard Teenage Junkyard provides a space for blaze families to bring their young adults to Blazing Swan, allowing the new generation of magnificent teens enjoy their own awesome festival experience! facebook Blazing Swan 2017
The Associates We are a small, colourful camp exploring the depths of our spiritual paths. Blazing Swan 2017
The Bake Sale Tasty treats alongside tastier beats. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
The Bird Nest A giant bird cage serving as a chill space in the day and small friendly dance/chill vibe at night. Blazing Swan 2017
T.H.E. Camp Ever wondered why Kulin is surrounded by weird horses made out of metal and other junk? Blazing Swan 2017
The Lab The Lab is a zone inspired by the romance and charm of turn of the century science labs. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
The Love Wizard Assisting with Magical Love Energy Manifestations, Healing Assistance and All-round Blazer Love Journey Fun and Support Blazing Swan 2017
The Poolroom The Poolroom is a small on-street walk-in bar and lounge area, gifting drinks and more! W Blazing Swan 2017
The Church of Belligerence It has been a year since the inception of THΣ CHURCH ΩF ΒΣLLIGΣRΣΠCΣ and in that short year this theme camp has proven to be a worthy addition to Blazing Swan and a place of sanctified watering hole of worship to the booze gods. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Tribal Tribe The Dojo of Drum and Dance. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Twisted Jah Twisted tunes to twist your brain. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
Wyvernia We are building a wyvern – a mystical dragon! This will be a large static fire breathing sculpture. facebook Blazing Swan 2017
XYZ XYZ is back, providing a serene and calming space equipped with user-friendly synthesiser modules that will allow visiting Blazers to create their own ambient electronic soundscapes. Blazing Swan 2017
Under Contruction Build crew camp (Effigy and Temple builders) Blazing Swan 2017
Chapel in the Glade Temple services in the forest. In the hectic whirlwind of the burn, we know it can be hard to see everything, to do everything. Sometimes visiting the Temple gets missed in the madness. Never fear, happy sinners, we are the Chapel in the Glade! Write down your wishes, your confessions, your hopes and your sins, and the monks of the chapel will relieve you of your burdens. Come unto the Chapel of the Glade to receive the blessing of our secular monks, and add to the beauty of our shrine tree. KiwiBurn 2017
Pepperland Theme: Family Friendly. Welcome to Pepperland, the land of love, games, alternative science and Beatles appreciation club. In the morning, join our Wide Game (like Capture the Flag) and play games with us. In the afternoon explore and play in the natural spaces with Science ‘til Sunset. In the evening go deep with our N.O.S. science experiments. And if you need a Beatles fix, just ask! Daytime events are child friendly. Goo Goo G’Joob. **** Pepperland’s four main activities in detail. Outdoor Wide Games – All ages, Everyday at 10:30am. Come and play ‘wide games’- games played in a large designated outdoor area (like Capture the Flag). Each day is a different game. Bring water and snacks. Science til Sunset – All Ages. Everyday from 3pm until dinner time. A magical mystery tour, exploring and playing in the local environment, with rock blasting, building dams, building huts etc. Meet at Pepperland and adventure to a different location in the Kiwiburn site everyday. N.O.S. Science – Adults only. Delve into the tripping world influenced by certain grey canisters, and report the results during our science experiments. Every evening explores a different genre of psychedelic-inspired music. Beatles Appreciation Club in operation at all times and upon request. Goo Goo G’Joob. KiwiBurn 2017
Home for Wayward Girls and Boys Burner Hostel. While this camp was created for the International Burner who is traveling light we welcome all participants. Our facilities include a kitchen for all to share, a camp chilly bin and some water, you supply the food and clean up after yourself, (don’t bring your mum to do that either), there are NO kitchen fairies here. The camp also offers shelter, shade space and our very own camp trampoline as well as access to Divine Costume Hire (where an interesting outfit can be hired for the very affordable price of two hugs for the day). The camp runs ‘The Hug Deli’ art project and camp members are encouraged to do shifts there. KiwiBurn 2017
DanceAlot Sound Camp. Dancealot, the Good Vibe Tribe, is full of music, dancing and fun! Join us on the dance floor for a fantastic eclectic mix of dance tunes, and keep warm next to our braziers by the dance floor. Get your glow on with the White Party on Friday night and bring a cup to savour the goodness from our pop up bar on Friday night! KiwiBurn 2017
Two Couches and a Rug Lounge. Calling on the iconic Kiwi style of a barren, minimally furnished student flat, Two Couches and a Rug brings to the Paddock... well... Two couches. And a rug. Come lounge with us on one of our well-loved couches, or kick up your heels and dance on our rug. Cascada will probably be playing. On repeat. KiwiBurn 2017
Sleeping Beauties + Playful Pixies Sunset = camp quiet for those that need to sleep. Sunrise = time to play! Night = A quiet camp from sunset to sunrise. Day = toys, books, games and dress ups for all. We will attempt to create a quiet sleeping space for families and those that appreciate sleep before midnight! A place for parents to sit, chat, and watch the fun on the field, whilst also keeping an eye on their sleeping children. Working on getting our own, child friendly porta loo (some fundraising will probably be required for this). Meet other parents who are crazy/cool enough to bring their kids to the burn. No intoxicated people please in this camp and we would appreciate adults being partially clothed. We do not babysit your kids. Want to join this camp – KiwiBurn 2017
Night Vale Community Outreach An extruded tentacle of the Night Vale City Council. Night Vale Community Outreach and the Night Vale City Council would like to remind you that there are no such thing as killer robots. Those things sneaking up behind you are, in fact, cuddly teddy bears. You should give them a hug! And while you’re at it, why not have a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage and a k-bar? KiwiBurn 2017
The Hangout Hammocks, chill and learning. Burners, Pirates, Nymphs, Ewoks, Pixies, come one, come all, take time for the sublime, and swing through the trees to the dually serene and surreal astral plane of The Hangout; for restoration, education, contemplation and exploration. You can check in any time you like, but you’ll never want to leave. KiwiBurn 2017
Sea Slugs and Sea Snugs on the Sea Floor Come and relax under the sea with snugs and slugs. KiwiBurn 2017
The Green Room Chill space The green room is coming back. Come relax and hang out after a long day of fighting (or hugging) robots KiwiBurn 2017
The Falls Inn - Mach II Pastel Paisley Anarchism. After its inaugural year on the Paddock in 2016: The Falls Inn returns for you with renewed vigour for all things ridiculous, anarchistic and silly. Things loud, base heavy and groovy. Things intoxicating and palatable. Things pastel and paisley. Things esoteric and un-understandable. Things thought provoking and weird, wild and whimsical, spontaneous and unsupervised. Things bigger, better, bolder and brighter. We return to you, our brothers and sisters of the Paddock with a bright vision for Paddock life in 2017.... So buckle up, let your hair down, dance dance dance, get spanked, get weird, laugh with your belly and Fall Inn with us this Burn. Yours in orderly chaos, well mannered yet still mildly offensive debauchery and Whisky. The Fallers of 2017. And Rum..... And Spanking paddles and over powered P.A.s..... but not FUCKING Glitter! KiwiBurn 2017
funkhutt Chill and dance space. Dance space and chill space with music, funky tunes, lights, dancing and other entertainment. A space where people can be comfortable and chilled. A space to have fun with a positive vibe. A space to facilitate gifting, be it food or drink, a massage or yoga lessons. Come join us if this sounds like you, we are not here to party by ourselves... KiwiBurn 2017
Camp Incoherent We wanted to make a Theme Camp, but we couldn’t decide on a theme! At Camp Incoherent we’ll be doing something different each day for no apparent reason. We’re back for 2017, and we still couldn’t decide on a theme! Welcome to Camp Incoherent, where we’ll be doing something that makes very little sense each day. KiwiBurn 2017
The Rusty Joint Post-apocalyptic bar, Fort to keep the Robots out. A safe, warm place to take refuge and relax when the robots come! Grab a drink at the bar, pull up a seat, put your feet up and make yourself at home! KiwiBurn 2017
Taradise Lounge. Home of Janis, the wheelie bin. KiwiBurn 2017
Happy Hands Massage camp. Happy Hands is a space where people can bring their own masseuses to rub away the tension accumulated from the default world. A chill place, where oils and massage tables are provided to bliss out and recharge to make the most of your burn. KiwiBurn 2017
Barrio Del Chur All things Chur! Chur is our ethos and community is our vehicle. We’re excited to return to the Paddock for our fourth year hooking up the Chur vibes with our multi-zoned neighborhood. Chur brings immersive experiences from all sides with our unique blending of the sacred and profane. Slide by in the night to witness our new bar and resident DJs, and return the next morning for revival in the bass chur-ch via fresh smoothies, international yoga teachers, and the healing zone. We’ve scaled up our infrastruc-chur this year and think you’ll be as chuffed as we are. Whether it’s change-making or booty-shaking, Chur has you covered. Now with 100% less janky bamboo dome. KiwiBurn 2017
Cape Carnival Sound camp and chill space. Yet again, Cape Carnival is back at Kiwiburn to provide veteran Kiwiburner hospitality, cheesy tunes, bad wine and good snacks. Cape Carnival is the home of Kiwiburn founder Yonderman, and many fellow KB veterans and new characters. This year we will continue to provide a diverse assortment of DJs/music, wine and cheese treats, and wonderful hospitality. Chill space by day and night, and party zone in the late afternoon is what Cape Carnival is all about. Come and hang with us and enjoy. KiwiBurn 2017
Mint Country Club Pop-up Bar. The Mint Country Club comes all the way from Australia to once again introduce some Minty class to the Kiwiburn experience. Our roaming bar serves gin and tonic – look for the green umbrellas on the Paddock. Open anywhere, anytime. Gin gin! KiwiBurn 2017
The Raspberry Beret A Raspberry Lounge. We are berry excited to present the premier of.... The Raspberry Beret! A mouthwatering morsel of raspberry flavoured music, drinks and comfies. Join us for raspberries in your mouth.. and on your belly... and together we can Jam. KiwiBurn 2017
The Rainbow Unicorns of Ill Repute Rainbow unicorns. Strap on your finest most whimsical horn and come prance around in our troubled paradise; where frisking and frolicking collide. Cavort in the iridescent melting pot at the end of the rainbow. You might even happen upon salacious creativity, fun-spangled playtimes and of course the debauchery that is the Saloon of Ill Repute. KiwiBurn 2017
NUF Fun massage and drums. Camp NUF,: Had enough of the default world? Then NUF is a New Unsofisticated Fantasy. Chilled beats chai and Kai. A son and father project. KiwiBurn 2017
The Den (Previously Bills Den) Workshop and base of operations.Think of this as a workshop – tables, hand-tools, power for small machines such as sewing machine and hot glue gun, some materials.Pure-C operates from here and other spots. KiwiBurn 2017
Shake your bumting Chillout spa. Bumtings are back, with less bums and bunting, but more hammocks, more tunes, more massage and a comparable amount of steamy sauna! KiwiBurn 2017
Camp no brakes Party. We’re back! This time our motto is our name. Keep an eye out for the elusive bouncy castle, and maybe more. Much, much more. KiwiBurn 2017
Fabulous Disaster Kiwiburn Edition Fire and metal. Fabulous Disaster, Kiwiburn edition, is the regional spin off of a sub camp within Gigsville, a large old school fire and metal based village at burning man. come play with fire and try to not get burned! or do ;) KiwiBurn 2017
Pillowtopia Cosyness. Carry your crazy carefree charming selves to a chilled comfy creative corner for consensual cuddles while you consume copious concoctions crafted cunningly by cool captivating curvaceous characters. KiwiBurn 2017
Swing Fling swings and other carney activities. Feel like a fling on a swing? Or hang around and finger our rings? We’re a tribe of monkeys that seek to infect the entire population of Kiwiburn with our invitation to play. Carney activities like the swings, silks and a lyra for those wanting some air action or try our cargo net, hammocks and the all new “Paddling Pool of Conversation” to meet new friends. KiwiBurn 2017
Plan B We did not think that Trump would be elected so we are all heading to NZ as our Plan B. We will also highlight other Plan B’s, and maybe help you find yours. We are a bunch of Americans (well one Kiwi) that are escaping the inauguration of a bigot, sexist, shit show (please fill in your own description). We are coming here as our Plan B. Let us help you figure out your Plan B. As part of our camp we will also be hosting Shadows – a fun LED art project that you can interact with KiwiBurn 2017
The Kitchen Sink Costumes, Food and Chill Vibes. Bringing everything including itself: The Kitchen Sink will be a home base, a space to gear up into costume daily, nightly and ever so rightly, good vibes and of course last but not the least: Food. Hoping to host events such as Soup Kitchen Night with all night soup, Costume parties, Dress up and Delicious Kai Nights, Burn Pancakes and more! (yet to be confirmed) Food donations are greatly appreciated – the more food the more the chefs can cook and there will be a costume library which can be contributed to as well. KiwiBurn 2017
RoyalTea Ice Tea, shade and friendship. RoyalTea, ladies and gentlemen of the Court sip a refreshing beverage from the orient while you defend the castle walls from the unwashed masses. So come visit the castle providing the water gun turret, and a shady patch to enjoy some refreshing ice tea KiwiBurn 2017
Kink Kamp Open Minded, Consent Focused, Sex positive. Education, knowledge, honesty and fun for people looking for something and unsure where to look or who to ask. The core group are experienced Wellington Kinksters who are bringing their knowledge and experience to the Paddock for the benefit of all who are interested to learn. Consent is important to us and hence there is no pressure to be, do or see anything you do not wish to, and so we will offer our brains to be picked, our skills to be copied, our wisdom to be absorbed with no obligation on the recipient to do more than ponder their gift and make their own choices going forward. People from around the country and around the globe who share our vision are welcome to join us for a few hours or the duration and share their own knowledge and experience also. KiwiBurn 2017
Knot Here What knot to do. We’re Knot Here to teach you how to tie useful knots; we’re Knot Here to teach you how to knot your own jewellery; we’re Knot Here to provide you any useful resources – we’re just here to teach you things you’d rather knot know about KiwiBurn 2017
The Warm Fuzzies Doodlebopper Camp Love and Hugs. Need a moment of ‘aww’ and whimsy? Pop by our camp to make your very own warm fuzzy or a set of fuzzily warm doodleboppers! Perfect for the Paddock or for a quick pick-me-up for your return to the default world.... KiwiBurn 2017
The Flojo Circus and Fire. Hi, we are The Flojo – an unpredictably gathered ensemble of cirque and fire flavoured misfits with a penchant for psychedelic sound and senses. KiwiBurn 2017
SK300 South karori. Camp SK300 is a Theme Camp to bring the south Karori community spirit, vibe and culture to Kiwiburn To make us all at home we’ll bring a selection of our creature comforts. We will have our home community comforts for all to enjoy including: Shade structure; impromptu music and opportunities; Pizza Oven; Bliss Balls; Microgreens (to be confirmed); Cups of tea; Earth Oven; A place to charge USB devices when the sun is shining (Solar powered); Other stuff and things (to be decided/ confirmed) KiwiBurn 2017
Yung Shroomy’s Hot Jams Cafe C0ff33 ‘n’ T00nZ. where the coffee beans won’t be the only thing grinding. Come along for your morning brew, sign up for a shift as a barista, donate some milk or just enjoy the t00nZ. Yung Shroomy spinning beats all week. Impromptu Espresso Martini parties welcome. KiwiBurn 2017
The Creature lab Creatures. The creaturelab is a apace open to anyone that wants to join us, entertainment and a spot to pull up and chill for a while. KiwiBurn 2017
Bliss Camp Body Bliss. The Bliss Balls want to offer a deeper connection to oneself and others. Connecting through communication, physical touch and desire to connect. Offering massage, breathwork, eye gazing sessions, gender dynamic discussion circle and lots of cuddles! KiwiBurn 2017
Bacon and Beats BACON AND BEATS is a new and improved fusion of Bacon Oasis and Band Camp! We will have bacon and beats for all and special surprise morsels of goodness for the vegetarians and vegans that have given up eating pork chakra. Our wonderful camp will be serving 150 pounds of sweet sticky spicy bacon when we feel like making it and giving it away during the Love Burn. We will also have a wide array of drums and percussion instruments available for all to play whenever they feel the inspiration or visceral need.Not yet The Love Burn 2018
Capn'n Nemo's Flaming Carnival The Carnival is an interactive experience – a performance and event-based fire circus! We have fire-based games, like Loki the flaming clown beanbag toss, the High Striker, Flaming Skeeball, Ping Pong of Doom and more. We will be working with, and open to performers of all types – the Carnival provides the venue, opening a space for many more to get involved. In particular, we expect fire spinners and breathers, aerialists, circus performers of all stripes, burlesque, and music. The Carnival features a midway (an idea from the Chicago 1896 World’s Fair) - a day and night time interactive experience. By day, we’ll have family-friendly games like ring-toss, popcorn, cotton candy, bubbles, face-painting, hula hoops and a fortune booth. At night we’ll bring out our flaming popcorn machine, our interactive fire games (push the button!), or put on a show. Some nights we’ll feature a live DJ or band, and clear the space for a dance party. All the poofers in the carnival and its games are driven by a secure, interconnected wireless system. This allows us some additional unique possibilities – we can sync all the fire to music for instance. We have a special button, The Button, that makes everything go off at once. We have interactive stands that let people solve a problem, or win a chance to make something special happen. And we’re working towards a crowd-based interactive system that would let a whole audience join in the fun. The Love Burn 2018
Lemon city studios We are a holistic music preset camp in and we want to do of health conscious drinks, food and talks, foot scrubs, raw foods and juices will be tasted. The Love Burn 2018
Library & Literary Salon The Library is back! Books, Books, & More Books are yours for the taking. Every genre your love burner hearts can wish for are here for the taking. Poetry, sci fi, popular fiction, the classics, art books, and oh so much more can be yours. Spontaneous orations welcome! Your book will be stamped with a Love Burn Library Logo. Loads o' children's books too, so bring your tots and lounge in our salon while exploring the lands of the literati. The Love Burn 2018
Mystik Shadows Moroccan Tea and Smoke House Mystik Shadows Moroccan Tea and Smoke house will be hosting bellydance, high tea party and smoke of exotic aphrodisiac and calming herbs such as damiana, blue lotus, and wild lactic. We will be a tea house with assorted teas and games. All in a gorgeous Moroccan themes space The Love Burn 2018
Next Idea We are a bunch a people involved in the world of creativity. Some of us have been to Burning Man and some have been to Love Burns before also. We are here to immerse ourselves in the creative community and add to it. We will be hosting a pancake breakfast. The Love Burn 2018
Poland Super simple. Polish camp with polish food, music and culture. Vodka and pickles. Sound camp with Polish DJs. The Love Burn 2018
San Escobar Super simple. San Escobar camp with food, music and culture from San Escobar. Vodka and pickles. Sound camp with Chicago and Miami DJs. The Love Burn 2018
The Robot Cart Project This is an inspired parody art installation of major burning man sound camps and mutant vehicles from Black Rock City.. Robot Cart is a mobile art cart bringing the beautiful sounds of the playa of the west to the playa of the east. We bring epic DJ sets from Burning Man to other regional burns along with a little parody fun to bring what we love at the big burn to all the little ones. The Love Burn 2018
Librarians Against Humanity Librarians against Humanity is back with our little library in the wood! We provide a comfortable chill-out space off the beaten track for folks who want to read, color, and some up some quiet. We run a continuous book exchange during the burn, so visit the library tent and either take a book with you or leave a book with us. Coloring pages and utensils are also available if you enjoy coloring, fun designs, or curse words! We have a camping samovar for offering tea to our visitors, and our fire guys are sure to keep the home fires burning. facebook WickerMan 2016
3rd Eye Peacocks Wedding Extravaganza! Gifting sweet chai, dull dhal and curried-up peacock vibes nonstop throughout the week. Bring instruments, insights and blue things to Peacock Palace, deeper in the forest behind Dirty Birds of Paradise. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Alcazar Riffle A riffle is an elegant French shuffle from the dawn of time which split the parallax worlds in two. The optimal solution, an invisible screen for each world to walk through to the other, hence experimentation with the biohologram; the palace of bewilderment. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Alchemy of sin Transformation of the intimate, turning into gold what has been born from the shadows. We are burners who delve into the pleasure, fun, growth and ecstasy of knowing and loving your intimate desires! This is a sex positive space, a place to learn and explore and step outside of any pre-conceived ideas of sex, intimacy and relationships. Workshops will focus on these areas along with consent and poly discussions, as well as events to tantalise and titillate! facebook Burning Seed 2017
Bass and Breakfast We serve a delectable menu of bass, breaks and coffee. We want Bass & BreaksFest to be a place where people come and teach, learn and explore their creative instincts. We are also ambassadors of bass music. Be bass-massaged by our mighty sound system, join the solar-powered WIFI intranet to see what’s on, chill out under our large tarp for recovery chill out music, come for brekky and coffee! Burning Seed 2017
Bean Bag Babylon ...the less we say about it the better... Bringing the beats since 2011. Donation bar. Bring a cup. facebook group facebook page Burning Seed 2017
Camp Casbah Casbah is a tribe of audio-nerds, artists and storytellers serving you sweet sounds, tempting treats and cooler than school cocktails. The home of the Burning Burrito, Sketch Club, Block Party Hip Hop, Space Hoppa Reggae and The Big Gay Disco. Come and drink the kool-aid. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Camp Commons Visionary Nannachists stirring pots of dumpstered goodness, fermenting pickles, beer and (r)evolution! This is a nourishing, chill, day space nestled in the bush on the way to the dam. Every day between about 1pm and 3pm we’ll share a big cook up, until the pots run dry. facebook event Burning Seed 2017
Coco Poco Loco The Coco Poco Loco Art Car will be bringing you beats and booze around the Paddock, replete of course with a superbly smooth sound system and featuring our home-grown DJs and renowned cocktail bar. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Crunchy Town Come join us at Crunchytown and explore what it means to be truly crunchy. Burning Seed 2017
Dagwood Estate We will be providing 500 Delicious hot saucy Dagwood dogs on Sunday at 2pm! facebook Burning Seed 2017
DETOX DETOX is the place to rest, recharge and reinvigorate yourself on the paddock. A place to love and be loved. Our gifts include cups of love, massages, a variety of healings and consults with Dr Love every morning. And in the afternoon you can find a hammock among the trees or join one of our entertaining and informative workshops. We will make you feel welcome any time of the day. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Dirty Birds of Paradise (Dirty Birds) A village of eclectic funsters who spread our wings and fly to every corner of the paddock to liberate laughter & Fuck Yer Burn. Our Slap Shot bar and sweet A.S.S. will recharge your spirits and get your tail feathers shaking! Dirty Dome will be hosting events from a few of your fav camps all week, check the roster & bring those party pants. Groovy tunes, happy hours, and bike blended cocktails lead to a frenzy of bird noises as we parade out to party and spread the love all over again. KaKAW! Burning Seed 2017
Doing It Ourselves Want our everyday lives to be like a Burn? ‘Doing It Ourselves’ do! We engage folks to talk about harmful systems in society, encourage resistance towards them, & inspire people to take part in empowering alternatives … because they do exist! *Protest role plays, social change games, inspiring movies, radical zine distro, snacks & workshops.* Themes include Community building, DIY, theories of change, gifting economies, communication skills & direct action. Come get inspired, and nourish your belly & brain! facebook Burning Seed 2017
Erstwhile Manor Spend your evenings draped in the dilapidated finery of yesteryear at Erstwhile Manor - the perfect piece of paddock to indulge your dark Gothic persuasions. Join us after dusk for fine music, luxurious treats, and live acts to stimulate the senses and entertain the soul. Swing by while the sun shines to participate in wonderful workshops, drink delicious tea, and test your wits at games of chance and skill. Performers, entertainers and persons of strangeness are encouraged to share our stage, and help us bring a touch of the beautiful macabre to the paddock.facebook Burning Seed 2017
Fire Tribe Do you like to burn things? Better get your ass down to Fire Tribe! You can expect to find a jam-packed schedule of flow art workshops and discussions during the day, with a fire jam circle every night! It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a pro. We have something for EVERYONE! Play, learn & burn with us at Fire Tribe and share the magic with the Seed community! facebook Burning Seed 2017
Glam & Cheese Follow the big Gouda across the sky, and you will find yourself amongst the fabulously fashionable Glam and Cheese! The Cheezoids departed our drab home galaxy in search of like-minded glam-souls. our current orbit brings us in range to dock your “paddock”. We mined your satellite moon of its celestial riches, codename “cheese”, and have determined it to be the perfect nourishment in preparation for your journey into deeper space. Hungry terrestrials unite and behold, “The Intergalactic Toastie”! facebook Burning Seed 2017
Hardware Shmardware Come on over for a screw or a big tool. Hardware Shmardware is the theme camp that is out to help the world sharing tools, creativity and helping people out- from fixing your cold to fixing your make up this theme camp is indeed super helpful. Need a cool place to chill out of an arvo- we got it. Looking for the Scrabble game of your life? Come on down! We are filled with wonder and enlightenment and are ready for action. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Home Kitchen A place to cook, eat, share, and chill. Burning Seed 2017
Intergalactic Sweat Station In the deep cold of deeper space, wouldn’t it be great to slide into a hot box of warm, steamy goodness? Welcome to the Intergalactic Sweat Station. Inside this womb-like space, we are running a variety of sweats including detoxifying, uplifting and sensual experiences from essential-oil-scented sweats to ice, massage, storytelling and guided meditation. We believe that all universal beings deserve a liberating uplifting sweat, free of prejudice, judgement or swimwear (but feel free to bring your sarong). facebook Burning Seed 2017
Kamp Kraken The explorers and danger-seekers of the mighty Kraken Krew, reared to unravel the mysteries of the deep blue, now set out for the deep, endless black of Space. We are wreaking havoc and mayhem across all corners of the paddock. Rum-swigging and creative exchange are encouraged at the Kraken Pier and Sub-Club. Come aboard the recently surfaced Kraken Submarine, immerse yourself in its hypnotic sonar rhythms and the vessel’s abundant offerings. And for Kraken’s sake, be ready to party. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Kids Camp Kids Camp is an extended family, a tribe. We have SO MUCH FUN! There’s an art tent, baby space, nightly family dinner, movies, heaps of shade, a kids only loo and daily Kids’ Café where the kids gift reaky to everyone. Kids Camp reminds us that burning isn’t only partying. It’s where families get a reprieve from the default; kids see adults playing like kids, focus on creativity, self-expression and support each other to burn bright. facebook group Burning Seed 2017
Malt Shop Be Bop Hop Roller Arena With a love of quad skates, an unreasonable attachment to summers of fun and a penchant for dressing up, we couldn’t help but dream of a day where all festivals would sport a roller skating floor where folk could dance, sing, play and have a good time on 8 wheels. Join us on the journey... BYO or use ours - you know you’ll love it! There’ll be beginners classes; egg and spoon games; maybe even a three legged race! We’ll also teach you all the smooth moves, balances and pops so you can be the belle of the disco floor. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Solaris Solaris brings light, warmth and good vibes to the paddock, day and night. We’re a solar-powered hub of all the good things in life. By day you can grab the best fresh coffee on the paddock, catch some live music on our caravan stage or try your hand at one of our fun practical workshops. At night the Solaris space transforms into a plush cinema featuring the biggest pile of cushions and rugs anywhere on site (we guarantee). We show an eclectic mix of cult favourites and randomly wonderful oddities and shorts. Check our blackboard for times. facebook Burning Seed 2017
SNAKEPIT Snakepit is a collective sound stage with a background of brokenbeat music. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Middle Eastern Mafia - MEM Groove on in our little slice of Middle Eastern anarchy. Our camp will keep the tunes trackin’ in the exotic surrounds of mystical pleasure. There’ll be the deepest of Deep House or Progressive to dance to or you can just chill and smoke a Shisha, have a tea or bury yourself in the Persian cushions adorning this dreamy dome with lighting and visuals that are tailor-made for trippers in this multicultural fantasy fusion of festival revellers. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Mind Sub A collective of like minded people with a passion for making memories and spreading love. We create a space to dance, be free, and indulge in the finest brews, cocktails, tasty treats and toasties to die for. Running a thumping sound system with talented resident and guest DJs providing soul shaking musical bliss of all genres. We know how to create magic by embracing conscious connections and sharing the love for the music. facebook group Burning Seed 2017
Wombat Manor Wombat Manor is a chill space designed for dialogue and decadence at Burning Seed - Burning Man Australia. A perfect Manor to lounge in and sip on fine spirits, discuss topical issues, peruse the library and enjoy and create special moments of decadence. Wombat manor will host dialogues during the day – that’s informal discussions not talks; and at night we’ll provide a luxurious decadent chill out lounge for those who enjoy fine music, spirits, books and living in the moment. facebook group Burning Seed 2017
Whispering Shack Is it a bar, is it a shrine? No its the worlds only John Farnham theme camp named after his seminal break through album Whispering Jack. At Shack HQ you’ll be treated to a variety of events like Pants Off Friday, Grand Final Breakfast, and lip sync battles named Whispering Hack. When not pumping out the nostalgic tunes of John Farnham, the Whispering Shack will be getting pushed up to an event near you, creating an instant opportunity to pull up a stool and connect with one another over a variety of drinks as provided by you! (and sometimes us). facebook Burning Seed 2017
Trash Mansion Like moths to a flame, in the dark of night you will find yourself heading in our direction. Once you arrive, your ears will seduced by live music, and your belly filled with all grain bee. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Toasted Faeries Step into the mischievous and playful world that is Toasted Faeries. Faery haven and art cave (FHAAC), chill space and dance place open every day. Hosting the fantabulous faery cocktail party and the multi-channelled silent disco. Don’t miss out on our yummy toasties and crème brûlée! facebook Burning Seed 2017
Tinyville Tinyville is the tiny theme camp with a BIG heart. We have a cute open stage with dome, workshop space, donation bar, cuddle pit and ALL THE HUGS. Come get em!! facebook group Burning Seed 2017
The Yard The quintessential Aussie back yard. There’s a BBQ, a Hills hoist, a vegie patch, a wheelie bin for cricket, a sprinkler, and the back porch, all accessed through a hole in the back fence. Everyone is welcome to relax in The Yard. Happenings: Toasties at lunchtime each day, recovery yoga sessions each morning, bush-skills workshops with Greg the scoutmaster, Goon of Fortune and MILKSHAKES facebook event Burning Seed 2017
The Wayward Nomads of the Roving Radio A group of intergalactic Nomads that follow the one true signal. Finding our way though Deeper space to enjoy and share our love and Nomadic lifestyle. The Wayward Nomads listen to the one true roving signal via our tiny radios and will run actives that happen at multiple areas in space and time. We have the Wayward Nomads Camp as a meeting hub and a chill out space while not roving. Join us for Roving raves, cuddle clouds, musical mobile Coffee, pop up lectures and much more. facebook Burning Seed 2017
The Space Inbetween We are The Space Inbetween. The endless second between lashes, the place to fill the void between your curiosity and your desires, on the paddock, at Burning Seed. Dramatic upsell aside, TSI camp is a safe, inclusive space for anyone 18+, new or old to BDSM & the kink scene. We encourage self-discovery in an honest, open forum; we are LGBTQIA+ friendly; sex-positive; & we invite you to visit, to ask questions & to be educated on what all the fuss is about. <3 facebook Burning Seed 2017
The Orphanage A theme camp that practices the art of ‘Lovemosis’ by blending together “Burgins” (first-timers to a Burning Man event) with committed local and overseas “Burners” (participants at Burning Man in Nevada and/or other regional events around the world). The Orphanage is a safe space for all participants anytime. The camp is family, child and adult friendly. Check the event guide for our daily events. facebook group Burning Seed 2017
The Kingdom The very best place to come show off all the glam you have brought to this year’s festival. You will get praised on your quick journey back to earth with all the other special folk who are exactly the same. We believe seed love has to be balanced out and intend to enforce our views by crushing yours Burning Seed 2017
The Hippie Trap Where your friends will try and drag you past the camp saying ‘DON’T GO IN THERE, IT’S A TRAP!, I was stuck in there for 3 hours last time’. We at the Hippie Trap work on a catch and release system, you’re more than welcome to leave at any time you wish...... if you can! facebook group Burning Seed 2017
The Emporium “The Emporium” aka bacon emporium is the home of grease grit and grime... A sensory experience from sexy mouth dranks to good grub to beats for the mind and heart Burning Seed 2017
The Den Warm beats, comfy seat Burning Seed 2017
Temple of Boom In keeping with the social experiment concept of the Burner experience, Melbourne Dance Music Academy present: the Temple of Boom. The Temple of Boom focuses on creating a sonic environment for burners to immerse themselves in with a four point inward facing Nexo sound system creating a wall of intimacy in which we can connect and be united by our love for dance music. With the intention of ultimate release, we let go of any pressures through grounding ourselves in the Paddock and connecting with the strength we all hold. Burning Seed 2017
The Brink Deep in space; deeper in time; deepest in bass - The Brink is both a distant outpost at the edge of everything you know, and the exploding heart of everything you feel. The Brink is inviting everyone at Burning Seed to dance upon the melting reactor core of an ancient civilisation - A place where time, space, music and light converge into a celebration of the end of a cruel and broken world, and the adventure of exploring an infinite and expanding universe. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Telekinetik Chair Repair Multidimensional art, intergalactic oddities and games in a laser-lit psychedelic playground. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Swing Dog Circus Everybody loves the Circus so join in on all our skill building workshops by day and dance the night away with our Hi energy DJ’s and Circus performers. A true mix of vagabonds and carnival clowns wrapped in vintage future performance art. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Sunset Island Sunset Island is the destination to dance, sip a cocktail and connect with hundreds while enjoying the best views of the sunset. Daily workshop experiences through the day and a chill out area to relax and unwind before our electronic beats kick off from 3pm where the burner community descends upon us in their best outfits to start their night with a bang! And take your chance to run naked into the sunset! facebook group Burning Seed 2017
Splash Set phasers to wet! Get fresh at the moistest theme camp on the paddock with Splash daily from 12pm featuring frivolous tunes aboard the HMAS Scumbucket. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Spice Cadets Spice Cadets will take you on a journey into outer spice with our spicy beverages and culinary delights. On Friday 29th September, Spice Cadets will hold the Outer Spice Ball at the Spice Place (Dirty Birds Dome venue). We will treat you to exotic, aromatic gifts and create a soundscape of exotic rhythms and deep funky tech. Keep an eye out for the Spice Ship Cart gifting spicy treats on the paddock and you can visit the Spice Lounge chill space (3pm - 5pm daily except Friday) serving spiced teas and afternoon drinks and snacks. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Scratch Embrace the queer frontier - it’s time to Scratch! It’s free range art at its finest! Amplify your inner monologue into your neo neon glow. Create and peruse some cosmart in the doodle gallery. Make a statement for a stranger, the stage is set for our very own epic. It’s high tea afternoon sunshine and evening popcorn palooza. Drag out that diva, culture that cabaret and improvise to sensitise. It’s teamwork makes the dream work! It’s your oh-so-dear, sheerly queer, safe and sound space for your spaced out space trooper. SUPER DUPER! Burning Seed 2017
Red Earth Brewery Red Earth City’s favourite, all grain, craft beer bar. Serving over 25 unique beers. All Red Earth Brewery beers are hand crafted by our brewers using the finest malt, hops, yeast and water especially for Burning Seed. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Pirainia Welcome to the nomadic micro-nation that is Pirainia. Enter the Space Portal and Time travel with us to a place where it’s always 4:20. Join one of our various workshops or enjoy the lights, lasers and Music while you Get down on the dancefloor. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Pelican Villa With the unfortunate cancellation of last year’s festival, Pelican Villa has been working overtime to make this year’s celebration next level in every regard! Over the course of the festival we will be hosting a number of events including workshops and dance parties all in alignment with the principles of the festival. We look forward to seeing old faces and greeting newcomers into the embrace of the community that we cherish so much. facebook Burning Seed 2017
Over the Rainbow Friends of Dorothy, family and allies, come join us Over the Rainbow! Our camp is our friendly space so come say hi and shake it with us to an eclectic mix of music from salsa and pop through to techno! facebook Burning Seed 2017
Oasis Up through arid, burning sand, there an Oasis formed will stand. A fertile spot in deserted lands, where water is found and good times at hand. Such the time of the hottest hour, behold the fountains healing power. Relax, unwind to whisky sour, these tunes will cause your mind to flower. Burning Seed 2017
My Dick My dick, a newly erected theme camp, is one you’ll want to get to know. Cum get amongst the dickery, semen-ars, cock-tails, and good hard fun Burning Seed 2017
Music Medicine Magic Crafty conjurors, sleepy sorcerers, easy adventurers... Join us for some deep dance, arts and crafts, workshops and wellness. Drink a spicy brew, to the beat of the drum, under the visual fanfare, of the fiery night sky! We invite you to join us for this creative melting pot of mixed madness. We aim for new heights and push the boundaries of our intergalactic frontier Burning Seed 2017
Mint Country Club The all inclusive day venue with accidental night parties. Where green loving sporting enthusiasts meet up to dance and play. Where guests are surrounded by sterling hospitality and outrageous Techno Beats. Add Minted Gin Infusions, cucumber sandwiches, golf, croquet, badminton and fooz ball and you have a clean, green and pristine Burning Man inspired theme camp, offering you an outrageous interactive experience. Dress in Green to be seen, add in a bit of sporty with just a touch of naughty! Bring your own Cup and your Gin donations to keep the clubhouse bar a rockin. facebook Burning Seed 2017
morning joint The Dichotomy of us has got us saying “What!” A superhero camp that by day is a mild mannered (relative to surroundings), mind bender that goes heavy on the easy and by night we become hidden in the darkest corner of the universe right in plain sight. facebook Burning Seed 2017
IoRA Soup on site, music & Fire, bracelet making (bring the kiddos), Paint the tipi!, star patrolling telescopically. Hearthsophyre 2016
Wild Spirit Spiritual Haven & Body mapping by Lisa Wildeburn 2017
Veganator Father and daughter on a mission! Come have dinner with us at the Veganator Camper Van, sign up daily for an awesome vegan dinner prepared with love and accompanied by the soothing songs of Sophie! Wildeburn 2017
Wacky Spankers Wildeburn 2017
Stofadil Sentinel Tankwa Town’s most famous daily newspaper. facebook Wildeburn 2017
Sparkle Ponies Costume exchange, make up, dress up and things that will make you sparkle! Wildeburn 2017
Sentella The International Theme Camp facebook Wildeburn 2017
Rapid Showers Free Showers (Open and Closed) Wildeburn 2017
The Pink Martini Martini’s and Hot Dogs Wildeburn 2017
The Pancake People The Pancake people at Wildeburn and eager to welcome you to their Pancake Pozzie. Pancakes 9ish to 11ish daily. Wildeburn 2017
Maoz Mudhouse No information Wildeburn 2017
Alienz Coffee Shop Alienz, Unicorns, Rocketeers, Time Travellers, Star Children and other Burners bring your mug for cappuccino and treats between 8am-10h30am. Tea & coffee (Self Help) for the rest of the day. Stage for impromptu shows and Sundowner Parties. Sharing of tables is encouraged and everyone is welcome to enjoy the shaded space. Alienz Coffee Shop will seat lotsa people in a welcoming, otherworldly atmosphere. facebook Wildeburn 2017