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Alcohol policies at Burns and Burn related events generally focus on who is old enough to drink alcohol and how they can be identified. This is almost always a reflection of local Laws. There may also be some observations about whether people below the legal drinking age are permitted in the vicinity of a place serving alcohol. Very rarely - at this time - is there any commentary on either managing behaviour caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, or any mention of discouraging consumption of alcohol for health, behavioural or other reasons.


Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted; drunken behavior is not. Underage drinking will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from the event.

Bring your photo ID. Your ID will be checked at the gate and is required for admission. Attendees over 21 will be given an Over 21 wristband—not having your wristband on may prevent you from having access to alcohol and may lead to expulsion from the event.

Camps or groups who supply alcohol must have a “bartender” or someone responsible for the alcohol present, at all times!

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