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Are you wanting to bring a mutant vehicle, gator or golf cart to Resonance? Or do you need to car camp? Then you have come to the right place!

There are a few considerations you need to know about.

The land that Resonance is held on doesn’t have actual road infrastructure for anything much bigger than a gator or golf cart. In the event of muddy or inclement conditions, all vehicles other than those operated by the infrastructure teams will need to be parked as to cut down scarring of the property. Every mutant vehicle, gator or golf cart cleared by the DMV will receive a license that will need to be prominently displayed. All gators or golf carts must be sufficiently artsy/mutated to be considered for a license. Rules for operating mutant vehicles, gators and golf carts at Resonance

Only vehicles licensed by the Resonance DMV are allowed to be driven. You may operator the vehicle at 5 miles per hour or less. Right of way must be given to pedestrians, bicycles and emergency vehicles. Stop immediately if asked to do so by any Wichita Burner’s Council member, Reso Ranger or law enforcement officer. No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No driving in muddy or inclement conditions. If you are going to be operating/driving at night, the following must be lit Rear and Front Any extremities Trailer hitches or dangerous areas If you wish to car camp, please register and let us know why you need to car camp.

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