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WHAT IS THE RESONANCE ART GRANT PROGRAM? Art grants are awarded as supplementary funding to help give birth to your creations. As the artist you are responsible for the initial funding. The Art Grant Committee reserves the right to reduce grants awarded for incomplete, partial, or fraudulent work.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Quality Creativity Interactivity Originalit Inspiration Reusibility Execution Planning Feasibility Safety plan Transportation Budget Principles Theme oriented Emotional Captivity reflection of the “10 principles” Educational WHAT CAN ART GRANTS BE USED FOR? Art grants can be used for a variety of things. As an individual, an art grant can be used to purchase supplies like paint, canvas, construction materials, brushes, fabric, and everything needed to create your masterpiece. Funding requests for renovations or extensions of existing projects are permitted.

As a theme camp, art grants can help supplement the building of structures such as shadow boxes, UV reactive art, games, and many other things to help form your creative space and bring it to Resonance. Artists may be asked to steward the responsibility of maintaining the work and its future benefit to the Burning Man Community.

Art grants are not typically awarded to cover the cost of consumable goods but there are some exceptions to the rule. If you’re preferred method of expression is cooking and/or providing a space for others to do so (like a community kitchen stocked with various seasonings and tools), cooking fuel and various consumable items may qualify for reimbursement when funds are available.

Items not covered by art grants include, but are not limited to: alcohol, tiki fuel, propane, fire wood, gas for generators, or labor.

Funding for transportation is limited. As our community grows reimbursement for transportation costs may be available.

HOW CAN I QUALIFY? Plan out your project with as much detail as possible. Include pricing for materials and where you plan to purchase the items (this helps us verify cost). Fill out the art grant submission form and fill out all the sections to the best of your ability. Members of the Art Grant Committee will review your request along with all other submissions and award funds based on availability. Early submissions have a better change of securing funds. Upon review you will be contacted by a member of the Art Grant Committee regarding the amount of your grant. Keep all receipts and a record of purchase for all items used during the creation process and bring them to Resonance. Art grants will be awarded on site by check. Recipients will have up to 30 days after the event to produce the required documents for reimbursement. Disclosure

The art grant budget is based upon the previous year’s net income from Wichita Burners Events, fundraisers, and donations.

Unallocated art grant funds are carried into the next fiscal year.

Artists must agree to release images and the project summary for public distribution on—to include, but not limited to—the Wichita Burners website. Failure to do so may result in a reduction of funding awarded to your project.

Wichita Burners and the Art Grant Committee reserves the right to reproduce images and the summary description related to installations that have received art grant funding. All reasonable attempts will be made to give proper credit to the artists involved. The Resonance Art Grant Committee will carefully review your application and notify you in a timely manner. Do not be discouraged if you are not awarded a grant. Funding is limited, and any decision to award grants (or not) is carefully weighed.

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