Blazing Swan 2017

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Theme Elemental
Start date 12th of April 2017
End date 18th of April 2017
Duration 7 days
Location Kulin, Western Australia
Participants 2300
Budget unknown


This was the fourth Blazing Swan event, it was held over Easter Weekend in Kulin, WA as it was in previous years.

There were 58 registered theme camps, 22 registered art pieces (excluding the effigy and temple), and 20 registered mutant vehicles.

Theme Camps

Theme Camp Name Description # on map # of members
Aiding & A-Betting Roll the dice, flip a card or spin the wheel to seal your fate 01 unknown
Alliance A journey into sound, light and hyperspace. 02 unknown
APRAPS THE ANTI-PRECLUDIAN READING & PERFORMANCE SOCIETY Hosting the Blazing Swan Free Library & Lounge 03 unknown
Amandaland A creative zone for making jewelley, painting drawing. 04 unknown
Aruma Aruma is a Nyoongah word for "happy". We are a collective of artists, DJ’s, and creative creatures. 05 unknown
Banana Bomba The Banana Bomba dome is a meeting point for friends, and randoms who become friends! 06 unknown
Blazing Saddles In collaboration with Camp Shit Gift 00 unknown
Black Lagoon Stimulation, rejuvenation, coffee and conversation. 07 unknown
CamPassion A safe space to land. CampPassion aims to restore harmony where there is disconnect, balance where there is imbalance and safety where there is fear. 08 unknown
Camp Unicorn Powwwerrr Do you want to go somewhere where nothing is happening 90% of the time? Do you like crafting and gluing shit to your tits? 09 unknown
Chill Camp A place to showcase films and doco's by local artists in a quiet and peaceful family friendly environment 10 unknown
Dream Gallery Dream Gallery is the space where you come to breathe, exhale and mellow out. 11 unknown
Exquisite Foot We have art, ping pong, sporadic foot baths, nipple dipping and overly dramatic compliment delivery services with a twist. 12 unknown
Far Away Tree Tribe A place where whimsy and love collide, exploding into a glitter rainbow 13 unknown
Fire Tribe Fire Tribe is the gathering place of Blazing Swan's fire performers. 14 unknown
Fort Swan Fort Swan builds entertaining art vehicles and provides a space where the inner beast is welcome. 15 unknown
God Said No Come party under the Pyramid 16 unknown
Greasy Pirates Full grease! 17 unknown
Gringo Clothes Swap. Clothe the people of Blazing Swan! 18 unknown
Hammock Haven Community Roots Hammocks and recycling 19 unknown
High Tide Keep heavy heads afloat 20 unknown
Huckleberry’s Farm We are cooking and distributing organic sweet corn 21 unknown
Juicy Tooties A small juice bar with a sun sail with rugs and cushions for people to sit on with relaxing chilled music. 22 unknown
Kaleidoscope Mandala Kaleidoscope Mandala is dedicated to sacred geometry, communal art, yoga and the sharing of food. 23 unknown
Kamp Koasis Kamp Koasis are a group of cross-eyed crooked vagabonds, and extremely attractive trash bags 24 unknown
Live Camp Live Camp is a live music haven! Previously named Jam Camp 25 unknown
Lollipop Village The Lollipop Village offers a space for all of Blazing Swan’s families to join together and create a fun world for the festival’s children to play, share, and enjoy being around other children 26 unknown
Moonbase The MOONBASE is back this year with the magic you've come to expect, 27 unknown
Movement Madness We want to offer a range of modalities for expression, encouraging you to try something new, and discovering even more ways of expressing yourself through creativity. 28 unknown
No Limit Sound System An electronic music sound camp, with a colourful visual show, daily events, crazy games and tasty sangria with plenty of smiles! Discover fresh techno music from European DJ’s, from slow BMP to super fast techno 29 unknown
Outrigger Island Immerse yourself in tropical Polynesian dreams. 30 unknown
Papazahns Cocktails, Coffee, Beats and Treats. All the lush to move your feet. 31 unknown
Pom Pom Palace The Pom Pomp Palace is place to polish your pom pom proficiency to perfection and participate in a parade of peculiar pastimes! 32 unknown
Rainbow Tribe Body Painting & Body Marbling! 33 unknown
Rope Space Kinbaku: Japanese Rope Art 34 unknown
Sanctuary Sanctuary is a clean white space focusing the mind away from visual stimuli and enhancing other senses. 35 unknown
Serene Green The name says it all really but leaves out “FOOD”. We’re big on food. 36 unknown
Shadynasty’s We’re excited to let everyone know our Topless Pina Colada Paint Party is making a return! Funky beats, fresh cocktails and paper-mache-bust-casting 37 unknown
Shiva’s Tea House Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and then surrender to the plush comfort of mountainous piles of cushions. 38 unknown
Solar Moon Orical A solar light chill camp for traveling people from camp to camp. 39 unknown
I Scream Kareoke I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!!!! 40 unknown
Steampunk Pancakes Cooking and gifting pancakes to the Blazers. 41 unknown
Swashbucklers Swashbucklers will be a no drugs or alcohol camp suitable for all ages known as “Your Place” between hours of 9am till 4pm. 42 unknown
Sweat Lodge A native American sweat lodge and fire pit in which to heat up the rocks. Come and experience a traditional native American sweat lodge and prayer ceremony 43 unknown
Teenage Junkyard Teenage Junkyard provides a space for blaze families to bring their young adults to Blazing Swan, allowing the new generation of magnificent teens enjoy their own awesome festival experience! 44 unknown
The Associates We are a small, colourful camp exploring the depths of our spiritual paths. 45 unknown
The Bake Sale Tasty treats alongside tastier beats 46 unknown
The Bird Nest A giant bird cage serving as a chill space in the day and small friendly dance/chill vibe at night. 47 unknown
T.H.E. Camp Ever wondered why Kulin is surrounded by weird horses made out of metal and other junk? 48 unknown
The Lab The Lab is a zone inspired by the romance and charm of turn of the century science labs 49 unknown
The Love Wizard Assisting with Magical Love Energy Manifestations, Healing Assistance and All-round Blazer Love Journey Fun and Support 50 unknown
The Poolroom The Poolroom is a small on-street walk-in bar and lounge area, gifting drinks and more! W 51 unknown
The Church of Belligerence It has been a year since the inception of THΣ CHURCH ΩF ΒΣLLIGΣRΣΠCΣ and in that short year this theme camp has proven to be a worthy addition to Blazing Swan and a place of sanctified watering hole of worship to the booze gods. 666 unknown
Tribal Tribe The Dojo of Drum and Dance 53 unknown
Twisted Jah Twisted tunes to twist your brain 54 unknown
Wyvernia We are building a wyvern – a mystical dragon! This will be a large static fire breathing sculpture. 55 unknown
XYZ XYZ is back, providing a serene and calming space equipped with user-friendly synthesiser modules that will allow visiting Blazers to create their own ambient electronic soundscapes. 56 unknown
Under Contruction Build crew camp (Effigy and Temple builders) 57 unknown


Name Sponsors Desciption Day
March of the Unicorns Camp Unicorn Powerrrrrr, Fluff Box, Greasy Pirates The big event: music, costume, dance, mutant vehicles and most of all unicorns. Friday
Group Nude Shoot The Library, Blazing Swan Photographers A hundred or more getting together to get their gear off, take up several artistic poses amongst nature, and the march on a music camp and party Thursday Morning
Big Dress Party An Anti-Bellum / Georgian / Victorian extravaganza of dress and manners, hoops and petticoats and parasols.
Body Painted Parade Rainbow Tribe The very best thematic, naturalistic and abstract body painting on display.
Effigy Burn Blazing Swan DPW, Fire Services, Fire Tribe and Drummers The fire twirling, fire works, effigy fire. Accompanied by the drumming collective and post-burn acts of spontaneous self-expression. Saturday Evening
Temple Burn Blazing Swan DPW, Fire Services The respectful reflective burn, the release of regrets and sorrows, the germination of hope and new resolve. Sunday Evening

Art Pieces

Name Creators Desciption # on map
ATTACK THE RAMPARTS AND BE DAMNED Artist COLIN CHRISTENSEN Yes, the fire throwing trebuchet is back. Don't know what a trebuchet is? It is a mediaeval war engine that many will incorrectly identify as a catapult. And it throws stuff. But is it ART? Well, that is for you to determine. Alternatively it is a "big boys toy". It could be an item on a bucket list. Or something that throws some fire into the sky. Or an opportunity for a cool selfie. Regardless of how you see it, you are invited to pull the trigger, shout out something meaningless and launch a ball of fire. So, if nothing else, it is fun. And isn’t that what art should be? 01
BANANA BAR By DAVE SHEEHAN It's yellow. It's mobile. It has refreshments. No it’s not a yellow cab turned Uber. It's BANANA BAR! Hop on and hop off for easy access around JRC! 02
CYCLESCHEMA Concept, Bikes KRISTAN ANGEL Hardware CARY WINTLE Code TIM GILCHRIST Visual Interface STEVE BERRICK Cycleschema is an experiment in human behaviour presented by the brethren behind THΣ CHURCH ΩF ΒΣLLIGΣRΣΠCΣ. An interactive bicycle facility will be unleashed upon Jilikan Rock City for the period of Blazing Swan 2017. Cycleschema is an experiment in visualising the effects of Blazing Swan on human cognitivity through code via GPS to create an organic schematic to be observed by the community on a large projected image. 03
DOORS OF PERCEPTION Artist WADE HARRISON "I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.” - Rumi 04
ELECTRIC SHOE BIKE Artist DAVID CRYER The war against the double jeesuz! rages on... Will the humble shoe reign supreme in what may be a sneaker peek into Blazing Swan future cycle transport? 05
ELEMENTS By ELEMENTS Reflective platonic and trapezohedron shapes hang from a ceiling. Look into these “infinity shapes” for as long as you dare! 06
FREE THE MAN Artist DAN FREEMAN Stainless steel sculpture. Part bird, part robot, part human? 07
GENUS QUESTIONABLUS Artist NIC COMPTON As a child (and still) I enjoy beach combing hoping to find some unknown creature washed ashore. As I never did discover this elusive creature I had to create my own. Genus Questionablus is a combination of different species of marine life washed up and decomposing. The sculpture might ask questions of the state of our oceans. The Great Barrier Reef springs to mind. Or is it a great Fukushima fish somehow related to Godzilla? 08
GIANT WOMBAT MEGA FAUNA Artist ANDREW LITSTER A mega fauna wombat, that’s going to be set on fire! 09
HOPES & FEARS STEVE SOAMES (AKA POMMIE) RICHARD MORUP (AKA RISKY) A participatory art piece for radical self-expression. Fear is a constant companion to anyone stepping out of their comfort zone. Fear grows in darkness and diminishes in the light. Use the chalkboard to name your fear and expose it to the light. Erased daily. In a dark world, hope is our belief that things can change for the better. Like just about all life forms on our planet, hope is nourished by light. Express your hopes here with our playful fridge magnets. 10
KOASIS CHAINSAW SCULPTURE Artist JAY PYRATE A live action chainsaw sculpture over 2-3 days. 11
LIGHT SPEED Artist OBIGLEN MASON From the inner mind of the artist who brought you the worlds largest Chestahedron and the Pyrapus Octomyd, brings you LIGHT SPEED! A series of 10 towers, over 4 meters tall sending light between the towers at staggering 300000 km per second!! 12
OBELISK OF FIRE Artist JEREMY SHAW Made from a steel frame and plywood in the shape of short obelisk. 13
θεοφάνεια by PSYCHEDELIC BROCCOLI A four metre tall fire tornado! 14
PORTAL Artist JOHN GRONO The circle is a simple and powerful form, throughout the Cosmos; In our cells, or in the math we have uncovered; and always in our art 15
RAINBOW GATE Artist WICK Technical Lead KIRK HAWTHORN An illuminated gate of seven arches. Step through the collective vortex of seven arches to new reality. 16
RESONATION STATION Artist KAY ROCK A space for people to connect, create and resonate with each other through an interactive audio experience. Within the Resonation Station a unique experience is created that demands each participant to be present in the moment. 17
SAW DUST FLAME CANNON Artists JEREMEY SHAW and MR FIXIT Never under estimate the potential of dusty dry wood... 18
THE LAST ECHIDNA Artist WESLEY HARNEY The increasing irrelevance of our smallest denomination coupled with the 50th anniversary of the decimal system in Australia spawned the inspiration for this sculpture. The high cost of production and increasing electronic transactions prompts the question do we still need the trusty echidna? 19
TRIHIFIREWIRE Artists ROB 'KRUMPET' KIWI & FRANKY MITCHELL From the birth of fire to modern day lighting technologies, what future discoveries lay ahead for the humble electromagnetic wave photon? 20
UNFURL Artist JASON MAXLOW In the wake of the timber boom of last century, vast areas of Perth hills forest were clear felled to fuel the fires of industry. As the echoes of axe, saw and steam trains faded across the valleys, a fresh eco-friendly community and way of life emerged from the smoldering ashes. “Unfurl” is a response to the birth of new life represented here in steel as the opening of a blossom and the unfurling of a frond. 21
WORMHOLE RELOADED By TEAM WORMHOLE The Wormhole from 2016 is back with some modifications. 23
WYVERN Artist RICHARD CAPSTICK Designer PATRICK GEE Design Assistant/Media SAM CAPSTICK Media Assistant ISOBEL GEE Camp Manager SUZANNE GEE The Wyvern (mystical dragon) installation is inspired by the creativity and vibrancy of Burning Man festival, which we are excited to bring to our regional backyard Blazing Swan. This art piece is part of the WYVERNIA theme camp where we will conduct several dragon themed workshops to gift to the Blazing Swan community! See the Events for more information. 24

Mutant Vehicles

Plates Name Description Theme camp
TOO GREASY Sludge Smuggler The unmistakably large pirate ship The Greasy pirates
THE TUB A bathtub on wheels Papazahns
WTF 2017 The Choppa A helicopter frame on wheels Fort Swan
TANK Small (2 person) tank with a flame throwing turret Fort Swan
GOONHAGS Mobile Goon of Fortune A disco sphere towing a goon of fortune gameshow Papazahns
CHICKSHAW Vida’s Rickshaw A 3 wheeled beast Koasis
TAXI Jon’s Rickshaw Custom tuk tuk Under Construction
DARK The Dark Truck A giant pinhole camera on wheels
TCB A flame throwing machine Outrigger Island
OVER THERE Over there bar A bar on wheels DPW
COOLBURNA The Kulin Cooler A giant esky you can sit inside The Poolroom
FATT The catipillar A quad towing 3 trailers pumping music Far Away Tree Tribe
* DESTROYA Star destroyer A 1 seater star destroyer Alliance
CARACHNID Carachnid An 8 legged walking machine Alliance
MINT Mint A green sailboat Jilakin Rock FD
STEAM The ute covered in skulls gifting snags
PAPA Z The papazahn A mobile papazahn Papazahns
BS POLICE A mini 1920’s style police car
LOVECOUCH An electrified couch Alliance
JB DMT A wee esky you can ride The Poolroom

Media Reports

Feedback and Thanks

Participants to the 2017 gave feedback on facebook pages. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Note that these links open facebook pages, and not all pages are publicly accessible:

David Sheehan: <<>> Jaymie Turner - Earthship Recycling: <<>> Evan McInnes - Huckleberry's: <<>> Cass Cormack - Acroyoga: <<>> Tim Vijoen - Steampunk Panckakes: <<>> Matthew Robinson - The Future: <<>> Louise Adami: <<>> Paul Kabzinski - Ropespace: <<>> Lowenné Gypsy Brogan: <<>> Shelby Garnet: <<>> Wade Harrison & Dream Gallery: <<>> Charlie Mgee & Kulin Shire President: <<>> James Clarkson & Fluff Box: <<>> Hayden Straz Heliophile: <<>> Jeromy Jezza Hill - Postal Service: <<>> Hayden Straz Heliophile - Most Ironic: <<>> Peter Donaldson: <<>> Emma Claudius: <<>> Adrienna Appledancer: <<>> Jon Madd - Shiva's: <<>> Kris van Logtenstein: <<>> Tiffany Barton: <<>> Jess Briggs: <<>> Catharine White: <<>> Edwina Bradford: <<>> Deni Maree: <<>> Elisa Ricordi - disappointed: <<>> Lit Brewstaa: <<>> Leonine Simbeh Simbit - One Word: <<>> Todd Casson: <<>> Ben Newton: <<>> Oli Verb: <<>> Ari Yeung: <<>> Suly Munn - First: <<>> Tori & the Acro Guy: <<>> Kin M Tribe - Alice Jarvis: <<>> Anika Sweetland: <<>> Scott Ackeridge - Sound Camps: <<>> Sam Fraser: <<>> Mark Brabazon: <<>> Jono Le Corre: <<>> Jack Luke: <<>> Spirit Bird: <<>> Alia Leadabrand - Teenage/Lollipop: <<>> Keith Rere Huia Luckman - First: <<>> Genovieve Stewart: <<>> Nicki Stephen: <<>> Chanté Campbell-Morrison - Clouds: <<>> Stephen Lobo: <<>> Harmony Ward - Aliance Crew: <<>> Josh Betts - Medical: <<>> Kasandra Thomas: <<>> Anna Helm - First: <<>> Quintin James: <<>> Stuart Porter - First: <<>> Paul White - First: <<>> Julie Pepper: <<>> E-jay Hall: <<>> Samel Haell - First: <<>> Debbie Budd - APRAPS: <<>> Joelee C Maxwell: <<>> Morgan Schaafsma - First: <<>> Amanda-Jayne Vincent: <<>> S Teph M OTen - Couchmobile: <<>> Lisa Wynne: <<>> Kelsie Cat: <<>> Jimi Kilday Fergusson: <<>> Alex Hayes: <<>> Natalija Frost - First: <<>> Jeremy Jezza Hil: <<>> Justin Denholm: <<>> Ashley Cook: <<>> Crystal Janine: <<>> Mark Foster - Public Safety Officers: <<>> Misa Svehla - Best Ever: <<>> Alen Perich: <<>> Georg Rathiel - Organizers: <<>> Dominika Debska - Best yet: <<>> Gen Lucas - First time: <<>> Noemi Reynolds: <<>> Patience Brontie - Quit My Job: <<>> Claire Turton: <<>> Matteo I-Tai Scarano <<>> Sam Luckman: <<>> Damien Brennan: <<>> Vicki Boxell: <<>> Lyo Shoji: <<>> Angus Priest - Crew: <<>> Mark Van de Water: <<>> Deric Martin - Rangers/Volunteers: <<>> Dani Farmer: <<>> Erin Carville: <<>> Julie Pepper: <<>> Cathe Garcia Parra: <<>> Jonathan Bourke: <<>> Paige Chard: <<>> Nathan McLean: <<>> Kirsten Moore: <<>> Chris Best: <<>> Kim N Tribe - Dream Gallery: <<>> Ben'jamin Darwent: <<>> Annabel Ley: <<>> Melanie Belk - USA Visitors: <<>> Kiara Thomson - Music on the Rock: <<>> Darren Thomas - Kulin Local: <<>> Christian Clowes: <<>> Michael Slade - Koasis: <<>> Javier Labra-Rodillo: <<>> Martin McPhillmey: <<>> Kristan James Stewart Angel - Belligerence: <<>> Nina Triche: <<>> Rain Wickham - My favorite thing...: <<>> Cory Hooper - Fort Swan Nachos: <<>> Tamara Hayes - Prince toiled tribute: <<>> Assaph Henare - Atomic Cafe: <<>> Sarah Marie: <<>> Rennie Luke:

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