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Children are the future of the Burner community. Just when and how children are introduced to Burn events and Burn cultures is always a personal matter. Almost every Burn has created documented protocols and guidance around child participation at their events. But note that some small intimate Burns of long standing may sometimes have less (or no) documentation for us to quote here because they operate on personal familiar connections. If you don't see any documentation here you are invited to contact that Burn directly.

Not every Burn is open to children. Radical Inclusion always operates in conjunction with Civic Responsibility. Sometimes considerations of Civic Responsibility outweigh the our desire to be fully inclusive. It is important to understand the history of the Burn and the legal, environmental and insurance issues pertaining to that Burn before making any judgement about the Burn or the Burn organisers.

The Burner community and Burn organisers apply a lot of thought to issues, and have a great impulse towards improving and optimising everyone's Burn experience. Burns involve a lot of rules and protocols that sometimes seem at odds with the principle of Immediacy. But it is only through a massive commitment by the event organisers and participants to the principle of Civic Responsibility that these events are able to operate safely and with the support of the communities that host them. Burns are also places where you will find a lot of documented advice and commentary. To some extent Burns are communities of old friends coming together who share life events and advice among themselves. But Burns have a special aspect driven by the principle of Radical Inclusion. They welcome strangers who will become friends, and it is to these new Burners (and Burners newly with children) that this advice and commentary is directed.

In collecting together rules and protocols and advice and commentary it is sometimes hard to represent, and difficult to discern, where each element stops and the next begins. Sometimes rules are represented as 'strong advice', and sometimes essential safety issues appear in the commentary. Again no judgement should be applied to how, or how well, each Burn presents itself through its documents. To the extent possible the Burning Wiki attempts to connect the reader with all of the information available on each Burn, if not directly then through links. We have made some judgements about what might constitute the core or central documents and included them first under each Burn's entry in this index, but we acknowledge that this is simply our best but fallible efforts.

The character of a Burn is not conveyed solely by it's website or published documents, or even its legal documents of incorporation. The Burning Wiki's intention in collecting and presenting whatever material it can find to the reader is to introduce them to the subject. Some will inquire more deeply in the documents and some will find it interesting to explore how each Burn address these issues differently. But many participants with children will reach out to people they know, or who they'd like to know and discuss and learn from those people's direct experience, and the Burning Wiki can not recommend that approach too highly.


PREPARE YOUR KIDS Let your kids know in advance about the kind of things that they will or might see and hear. Nudity, iconoclastic art, sexuality, rude language, cultural commentary, and weird behaviour are all a part of the AfrikaBurn experience. Steer them away from whatever you feel uncomfortable with, but be matter-of-fact about the stuff they are curious about. Consider your child’s normal frame of reference: have they camped before? Talk to them about common-sense safety - advise them to be cautious about getting too close to aggressive art, destructive robots and moving vehicles, and playing in ash heaps or burn scars. A little bit of care goes a long way in a chaotic environment. All parents should attend to their children and are responsible for their safety and well-being at all times. You and your kids should know who is responsible for them at all times. Rather over-communicate with your kids than leave them without important info. Parents not behaving responsibly, with regard to their children, may be asked to leave the event. ORIENTATE YOUR KIDS When you get to Tankwa Town -walk around with them and identify landmarks that will help them navigate and be safe. If possible, figure out your camp address prior to arrival – this enables our Gate crew to link your kid’s wristband to camp location. If you don’t know your camp address before arrival, please head to our Gate after you’ve settled in and provide the info. GET TO KNOW YOUR NIEGHBOURS The community is one of the great strengths of AfrikaBurn. Neighbours help to look out for kids, bikes and everything else at your camp, while you do the same for them. ORGANISE EARLY MORNING ACTIVITIES Children may be up well before you and wandering about. PROTECT THEM FROM THE ELEMENTS Get your children to wear sturdy footwear and hats, use sunscreen and carry water with them wherever they are. MARK YOUR KIDS BIKE Take some duct tape and a permanent marker and mark your kid’s bike with their name, your name and your camp address. Adding a long ‘flagpole’ with brightly coloured flag (and a light) will make it easy to spot your kid’s bike from a distance. Similarily, marking your bike will make it easier for your kids to find and follow you. DON’T LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN AT THEME CAMPS You might be keen to have a wander and enjoy yourself but leaving children in the care of Theme Camps without their agreement is irresponsible and unfair to the Theme Camps and your children. OLDER KIDS Older kids are going to want to stretch their limits and cruise around on their own – make some guidelines that you both feel comfortable with, including how far to go and how often to check back in.

Please note: Theme Camps should not gift alcohol to those under 18 and camps gifting alcohol will ask for identification if in doubt.

RANGER SAYS: small children are a wonder at the burn but your average teen can be a horror and even more horrific in an anarchic enclave with music, booze, and countless temptations. AfrikaBurn is not the place to bring your distant teen in the hope it will bring you closer.

The Survival Guide recommends this article on their Binnekring Blog: Bringing Children to the Burn

Alma Burn

WATCH YOUR CHILDREN Take responsibility for your children. As their parent or guardian, you are liable for caringfor them THE ENTIRE BURN. Unattended children are grounds for eviction.



Youth Children of all ages are welcome at Apogaea. Including children in the event creates a wonderful atmosphere. Just like the rest of us, children at Apogaea are encouraged to bring art, volunteer and otherwise participate. That said, Apogaea is not a kid-focused event and anyone considering bringing a child must understand that parts of the event may be inappropriate, uncomfortable, and unsafe for children. Everyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian and have a liability waiver signed in person at the gate upon arrival. All legal guardians are required to accurately fill out a “Tiny Human Tracking Form” for each child. The form must be completed and turned in to the on-site Rangers (or with Gate volunteers to give to the Rangers) immediately after getting settled into camp . In past years this form was optional, but it is now required.The current location of Apogaea has significant physical hazards present, which require compliance with much stricter safety precautions. Parents should review this information carefully prior to the event, and then evaluate whether it is appropriate to bring their children to the event, or not. Do not assume that all hazards can or will be marked, or that any sort of physical safety barrier will be present. Families will be REQUIRED to adhere to the following event guidelines (failure to adhere may be grounds for ejection, See “How to Get Kicked Out” section below). 1.Guardians are required to fill out the “Tiny Human Tracking Form” upon entry into the event for each of their children under the age of 18, ensure it is accurate and physically turned in to the Rangers on site or with the volunteers at Gate to be kept on file. This form will be associated with an identifier on the child’s wristband, so that in the event of a child being lost or separated from their parent they can be quickly reunited; or their parents/camp quickly located in case of injury or emergency. 2.Due to the hazardous nature of the land, guardians must know where their kids are at all times. The child’s legal guardian is responsible for ensuring that their child is appropriately supervised by a responsible adult during the event. It is required that any child under the age of 18 be able to find and identify their legal guardian at all times, during the event. This may be done directly (such as via radio or mobile device) or indirectly (such as awareness that the guardian will be at a fixed location). If the child is temporarily being supervised by a responsible adult other than the legal guardian, then that adult must be guardian, then that adult must be able to find the legal guardian. 3.Appropriate supervision varies by individual child, and is based on the child’s age and maturity-level, as well as if there is the ability to be in radio-contact, or if there is mutual knowledge of the parent/child’s location with regularly scheduled in-person check-ins. 4.To qualify as a “responsible adult” for the purposes of supervising a child or children, a participant must fulfill all of the following requirements: a. Be at least 18 years of age. b. Be in full control of their mental and physical faculties (i.e. the adult may not be inebriated, napping, etc...). c. Either be the child’s legal guardian, or be the adult who was actively assigned those duties on site by the child’s guardian. In other words, just because you are over 18 doesn’t mean you can take your minor friend off to explore the event without their guardian’s full knowledge and consent. d. Have actively and positively accepted those responsibilities from the child’s guardian on site. In other words, a guardian cannot delegate their responsibilities to another adult without that adult’s active consent. e. Be prepared to follow the rules regarding supervision of the child, and to accept consequences (which may include eviction) for any failure to do so. 5.Allowing a minor for whom you are responsible to violate any of the stated rules is grounds for the entire party to be ejected. Kids & Ejection If an issue arises with a child, and a legal guardian cannot be found in a reasonable amount of time (or is not sober enough to act as a responsible adult), then both the child and the legal guardian may be removed from the event. If a child is engaging in behavior worthy of removal from the event, then the legal guardian will be removed as well. A list of Ejectionable Offenses can be found at the end of this Survival Guide. Kids & Hazards The current Apogaea site contains many hazards not encountered at previous Apogaea sites. These include, but are not limited to: • Steep ravines (drop-offs up to 20ft) • Active gas wells (and associated equipment, pipes, power systems) • Livestock ponds and water catchments • Potentially dangerous wildlife including rattle-snakes and elk • Cactus (several types) that are extensive and widespread (Boots or closed shoes highly recommended) • Felled timber, brush, and deadwood • Bicycles and motorized traffic Adult Content Parts of the event are adult in nature. These activities are required to be visually blocked from public thoroughfares but you must be aware that you or your child may encounter activities that may be inappropriate or uncomfortable for children (It may also be inappropriate or uncomfortable for some adults as well, but that does not mean they do not belong in our community). Some things that might be considered inappropriate or adult by the default world, such as nudity, are not limited or blocked from public view and might be encountered throughout the event. Be responsible for yourself and your child at all times. Do not expect the volunteers or community-at-large to supervise your child or manage your child’s experience. If you feel something is inappropriate for your child, it is your responsibility to steer your child away from it. Likewise, individuals, groups, or the community-at-large should feel empowered to discuss with parents if they feel their content is inappropriate for minors, or if they feel children are being disruptive or are endangered in any way. Camps may choose to exclude minors (under the age of 18) from their premises and/or functions at their discretion if they feel their content would be inappropriate or dangerous for minors to experience. Minors and their guardians are expected to respect those choices. That said, camps are also asked to abide by the principle of radical inclusion whenever possible, and those who invoke this privilege spuriously may receive lower consideration for camp registration and placement in the future. Serving Alcohol Some individuals and camps may choose to gift alcohol to other participants. Great! Before serving alcohol, you must request to see a government-issued photo ID. An over-21 wristband is not enough, nor is gray hair! If you would like to be served alcohol during Apogaea, please remember to bring your ID with you along with your reusable cup!

Barcelona Burning Bash

Kids up to 99 years old are more than welcome! The space is big and sprawling so keep this in mind when planning activities. Perhaps propose a kid-friendly workshop? Please be aware of when/where the adult activities are scheduled and be responsible for your child to not wonder in. We try to make it fair for everybody. Children up to 13 enter for free but they must register!Children & FamiliesBEquinox has always been a family affair. When you arrive at BEquinox,you will be asked to fill out a Child Form. You can find this form ahead of timeat Will speed up your Gate process if you have this form all filled out when you arrive.Parents are responsible for their children’s well-being at all times. If a child goes missing or you encounter a lost child, alert a Ranger. Always be respectful and aware of the presence of children at BEquinox.


Children & Families. BEquinox has always been a family affair. When you arrive at BEquinox, you will be asked to fill out a Child Form. You can find this form ahead of time at Will speed up your Gate process if you have this form all filled out when you arrive. Parents are responsible for their children’s well-being at all times. If a child goes missing or you encounter a lost child, alert a Ranger. Always be respectful and aware ofthe presence of children at BEquinox.

B.U.R.N. Burn

Parenting at B.U.R.N. Burn Children of all ages are welcome at B.U.R.N. Burn. Burners under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a 21+ parent or legal guardian, both at entry and at all times during the event. Children ages 15 and under must have a Kid's Ticket ($10); Children ages 16 and older require full-price tickets. Minors are not required to have government-issued ID but please be prepared to show proof of age. All minors must arrive at the Gate with their parent or guardian - unaccompanied minors will be turned away. Prepare children in advance for the kinds of things that they might see and hear. Nudity, iconoclastic art, sexuality, rude language, cultural commentary and "weird" behavior are all part of any Burn. Failing to adequately supervise minors will result in immediate ejection from B.U.R.N. Burn without exception or recourse.

Burning Flipside

SOCIAL MEDIA Posting photos to social media sites removes your control of the photos and of the ask-first arrangement made with other participants. Your friend said “yes” to your snapshot, not to your publishing that photo into the InterCyberGooglyTweets. These sites can retain photos even after you delete them. Think twice. MEDIA DEPICTIONS Burning Flipside is a private event. For the protection of all artists and participants at Burning Flipside events, Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC retains full and exclusive ownership and control of any and all filming and recording of any other pictures, descriptions, audio or accounts (hereinafter “Media Depictions”) of any and all Burning Flipside events. AAR, LLC will not sell or use your work without your permission. Commercial use of all Media Depictions is prohibited without prior written permission of AAR, LLC. Approved, professional media will receive a camera tag indicating their approval, and have been informed of our community expectations for the media. Anyone encountering a problem with a photo/videographer should discuss it with a Ranger. Information about the media policy and permissions may be obtained at (Note: there are no comp tickets available for members of the media. You must provide supplies and shelter for your entire crew.)

CHILDREN For the protection of minor children and in accordance with Texas law, any minor child attending this event must be accompanied at all times by someone with legal authority to make decisions for the child. A minor is anyone under the age of 18. Bring proper documentation to demonstrate your authority to make decisions for the child. For the child: Print out the Minor Affidavit, fill it out, and have it notarized. Alternatively, you can bring originals of official documents identifying the child, such as a birth certificate or passport. An electronic copy of your documentation will be stored along with the signed event waiver. For the parent: photo ID. You are solely responsible for the care, supervision, and well-being of your child at all times. There may be activities not suitable for children or behavior that you may not wish your children to see. Do not expect anyone to censor their behavior because children are present. You must sign an event waiver of liability for each minor child, including a statement that you have authority to act on behalf of the child. Bring everything your children will need to have a safe and enjoyable event. Inability to take care of the minors you bring to the event can result in ejection of you and the minors in question. Questions? Email AAR, LLC at

Burning Nest

Press & Media. THIS IS A PRIVATE EVENT, SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE BURNER COMMUNITY AND FRIENDS OF THOSE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. THE BURNER COMMUNITY IS DEFINED AS THOSE WHO ATTEND OTHER EVENTS THAT FOLLOW THE 11 PRINCIPLES. We respect the importance of maintaining our core energy and propagating this within our events. Therefore, we rely on word-of-mouth of prior Burning-event attendees, as well as welcoming those who seek out our gathering as something that resonates on a personal level. We ask that you do not list our event in public Event Calendars or publish articles about the event without the express permission of the coordinators of the event. This does not extend to private blogs or public blogs aimed to share your own personal experience of Nest as opposed to promote the event itself. Contact for more information.

Youth memberships TEEN (13-17) Membership £50 Reduced membership rate for those aged 13-17. CHILD (12 & UNDER) Membership FREE Free membership for those aged 12 and under. Children 12 and under will still need to be counted, so please email us when you have bought your adult ticket, so we can add children to our gate list.

Children of all ages and radically self-reliant parents are very welcome at Nest. If you’ve ever taken them camping then you’re halfway there! Read through the Survival Guide – all tips count double for kids! For 2019 we have a new Family Membership just for Thursday onwards – see the Membership Page for more information. Children 12 and under are free of charge – after you purchase your adult ticket please email with the names and ages of your attending children. We have a Facebook group! Email if you’d like to be added and kept up to date with the goings on. Lost children will be taken immediately to The Point. Rangers will then locate the child’s carer(s).You must ensure your child has an identification item that specifies where you are camped and also knows where their family camp is. Immediately notify a Ranger if at all concerned about the whereabouts of your child. Email if you have questions about attending with children.

Burn in the Forest

Children Do not leave children unattended. Be aware there may be subject matter inappropriate for minors. Do not expect the community to watch over your children or censor their behaviour.Children are any participants less than 18 years of age.Understand that many wild animals call our new venue home including bears and cougars.Both have been known to prey on children. Small children should not be much further thanarm’s reach from a sober adult, especially at the extremities of our venue. Immediately pick-upsmall children if a predator is sighted.

Burning Flipside

Children. For the protection of minor children and in accordance with Texas law, any minor child attending this event must be accompanied at all times by someone with legal authority to make decisions for the child.

A minor is anyone under the age of 18. Bring proper documentation to demonstrate your authority to make decisions for the child. For the child: Print out the Minor Affidavit, fill it out, and have it notarized. Alternatively, you can bring originals of official documents identifying the child, such as a birth certificate or passport. An electronic copy of your documentation will be stored along with the signed event waiver. For the parent: photo ID. You are solely responsible for the care, supervision, and well-being of your child at all times. There may be activities not suitable for children or behavior that you may not wish your children to see. Do not expect anyone to censor their behavior because children are present. You must sign an event waiver of liability for each minor child, including a statement that you have authority to act on behalf of the child. Bring everything your children will need to have a safe and enjoyable event. Inability to take care of the minors you bring to the event can result in ejection of you and the minors in question. Questions? Email AAR, LLC at

Burning Seed

Participants aged 16 and 17 are required to have a youth ticket for entry which must be purchased online. Tickets for kids aged under 16 must also be purchased online. Please note these important requirements: • A ticket-holding parent or legal guardian must accompany kids under the age of 18 to the site and at all times when on site – see Children section under “Community in action” below

Children are welcome at Burning Seed! If you are planning to bring your kids, you need to provide for all of their needs as well – there is no childcare at Burning Seed! A ticketholding parent or legal guardian must accompany all children under 18 years of age. It is your responsibility to ensure supervision for your child at all times during the event. Make sure to accommodate enough water and provisions for ALL of your combined needs - cooking and cleaning, as well as hydration. Organise and make meeting points and times where you can check in with one another should you become separated. Burning Seed is a child friendly event, and you are also invited to practice Civic Responsibility and Radical

Self-Reliance. If you do become separated and cannot find one another, the Red Earth Rangers can help - when your self-reliance runs out, which is normal! Find a Ranger in orange and they can help you engage the best procedures for finding each other again. Please take care to educate your kids about fire safety and be extra vigilant around the permitted fire areas and burn barrels. If you’d like to contribute to arranging kidfriendly activities at Seed, contact Kids Camp either at the event or beforehand on their Facebook page: If you encounter a lost child, stay with the child and have someone inform a Ranger as soon as possible

PHOTOGRAPHING CHILDREN You must not photograph any child without the explicit permission of their parent or guardian. No exceptions.

Element 11

WTF, Kids? Kids are welcomed home with a ticket of their own. The exerience your kiddos will earn in creative freedom and individual expression will last a lifetime. To assure the safety and well-being of all littles we have strict parent guidelines. Make sure your child is with you or another specified adult at all times and has the means to be self reliant. Water, chapstick and sunscreen are things that should be readily available. Survival Guide

Children under 18 years of age can attend the regional burn event only accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible party; any persons bringing a child to the event agrees on behalf of the child to the contractual terms of the ticket and acknowledges that they have made a choice that the child may be exposed to expressive activities and dress at the event. Refer to Minors Policy for more specifications. Element 11 has a zero tolerance policy for unaccompanied children.. Both parents/guardians and children will be evicted from the event grounds should an unaccompanied child be found. This applies regardless whether the child is lost or missing. Code of Conduct


CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A GUARDIAN. You take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and the well-being and actions of anyone that is under the age of 18 that is under your supervision. General Policies

Flashpoint Artists Initiative (FAI) Policy on Admitting Minors to Overnight Gated Events - Custodial parents or guardians may bring their minor children to FAI Overnight Gated Events, subject to the following mandatory conditions, in addition to regular gate admissions procedures followed by the parent(s) or guardian(s), and all other conduct requirements.

  • 1. All minor children must have a valid ticket, regardless of age.
  • 2. The child’s ticket must be presented to gate personnel for verification at the Entrance Gate.
  • 3. The child’s custodial parent or guardian must sign a special Minor Child Admissions Waiver.
  • 4. The child must be clearly photographed by gate personnel, using an instant, non-recording camera, owned and provided by FAI.*
  • 5. The child and each parent or guardian must be photographed together, using an instant, non-recording camera, owned and provided by FAI.*
  • 6. The parent must list an emergency contact person, who will be present at the event at all times the child is present.
  • 7. The emergency contact person must also be photographed with the child, at the gate, using an instant, non-recording camera, owned and provided by FAI*, and must also complete and sign the Emergency Contact section of the Minor Child Admissions Waiver.
  • 8. The photographs must be attached to the to the completed and signed Minor Child Admissions Waiver, to be retained at the gate, by gate personnel, for the duration of the event.*
  • 9. All parents or guardians, children, and emergency contacts will be issued wristbands, the parent’s number will be recorded on the child’s, and vice versa. Additionally, the numbers will be recorded on both child, and guardian waivers. The wristbands must be worn at all times, and must be shown to gate personnel, and photographs verified before any minor child will be permitted to leave the event.
  • 10.Children must be in the care, custody, and control of the parent, guardian, or emergency contact at all times. Sleeping children may not be left in camps unattended.
  • 11.In no event are children permitted to leave the event boundaries other than through the entrance gate, whether or not they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or emergency contact.
  • 12.Children are never permitted to use or play near any fire or flame source, or any body of water.
  • 13.Minor children, and persons under 21 are not permitted in adult-themed camps, or areas under any circumstances, regardless of parental consent. Identification is checked at the entrance points of all adultthemed camps, and underage persons are not admitted.
  • 14.Minor children, and persons under 21, are not permitted to drink alcohol, nor to violate any other law, regardless of parental consent.
  • 15.If the child and parent, guardian, or emergency contact become separated at any time during the event, each should report to the nearest Ranger, and a “Code Apple” will be immediately implemented, in compliance with ICS standards.
  • 16.Violation of these conditions is grounds for ejection from the event.

Photos are not recorded on any digital media and will be returned to the parents or destroyed following the event. Survival Guide

FreezerBurn Texas

This is an all-ages event. It’s also an event exploring freedom of expression. Don’t expect others to alter their behavior in the presence of your child. Complete the form at before arriving at Gate. Survival Guide 2019


KIDSVILLE – a key component of radical inclusion is having this event open to those of all ages, including children. Kidsville is a place where the youngest burners can camp together with their parents/guardians. This is not a babysitting service and you are responsible for the welfare of minors in your care all the time. Let your kids know in advance about the things that they will or might see and hear. This includes: nudity, clowns, nude clowns, sexuality, rough language, and things that typically had people shielding kids’ eyes and ears. It is as per your discretion what they should be exposed to and should be briefed on the culture. See: Survival Guide: Kidsville


Kiwiburn is awesome for kids, especially if you are prepared. We intend to create a safe festival environment, while allowing people the freedom to radically express themselves. It’s good to camp with people you know so you can keep an adult around in case they need something or get scared. Overall, Kiwiburn tends to be pretty safe and very exciting for kids but you need to be prepared to spend a lot of your festival meeting their needs rather than cutting loose.

Adults who bring their kids to Kiwiburn will have a very different experience than if they come without children. This could be due to following the kids around, worrying about where they are, and continually keeping an eye on them. Of course the ages and personalities of children will determine how much care they require and what kinds of care. Multiple adults camping together often take turns to stay with the children to make sure they are feeling safe. It is also important to note that Kiwiburn is noisy wherever you are camping, so do not expect quiet. There have been a few instances in the past of people not taking responsibility for the care of their children, which puts undue pressure on our support structures. If you want to come to Kiwiburn with children, please take responsibility for their care: feed them and make sure they are safe at night. Our site also has a beautiful river which is lovely to swim in. We do not have life-guards. Children must be supervised at all times near the river.

Things to be aware of:

Kiwiburn is often challenging. Sometime’s it’s the weather, the too hot or too cold temperatures, sometimes it’s the random interactions. Burns are intense environments. Children often thrive in these kinds of settings, however adults responsible for them can feel conflicted and overwhelmed! Kiwiburn is not like other festivals. You cannot buy food or beverages. There are no main acts. We co-create our own shared social reality. We are all participants. You will probably see amazing things – but we’re not sure what they’ll be each year. There are usually plenty of dance parties, fire dancers, interactive art pieces and creative performances. There is always lots going on. If you are trying to shelter your kids from natural things like nudity, or unnatural things like men wearing dresses, you may want to reconsider bringing them to Kiwiburn (the kids or the dresses). Kiwiburn has a flow. People tend to arrive on Wednesday set up camp and get oriented (unless they are setting up big things, in which case they may have permission to be onsite earlier). The energy of the festival builds up towards the end of the week with more and more things happening. On Saturday night everyone gathers around the effigy – there is a lot of excitement and fire dancing – then we watch it burn. Sunday is a quieter but an equally important day. The Temple, a place to let go and grieve, is burnt in a much more solemn style. Then people tend to pack up and go home on Monday. Kiwiburn is a leave-no-trace event without rubbish bins. You pack it in – you pack it out. We are all responsible for our own rubbish. Do not leave anything behind, not even glitter or cigarette butts. If you need to, carry a container around with you for your rubbish. Make sure your kids know not to leave any MOOP (matter out of place). Kiwiburn is entirely run by volunteers. Everyone has to buy a ticket. All the ticket money goes into festival infrastructure. Our budgets are transparent. When you buy a ticket, you become a participant. Your kids are also participants. Make sure you read and understand the 10 principles (see if your kids understand them better than you do)! If you become genuinely concerned about the behaviour of another participant, please let us know at the Depot or Black Sheep Rangers. We want to do everything we can to make sure people feel safe and that their boundaries are respected. Check-list for bringing kids to Kiwiburn:

Bring everything you and your kids will need for five days including sun protection, food, warm/cold clothing and shelter. Bring your kids. Have a plan: Talk to kids about what to do if they can’t find you – will you meet at your camp? The Depot and the Black Sheep Rangers HQ are also good places to meet. If you are worried about missing children, Black Sheep Rangers or the Depot (during the day) will have someone with a radio for contacting our support volunteers who may be able to help find them. Talk about things: You may see some strange things at Kiwiburn. It can help to have conversations with kids to help them process anything confusing they may see. Kids must be supervised at all times near the river. Make sure they know not to go there alone. Camp in a place where kids will be the most comfortable. The forest has the benefit of being cool, however branches sometimes fall so check where you set up home. Read the survival guide. Everything in there also applies to your kids. Be prepared. Have back up plans. The more plans you have in place to help meet your kids’ needs, the more you can relax and have fun. Talk to other parents about taking turns to watch the kids at night. If you don’t know any other parents yet, why not ask about it on our Facebook group? On arrival you will be given an event guide with a map. If your kids are old enough, show them the map and help them to figure out where everything is. Have a plan for self-care. Have a back up support person in case you need to take a break! If you need help or emotional support, please see our Black Sheep Rangers. It’s a really good idea to get your kids fed and ready for the evening BEFORE it gets dark. After dark, everything is much harder. Read the 10 principles as a bedtime story (just an idea)

Once upon a time we had an established Kidsville camp, and there are rumblings about starting something like this again. Kiwiburn functions as a do-ocracy and a Kidsville camp will only happen if people step up to make it happen. A good way of getting involved in organising and planning is through our Facebook group. If you feel you want to lead a and organise Kisdville camp, you can register it as a Theme Camp on our website, and we will help put the word out to the community.

Note: due to our recent policy change, children 15 and under can now come to Kiwiburn for free, those aged 16-18 must purchase a full-priced ticket. Anyone under 18 at Kiwiburn is there under the responsibility of a parent or guardian over 18 years of age.


In the spirit of MicroBurn’s ethos of inclusion children are welcomed at our event. Children must have a ticket to be allowed entry. Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

While we strive to make MicroBurn events a safe, loving and fun place to be, it is not necessarily always a child friendly event. It is up to the guardian/parent to decide what is appropriate for their children to see, do and hear. Also, please be mindful that other participants may not be used to being around children and may not adjust their language or behaviour around young people.

We ask that if you are going to bring children, please act in a safe, sober, and responsible manner, and be aware of where they are at all times. They are your responsibility.

There are areas and events that children may specifically be asked to not attend. Please respect these requests; they are for everyone’s safety and comfort.

And finally the fun bit: MicroBurn is really made up of what its participants put into the event so if your child has an idea for a project or art piece then please do encourage them to bring it along!

See - Children at MicroBurn


While we strive to make the event inclusive to all, Nowhere is still an adult-orientated event in a harsh desert environment. Nowhere does not dictate what is appropriate for your kids; you as their parent do! If you have any hesitations about bringing your child, we suggest you come alone first and see if it is an event you would enjoy together. See Also: FAQ: Children


Children at Reso Any one under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at all times. When you arrive at the gate you and your child will receive the same number on your wrist band, additionally your child's wristband will need to have your cell phone number written in it incase you are separated. Anyone under the age of 18 must be properly supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times failure to so can and will result in you being asked to leave the event. Children are allowed only in the Common area and the Kid Zone. The Kid Zone The Kid Zone area is reserved for family friendly camping and activities, its a place for younger burners to feel comfortable and interact with other children. Parents are encouraged to host kid friendly events such as Arts, Crafts, Games, and other learning activities that help shape young minds. Nudity is not permitted in or around this area as well as inappropriate costumes or devices.

What to expect Resonance is a participation based event, meaning it is what you make of it. Parents are encouraged to plan ahead and think of fun learning activities and events to keep children engaged at Resonance. There will be art, costumes, music, dancing and various other activities to enjoy. We highly recommend doing some research on the burner culture and community if this is your first year attending. Resonance will have a KidZone where families can camp and host events that cater to the younger community.

Ticketing Children under 13 are free but you do need to acquire a ticket before they are allowed to enter. You can do this on the ticket website when you purchase your ticket. Children 13 and over will require a normal ticket to attend Resonance.

CLA-Children Limited Areas CAAT-Children Accomapanied All Times CCZ-Childrens Camping Zone CAZ-Childrens Activity Zone