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Ignite is the first Virginia regional burn sanctioned by (Burningman) and guided by the 10 Guiding Principles. Originally blossoming out of Transformus’s Town Hall and work-play weekend, Ignite! became an officially sanctioned Burning Man burn in 2015. Much like (Transformus) houses the city of Mysteria, Ignite! raises the city of Combustia. This is the place where your Burner spark can be fanned into flame for the year as you make new friends, learn together, and dance the night away. At Ignite! there is a focus on “Learn ‘n Burn,” where you, the community, can bring your knowledge and skills to share with others via our platforms for playful learning, which we call “playforms“. Originally started in 2013, the playform concept has been met with resounding success and positive community feedback. Helping our community learn and grow is part of what makes Ignite! special. Never fear though, Ignite! has all the nighttime fun you expect from a good Burn: theme camps, music, dancing, fire performances, an Effigy burn, and plenty of interesting sights to see. Ignite! is an all-ages burn where family presence is encouraged! There is a neighborhood for families named “Kindleton” where those with little Burners can camp together. We have playforms just for kids, such as the “wiggle worm pentathlon,” and several art projects, including building small effigies for the Temple Burn.