Kamp Koasis

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KaMp Koasis
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KaMp Koasis Logo
A group of cross-eyed crooked vagabonds.
Blazing Swan - 2014-2017
Location: The Esplanade, Effigy Plaza, Jilakin Rock City
Website: KaMp Koasis on Facebook

Kamp Koasis are a group of cross-eyed crooked vagabonds, and extremely attractive trash bags who like to throw sweaty delicious parties, brew delicious fermented beverages, knock together the one and only janky palace (waterproof this year!), educate folk that being green is the coolest and give punters days of epic entertainment!

  • Music Kamp
  • Bar
  • Live Music
  • Dj's
  • Work Shops
  • Events
  • Art

Event History

Founded in November 2013. At every Blaze.

External Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kampkoasis/