Kiwiburn 2017

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Name About Burn Year(s) Gifts
Chapel in the Glade Temple services in the forest. In the hectic whirlwind of the burn, we know it can be hard to see everything, to do everything. Sometimes visiting the Temple gets missed in the madness. Never fear, happy sinners, we are the Chapel in the Glade! Write down your wishes, your confessions, your hopes and your sins, and the monks of the chapel will relieve you of your burdens. Come unto the Chapel of the Glade to receive the blessing of our secular monks, and add to the beauty of our shrine tree. KiwiBurn 2017
Pepperland Theme: Family Friendly. Welcome to Pepperland, the land of love, games, alternative science and Beatles appreciation club. In the morning, join our Wide Game (like Capture the Flag) and play games with us. In the afternoon explore and play in the natural spaces with Science ‘til Sunset. In the evening go deep with our N.O.S. science experiments. And if you need a Beatles fix, just ask! Daytime events are child friendly. Goo Goo G’Joob. **** Pepperland’s four main activities in detail. Outdoor Wide Games – All ages, Everyday at 10:30am. Come and play ‘wide games’- games played in a large designated outdoor area (like Capture the Flag). Each day is a different game. Bring water and snacks. Science til Sunset – All Ages. Everyday from 3pm until dinner time. A magical mystery tour, exploring and playing in the local environment, with rock blasting, building dams, building huts etc. Meet at Pepperland and adventure to a different location in the Kiwiburn site everyday. N.O.S. Science – Adults only. Delve into the tripping world influenced by certain grey canisters, and report the results during our science experiments. Every evening explores a different genre of psychedelic-inspired music. Beatles Appreciation Club in operation at all times and upon request. Goo Goo G’Joob. KiwiBurn 2017
Home for Wayward Girls and Boys Burner Hostel. While this camp was created for the International Burner who is traveling light we welcome all participants. Our facilities include a kitchen for all to share, a camp chilly bin and some water, you supply the food and clean up after yourself, (don’t bring your mum to do that either), there are NO kitchen fairies here. The camp also offers shelter, shade space and our very own camp trampoline as well as access to Divine Costume Hire (where an interesting outfit can be hired for the very affordable price of two hugs for the day). The camp runs ‘The Hug Deli’ art project and camp members are encouraged to do shifts there. KiwiBurn 2017
DanceAlot Sound Camp. Dancealot, the Good Vibe Tribe, is full of music, dancing and fun! Join us on the dance floor for a fantastic eclectic mix of dance tunes, and keep warm next to our braziers by the dance floor. Get your glow on with the White Party on Friday night and bring a cup to savour the goodness from our pop up bar on Friday night! KiwiBurn 2017
Two Couches and a Rug Lounge. Calling on the iconic Kiwi style of a barren, minimally furnished student flat, Two Couches and a Rug brings to the Paddock... well... Two couches. And a rug. Come lounge with us on one of our well-loved couches, or kick up your heels and dance on our rug. Cascada will probably be playing. On repeat. KiwiBurn 2017
Sleeping Beauties + Playful Pixies Sunset = camp quiet for those that need to sleep. Sunrise = time to play! Night = A quiet camp from sunset to sunrise. Day = toys, books, games and dress ups for all. We will attempt to create a quiet sleeping space for families and those that appreciate sleep before midnight! A place for parents to sit, chat, and watch the fun on the field, whilst also keeping an eye on their sleeping children. Working on getting our own, child friendly porta loo (some fundraising will probably be required for this). Meet other parents who are crazy/cool enough to bring their kids to the burn. No intoxicated people please in this camp and we would appreciate adults being partially clothed. We do not babysit your kids. Want to join this camp – KiwiBurn 2017
Night Vale Community Outreach An extruded tentacle of the Night Vale City Council. Night Vale Community Outreach and the Night Vale City Council would like to remind you that there are no such thing as killer robots. Those things sneaking up behind you are, in fact, cuddly teddy bears. You should give them a hug! And while you’re at it, why not have a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage and a k-bar? KiwiBurn 2017
The Hangout Hammocks, chill and learning. Burners, Pirates, Nymphs, Ewoks, Pixies, come one, come all, take time for the sublime, and swing through the trees to the dually serene and surreal astral plane of The Hangout; for restoration, education, contemplation and exploration. You can check in any time you like, but you’ll never want to leave. KiwiBurn 2017
Sea Slugs and Sea Snugs on the Sea Floor Come and relax under the sea with snugs and slugs. KiwiBurn 2017
The Green Room Chill space The green room is coming back. Come relax and hang out after a long day of fighting (or hugging) robots KiwiBurn 2017
The Falls Inn - Mach II Pastel Paisley Anarchism. After its inaugural year on the Paddock in 2016: The Falls Inn returns for you with renewed vigour for all things ridiculous, anarchistic and silly. Things loud, base heavy and groovy. Things intoxicating and palatable. Things pastel and paisley. Things esoteric and un-understandable. Things thought provoking and weird, wild and whimsical, spontaneous and unsupervised. Things bigger, better, bolder and brighter. We return to you, our brothers and sisters of the Paddock with a bright vision for Paddock life in 2017.... So buckle up, let your hair down, dance dance dance, get spanked, get weird, laugh with your belly and Fall Inn with us this Burn. Yours in orderly chaos, well mannered yet still mildly offensive debauchery and Whisky. The Fallers of 2017. And Rum..... And Spanking paddles and over powered P.A.s..... but not FUCKING Glitter! KiwiBurn 2017
funkhutt Chill and dance space. Dance space and chill space with music, funky tunes, lights, dancing and other entertainment. A space where people can be comfortable and chilled. A space to have fun with a positive vibe. A space to facilitate gifting, be it food or drink, a massage or yoga lessons. Come join us if this sounds like you, we are not here to party by ourselves... KiwiBurn 2017
Camp Incoherent We wanted to make a Theme Camp, but we couldn’t decide on a theme! At Camp Incoherent we’ll be doing something different each day for no apparent reason. We’re back for 2017, and we still couldn’t decide on a theme! Welcome to Camp Incoherent, where we’ll be doing something that makes very little sense each day. KiwiBurn 2017
The Rusty Joint Post-apocalyptic bar, Fort to keep the Robots out. A safe, warm place to take refuge and relax when the robots come! Grab a drink at the bar, pull up a seat, put your feet up and make yourself at home! KiwiBurn 2017
Taradise Lounge. Home of Janis, the wheelie bin. KiwiBurn 2017
Happy Hands Massage camp. Happy Hands is a space where people can bring their own masseuses to rub away the tension accumulated from the default world. A chill place, where oils and massage tables are provided to bliss out and recharge to make the most of your burn. KiwiBurn 2017
Barrio Del Chur All things Chur! Chur is our ethos and community is our vehicle. We’re excited to return to the Paddock for our fourth year hooking up the Chur vibes with our multi-zoned neighborhood. Chur brings immersive experiences from all sides with our unique blending of the sacred and profane. Slide by in the night to witness our new bar and resident DJs, and return the next morning for revival in the bass chur-ch via fresh smoothies, international yoga teachers, and the healing zone. We’ve scaled up our infrastruc-chur this year and think you’ll be as chuffed as we are. Whether it’s change-making or booty-shaking, Chur has you covered. Now with 100% less janky bamboo dome. KiwiBurn 2017
Cape Carnival Sound camp and chill space. Yet again, Cape Carnival is back at Kiwiburn to provide veteran Kiwiburner hospitality, cheesy tunes, bad wine and good snacks. Cape Carnival is the home of Kiwiburn founder Yonderman, and many fellow KB veterans and new characters. This year we will continue to provide a diverse assortment of DJs/music, wine and cheese treats, and wonderful hospitality. Chill space by day and night, and party zone in the late afternoon is what Cape Carnival is all about. Come and hang with us and enjoy. KiwiBurn 2017
Mint Country Club Pop-up Bar. The Mint Country Club comes all the way from Australia to once again introduce some Minty class to the Kiwiburn experience. Our roaming bar serves gin and tonic – look for the green umbrellas on the Paddock. Open anywhere, anytime. Gin gin! KiwiBurn 2017
The Raspberry Beret A Raspberry Lounge. We are berry excited to present the premier of.... The Raspberry Beret! A mouthwatering morsel of raspberry flavoured music, drinks and comfies. Join us for raspberries in your mouth.. and on your belly... and together we can Jam. KiwiBurn 2017
The Rainbow Unicorns of Ill Repute Rainbow unicorns. Strap on your finest most whimsical horn and come prance around in our troubled paradise; where frisking and frolicking collide. Cavort in the iridescent melting pot at the end of the rainbow. You might even happen upon salacious creativity, fun-spangled playtimes and of course the debauchery that is the Saloon of Ill Repute. KiwiBurn 2017
NUF Fun massage and drums. Camp NUF,: Had enough of the default world? Then NUF is a New Unsofisticated Fantasy. Chilled beats chai and Kai. A son and father project. KiwiBurn 2017
The Den (Previously Bills Den) Workshop and base of operations.Think of this as a workshop – tables, hand-tools, power for small machines such as sewing machine and hot glue gun, some materials.Pure-C operates from here and other spots. KiwiBurn 2017
Shake your bumting Chillout spa. Bumtings are back, with less bums and bunting, but more hammocks, more tunes, more massage and a comparable amount of steamy sauna! KiwiBurn 2017
Camp no brakes Party. We’re back! This time our motto is our name. Keep an eye out for the elusive bouncy castle, and maybe more. Much, much more. KiwiBurn 2017
Fabulous Disaster Kiwiburn Edition Fire and metal. Fabulous Disaster, Kiwiburn edition, is the regional spin off of a sub camp within Gigsville, a large old school fire and metal based village at burning man. come play with fire and try to not get burned! or do ;) KiwiBurn 2017
Pillowtopia Cosyness. Carry your crazy carefree charming selves to a chilled comfy creative corner for consensual cuddles while you consume copious concoctions crafted cunningly by cool captivating curvaceous characters. KiwiBurn 2017
Swing Fling swings and other carney activities. Feel like a fling on a swing? Or hang around and finger our rings? We’re a tribe of monkeys that seek to infect the entire population of Kiwiburn with our invitation to play. Carney activities like the swings, silks and a lyra for those wanting some air action or try our cargo net, hammocks and the all new “Paddling Pool of Conversation” to meet new friends. KiwiBurn 2017
Plan B We did not think that Trump would be elected so we are all heading to NZ as our Plan B. We will also highlight other Plan B’s, and maybe help you find yours. We are a bunch of Americans (well one Kiwi) that are escaping the inauguration of a bigot, sexist, shit show (please fill in your own description). We are coming here as our Plan B. Let us help you figure out your Plan B. As part of our camp we will also be hosting Shadows – a fun LED art project that you can interact with KiwiBurn 2017
The Kitchen Sink Costumes, Food and Chill Vibes. Bringing everything including itself: The Kitchen Sink will be a home base, a space to gear up into costume daily, nightly and ever so rightly, good vibes and of course last but not the least: Food. Hoping to host events such as Soup Kitchen Night with all night soup, Costume parties, Dress up and Delicious Kai Nights, Burn Pancakes and more! (yet to be confirmed) Food donations are greatly appreciated – the more food the more the chefs can cook and there will be a costume library which can be contributed to as well. KiwiBurn 2017
RoyalTea Ice Tea, shade and friendship. RoyalTea, ladies and gentlemen of the Court sip a refreshing beverage from the orient while you defend the castle walls from the unwashed masses. So come visit the castle providing the water gun turret, and a shady patch to enjoy some refreshing ice tea KiwiBurn 2017
Kink Kamp Open Minded, Consent Focused, Sex positive. Education, knowledge, honesty and fun for people looking for something and unsure where to look or who to ask. The core group are experienced Wellington Kinksters who are bringing their knowledge and experience to the Paddock for the benefit of all who are interested to learn. Consent is important to us and hence there is no pressure to be, do or see anything you do not wish to, and so we will offer our brains to be picked, our skills to be copied, our wisdom to be absorbed with no obligation on the recipient to do more than ponder their gift and make their own choices going forward. People from around the country and around the globe who share our vision are welcome to join us for a few hours or the duration and share their own knowledge and experience also. KiwiBurn 2017
Knot Here What knot to do. We’re Knot Here to teach you how to tie useful knots; we’re Knot Here to teach you how to knot your own jewellery; we’re Knot Here to provide you any useful resources – we’re just here to teach you things you’d rather knot know about KiwiBurn 2017
The Warm Fuzzies Doodlebopper Camp Love and Hugs. Need a moment of ‘aww’ and whimsy? Pop by our camp to make your very own warm fuzzy or a set of fuzzily warm doodleboppers! Perfect for the Paddock or for a quick pick-me-up for your return to the default world.... KiwiBurn 2017
The Flojo Circus and Fire. Hi, we are The Flojo – an unpredictably gathered ensemble of cirque and fire flavoured misfits with a penchant for psychedelic sound and senses. KiwiBurn 2017
SK300 South karori. Camp SK300 is a Theme Camp to bring the south Karori community spirit, vibe and culture to Kiwiburn To make us all at home we’ll bring a selection of our creature comforts. We will have our home community comforts for all to enjoy including: Shade structure; impromptu music and opportunities; Pizza Oven; Bliss Balls; Microgreens (to be confirmed); Cups of tea; Earth Oven; A place to charge USB devices when the sun is shining (Solar powered); Other stuff and things (to be decided/ confirmed) KiwiBurn 2017
Yung Shroomy’s Hot Jams Cafe C0ff33 ‘n’ T00nZ. where the coffee beans won’t be the only thing grinding. Come along for your morning brew, sign up for a shift as a barista, donate some milk or just enjoy the t00nZ. Yung Shroomy spinning beats all week. Impromptu Espresso Martini parties welcome. KiwiBurn 2017
The Creature lab Creatures. The creaturelab is a apace open to anyone that wants to join us, entertainment and a spot to pull up and chill for a while. KiwiBurn 2017
Bliss Camp Body Bliss. The Bliss Balls want to offer a deeper connection to oneself and others. Connecting through communication, physical touch and desire to connect. Offering massage, breathwork, eye gazing sessions, gender dynamic discussion circle and lots of cuddles! KiwiBurn 2017