Lollipop Village

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The Lollipop Village theme camp offers a space for all of Blazing Swan’s families to join together and create a fun world for the festival’s children to play, share, and enjoy being around other children. Mums and Dads can work together to create meal rosters and child minding times so parents can enjoy child free times.

We are the sister camp to Teenage Junkyard and are catering to all the under 12 year old children of the festival. Families with teens as well as littlies can camp between Lollipop Village and Teenage Junkyard so that children of all ages have their own special place to enjoy each other and be near to their camp site and families.

All ideas to create a wonderland for the festivals children and families are welcomed and we encourage parents to connect with us on our Facebook page for group discussions, ideas and organising events before, during and after the festival. Facebook Group: Lollipop Village