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Welcome to the Burning Wiki
The radically inclusive, participative and self expressive Wiki space for Burners.

Artwork by James Wickham

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  • We have a new Burning Wiki logo, up in the top left of this Front Page. It's a combination of James Wickhams pictograms for 'Communal Effort' and 'Participation'. James - who holds a Creative Commons right in respect of the images - actually did the artwork for us. Our feeling is that this Logo not only reflects the combination of the two Principles most aligned with this Wiki, but is also symbolic of the energy we hope it creates.
  • What is the essence of the Burn? Or to look at it another way, what element of the Burn - if we took it away - would make it cease to be a Burn? I'd argue that it's art. Yet talking about the Burning Art and reproducing images of the Art that exists inside and around the Burn space presents a difficulty.

    The ambition for this Burning Wiki is to record and present the different ways that Burns are expressed and experienced around the World. Burning Art is not only contextual within the Burn, but also within the cultures that inspire and create the Burn. There's a legitimate sense that reproducing Burning Art 'outside the Burn' invalidates it. On the other hand, it's the Art of the Burn that has had the deepest impact upon the wider world. Millions of people know of the Burn through images of the Art at the Burn, even if they know almost nothing else about the Burn. And perhaps that points the way forward for the Burning Wiki.

    If we have an ambition to change the World, to tilt its axis even so slightly in the direction of a better World, then we can't hope to do that by bringing everyone to the Burn. We have to bring the Burn to the World. Sharing the imagery of the Burn, which already has an keen audience, is a chance to share the philosophy and sentiment of the Burn. If we can present the Art, with honesty and sensitivity, in its total context, then I believe we are respecting it, and the artists and Burn communities who have brought it to life.

    This Burning Wiki is not going to the agent of that change. But it might hope to be a tool that is useful to those who hope to be. The first of many projects in this space will be to collect the maps of all the Burns. These are the marks we make upon the Earth, and also a chance to consider the mark that the Earth leaves upon us.

The Burning Wiki is on Facebook. If you need to contact us, or want to have Burning Wiki updates in your news feed this is the place to go.

Thomas Tighe's Spreadsheet of Events is - we're told - being updated for 2020. We regard this as the only other reliable index of Burns worldwide. The Burning Wiki's events list and Thomas's Spreadsheet are independently operated and maintained which gives the worldwide Burn Community not only the assurance that the information is being independently verified, but also the security of knowing that if one website is unexpectedly unavailable the other should be unaffected. Note that each of these sites use slightly different definitions of what is a Burn or Burn Related Event, but this is explained on the websites for those that are interested.

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Featured Photo

Effigy Burn and Fireworks at Transformus 2019 in West Virginia. Photo by Brian Magerko.

2019 Effigy: 'She Lights the Way'
Created by Infinity Gathered
Lead: Michael Verdon
Co-Leads: Rob Pryor, Ryan Seeley, Jenn Richter,Emily Dalphy, and Beyond Joy

Transformus has now wrapped up for another year, but you can find details of this beautiful Burn at their website, and links there to the Transformus Burner community. See:

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Burning Wiki is similar to, but separate from Wikipedia. Like all Wikis it's a place where all visitors are encouraged to add knowledge, and like all Burn Communities it's a Do-ocracy. One of the quickest ways to getting started creating or editing your own pages is to look at what others have done. To see the code behind each page, select 'Edit Source' once you open a page that you'd like to copy. See Help:Getting started for further information, a quick introduction to wikis, and links to resources to help you.

Step One: Create a Burner Account

Having a registered Burner Account in the Burning Wiki is a good first step. You can create a Playa Name and use that, and even a Burner Profile page for yourself. You can edit this Wiki without a Burner Account, but be warned, the Wiki will then display your computer's IP address as the 'author'. This isn't a good thing for people who like to keep their computer details private. Creating a Burner Account (at the moment) requires that you contact John Mack at the Burning Wiki facebook page. Setup will usually happen within 24 hours.

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Template Pages These are available to help you create structure and content in the Burning Wiki. Like all elements of the Burning Wiki you can improve them, and choose whether or not to use them

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