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An online code of conduct gives guidance to the Burn community using Burn related or connected social media platforms. In some cases the Online Code of Conduct is only intended to apply to officials and volunteers of the Burn organisation. In most instances the Code is intended to give guidance to all users of those Burn related or connected social media platforms.

Some Burns detail specific sanctions that will invoked in the case of a breach of the Online Code of Conduct.

The Online Code of Conduct for each Burn community can usually be found in the 'About' section of that Burn's official facebook page. In rare instances the Online Code of Conduct is reproduced in the Burn's website.

It should be noted that some Burn's do not have their own facebook page, but are referenced in facebook pages set up by the Burn community. In these cases the Burn organisation does not have, or has only a very limited, relationship with the facebook page and the people who run it. Online Codes of Conduct from these Burn community facebook pages are included here for completeness sake, but no inference should be drawn as to whether they are officially endorsed, or reflect the view of any Burn organisation. Readers are enjoined to refer back to original sources using the links provided, and to determine for themselves the character of the sources and the relations between them and the actual Burn event or Burn community.

Nothing should be inferred from the absence or brevity of any Burn's Online Code of Conduct. As always the Burning Wiki makes no claim to being complete or completely up to date, and we may have missed some details from some Burns. It may also be the case that a Burn with a history of minimal social media engagement, or with a history of positive social media engagement, has not felt the need to formulate an Online Code of Conduct.


Online Conduct The purpose of the Alchemy and Euphoria Facebook groups is to be a channel to communicate information about the burns. They are moderated by the Event Committee. We allow others to post to the groups, but only when those posts are relevant to the burns and when it does not interfere with the primary purpose of getting information out. Posts should be directly related to burns. As we get closer to the event, we limit the number of posts so that relevant information is not hard to find. We will block people who are abusive or cause conflicts and delete posts that cause confusion.

Some posts are never allowed and posting them may result in being banned:

  • Posts of a commercial nature ( No promoting for-profit events, buying and selling things)
  • Posts soliciting or encouraging illegal activities.
  • Posts that are likely to offend or harass others.
  • Posts intended to confuse or deceive the community ( No "burns cancelled" posts. )

There are a few things we don't ban outright, but we discourage:

  • Stale jokes ( VIP Tickets, Daft Punk Shows, etc.)
  • Posts without much content ( "Yay I got a ticket!", "I can't wait for the burn!", "I want to hug all the burners")
  • Posts about buying or selling tickets (There's a separate Facebook Group for that: )

A Note On Facebook Accounts. The Euphoria Facebook group is a closed group. In general, we will approve most people to join, but we try to block spammer and bot accounts. There are a few things that are generally red flags for us:

  • Accounts with an obviously fake name
  • Accounts based in far away countries ( we get lots of spam accounts from Africa, Asia and the Middle East)
  • Accounts with most of their content in a foreign language
  • Accounts with profile pics that are not people or all celebrities

If you think your account was blocked incorrectly, email Code of Conduct