Rainbow Tribe

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Rainbow Tribe
BZN RainbowTribe Logo 002.png
Rainbow Tribe Logo
Rainbow paint + Rainbow souls. Art and Expression
Blazing Swan - 2017-2018, Kraken - 2017
Location: The Esplanade, Effigy Plaza, Jilakin Rock City
Website: Rainbow Tribe on Facebook

Rainbow Tribe is a theme camp at Blazing Swan that encouraged radical self-expression through creative means such as body painting and body art. "Rainbow" refers to not only to the colourful practice of body painting the group enjoys, but also the spectrum of personalities and perspectives that form a conscious collective of burners.


Body painting and body art is the core interest and activity at Rainbow Tribe, which leads participants through a transformative experience of communal trust, towards various levels of ecstasy through radical self-expression.


Rainbow Tribe's pre-history includes a body painting theme camp named Beautifyre, brought to Modifyre's inaugural 2015 burn in Queensland.

  • 2015 - Formed an body art interest group for body art workshops and events.
  • 2016 Blazing Swan (Illumination) - Not a formed theme camp yet, but planned event the inaugural "Be-you-tiful Body Art Exhibition" hosted at Camp Unicorn Power.
  • 2016 - Formed an organising crew to form the Rainbow Tribe theme camp.
  • 2017 Blazing Swan (Elemental) - Registered theme camp, and second annual "Elemental Body Art Exhibition".
  • 2018 Blazing Swan (Beyond the Black Stump) - Nominated theme camp.