Shiva's Tea House

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Shiva's Tea House
Shiva's Logo
A refreshing and relaxing oasis of calm.
Blazing Swan - 2014-2017
Location: Cnr Infinite Loop & Sweet Street, Jilakin Rock City
Website: Shiva's Tea House


Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and then surrender to the plush comfort of mountainous piles of cushions.

Welcome home friend. Shiva’s Tea House is an oasis of calm and relaxation for the weary blazer and the conscious conversationalist. Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and then surrender to the plush comfort of mountainous piles of cushions. Now listen with intent… what do you hear? The gentle reverberations of a strumming guitar? The deep hum of a didgeridoo? The ethereal tones of a hapi drum? Maybe it’s a soft voice telling a story, or a passionate talk on an awe-inspiring topic.

But enough of the ethereal feathery hippy wank…it’s time for real talk. This is an amazing community we’re part of at Blazing Swan and lets be conscious about how we can embody these principles and support the community at large.

So come on in, meet our new friends and let’s talk about how we can build a strong community together.

Camp Vision

Being a part of the Shiva's family isn't just limited to the 7 days of the festival. It lasts as long as our values and vision aligns with yours. Even if you don't choose to participate directly with our camp, you will always have a 'home' at Shiva's Tea House.


This is the essence of our camp therefore any action, motivation or intention that is of use, benefit to and nurtures the Shiva and wider community is encouraged and welcomed as long as it fits within the confines of practicality, reason and rationality. Attitudes that promote community are also much valued such as people who are genuine, open-minded, patient and non-violent, honest communication.


When it comes to getting a camp together, there's nothing as valuable as a member that takes the initiative to make things happen! We're not here to spoon feed, but if you are consistently helpful and contribute in ways that are in-line with our vision, be sure that you'll be treated as one of the family.


We care for our environment and aim to minimise the impact of our camp during the festival. We are aware that we still have a long way to go to further lower our environmental impact. Therefore, we aim to take more on every year to the best of our resources. Below are some of the measures we've taken to do this:

  • Only solar is used for electricity and LPG gas for hot water and cooking
  • Our structure is created from salvaged timber and salvaged agricultural tarpaulin
  • Most of the decorations that beautify the space are obtained second hand or salvaged
  • Communal cooking for our camp members means less food goes to waste and less energy is used for cooking


We value people who take the initiative to express their creativity. We pride ourselves for providing a space that allows people to perform impromptu music jam sessions, story telling, massage train or stand-up comedy. There's always something interesting and unexpected going on in our camp.


Blazing Swan 2016

Blazing Swan 2017