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Burn Policies Worldwide

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*Alphabetic listing of Burns and quotes from that Burns documentation. Where possible the entirety of that Burns documentation will be quoted in full. The source of the quote will always be shown and will be a hot link to the original. Where a document is too long to quote in its entirety the Wiki will avoid making selective quotes from it as we do not wish to impose our biases as to what is most important and quotable. In those cases the document will not be quoted, but will be described and a hot link to the original will be provided
*A table, showing for each Burn an encoded summary of all the significant elements of the policy. For example where Burns use wristbands to signal non-consent to photography, the code would be WB. The table will include an explanation of all of the codes in use in respect of that policy area.
These are signed documents lodged with the event organizers anytime between ticket sale and gate entry. They describe the liabilities and responsibilities of the event organizers and the participants (and possibly third parties) and have greater legal 'weight' than conditions that are simply printed on tickets or available on websites.
State Laws
NTXB complies with all local, state and federal laws and expects the same from its participants. Ref:
Portapotties if it’s not naturally produced by you or one-ply toilet paper don’t put it in there. No wet wipes. No pads. No tampons – we don’t want them floating around there looking like a massacred flock of tiny albino stingrays. All these clog up the hoses and nobody wants to have to have their hands in that to clear it out. Double bag zip-locks and line with a garbage bag to put all your personal garbage in there to dispose of in your camp trash discreetly. Trash – you will need to haul out your own trash. There are no trash cans on site. Radical self-reliance means you are responsible for all your own trash, so please bring bags with you and even carry a little zip lock to put things you find along your way. Cigarette butts are the worst kind of MOOP so please bring a tin you can use as your own ashtray and butt store. It is absolutely unacceptable to leave anything for others to pick up after you – it is a direct violation of the principles. Please ensure that whatever you bring has the least amount of trash, unwrap packing and dispose at home and don’t bring disposable plates/cutlery/cups. See: [ Survival Guide: MOOP]
CONSENT IS MANDATORY. Consent is permission. Get consent first when: taking photos of someone, touching them, engaging in sexual escapades. Radical self-expression can take many forms – including
nudity – but it is not an invitation to anyone to invade someone’s personal space or make physical advances. People may be unable to give consent due to being intoxicated, in an altered state, or even asleep. Past interactions do not always imply future consent either. Consent may be withdrawn at any time for whatever reason and you have an obligation to honor their change of heart. Respect people’s bodies and personal space, we all want to have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience. Accept a no gracefully, coercion is a crime and thanking someone for expressing their boundaries helps make a better community for all. Remember, only YES means yes. See: [ Survival Guide: Boundaries & Consent]
All events organized by NTXB must comply with the principle of Consent. Consent regarding another person’s body or property is reached when someone agrees, gives permission, or says “yes” to an activity or touching with other persons. Participants must feel free to say “yes” or “no” and feel free to stop the activity at any time. That also means that cajoling, pleading, persuading, taunting, or any form of emotional blackmail after a “no” is unacceptable. Ref:
*AfrikaBurn -
*Burning Man -
*Bequinox -
Cars are allowed to drive up to their campsites via the roads that were created to drop off gear and are required to park in the designated parking lot. The campsite is only drivable during the gate hours. After gate hours you will not be able to enter the campsite - you will have to stay in D-lot overnight until Gate opens the next day. This is for safety of participants at night. The only vehicles allowed to stay in the campsites are RVs and art cars. There is no re-entry to the event unless it is an emergency, so please be prepared for the whole weekend. See: [ Survival Guide: Gate Hours]
Excessive sound is the most common problem for events such as ours, attracting unwanted attention of the property owner, neighbours, and law enforcement. We are strong supporters of Civic Responsibility, and want to be good temporary residents of the community we are visiting. All camps with amplified sound 100 watts or larger must register with the event during theme camp
registration. On arrival at the event, please find the Sound Lead (reachable via radio by Ranger or other event volunteers), who will give you more information relating to your specific camp placement. All subwoofers must be turned off between the hours of 2am and 10am. All other sound equipment must be kept below 90dB at 40 feet. All sound systems will be issued a permit. We will have volunteers with a dB meter responding to complaints; infractions of this policy will be marked on the sound system’s permit. Infractions may result in temporary shutdown of a sound system, and multiple infractions will result in a sound system being permanently turned off for the remainder of the event. Amplified sound is not permitted before the event starts (noon on Friday) or after the event ends (noon on Monday). Other events have found SPLnFFT for iOS to be extremely accurate. We highly recommend you use this app to manage your own sound to keep infractions minimized. These rules are subject to change depending on site conditions. Please ask the Sound Team if you have any questions! See: [ Survival Guide: Sound]
Lakes of Fire
Lakes of Fire respects the needs and regulations of the communities surrounding the event. Some of your music may travel beyond our perimeter and into these communities. Therefore, we must limit high-powered sounds to reasonable hours. Basic sound rules are listed below, but please note that they may be subject to change before or during the event. Excessive sound is the single most likely reason that law enforcement officers will visit Lakes of Fire.
Report the sound equipment you have with you at the Gate upon entry, even if it’s just a boom-box.
The Sound Squad (Rangers, Organizers, and Sound Team Volunteers) may ask you to turn your volume down, or completely off. Honor these requests.
All sound equipment 100 watts or larger must be registered and permitted prior to the event as a Lakes of Fire theme camp. You must register by April 24th. If you are bringing lower powered sound equipment or musical instruments, please check with the Gate or Placement volunteers for information on where to set up your camp. Ask for a Placement or Sound Squad assistance in placement. Sound Permits will be distributed at check-in and must be posted at all times near your camp/projects sound board. Infractions will be logged against permits by the Sound Squad, and a third infraction will result in a temporary suspension of permit (and system shutdown) for the day.
Bass travels, but not after these hours, during which sub-woofers will be turned off:
11:00 P.M on Wednesday, June 14th, Thursday, June 15th
2:00 A.M on Saturday, June 17th (Friday night)
2:00 A.M on Sunday, June 18th (Saturday night)
Sub-woofers may resume operation at 10:00 A.M.
All other sound equipment must kept below 90dB at 40 feet. Setup and Early Entry: Certain volunteer teams and theme camps may have early entry. As we have not taken full possession of the land and will be co-existing with other campsite customers, please respect Lucky Lakes sound policy and limit music to boom box levels prior to gates opening at noon on Wednesday. Exceptions for testing equipment during setup is permitted, with the expectation you be courteous, and comply with the sound team/board’s direction. Violating the sound policy pre event may not only jeopardize your sound permit, but your ability to obtain early entry in future years as well. Measurement will be done by a handheld meter w/ C weighting. We tested several apps at the 2014 event, and found SPLnFFT for iOS to be extremely accurate. The sound squad highly recommends you use this app to manage your own sound to keep infractions minimized. The Sound Squad will be monitoring and working with sound camps throughout the event. Failure to comply with their requests will be grounds for removal. If the police arrive with noise complaints, they may be directed toward camps that are violating sound policies. Please protect the safety and success of Lakes of Fire by complying with all sound restrictions when they are in effect. See:
The following violations will result in eviction from the event:
*Consent violations of an aggressive or sexual nature. This includes any kind of physical contact with the body of another without their express consent.
*Stalking or harassment. This includes continuing to follow or engage with someone after they have asked you to stop. Verbal assaults, especially of a continued aggressive and/or sexual nature and hate speech also constitute harassment and will not be tolerated.
*Endangering others. This includes anything that will put others in serious danger. Do not bring items to an NTXB event that could endanger others, which includes but not limited to firearms, explosives, fireworks, unsafe fire art. Endangering others also includes non-consensual intoxication.
*Not having a ticket or wearing a wristband for the duration of the event. All participants, volunteers, Leads, LLC, and Batcave members gain entry by purchasing a ticket. Any other entry will be considered trespassing.
*Destruction, using, or taking of property without the express permission of the owner of said property. If you inadvertently damage another’s property, that is a matter to be resolved between you and the owner of that property.
*Minors (under the age of 18) that are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. Failure to ensure proper adult supervision or allowing a minor for whom you are responsible to violate any of the stated rules and regulations.
*Violations that may result in eviction and are at the LLC’s discretion:
*Failure to respect boundaries that are not of an aggressive or sexual nature.
*Photographing or videoing another participant without their consent.
*Unsafe Driving, to include art cars, or failure to comply with DMV regulations.
*Disrespect of the land, such as digging, felling trees or limbs etc. without permission.
*Failure to comply with NTXB policies, to include Sound, Laser, Fire, and Service Animal policies.
*Vending or commerce of any kind.
*Possession by or serving alcohol to someone under the age of 21.
*Effigy, Temple, or other Burn Perimeter violations.
Violations of any of these codes of conduct can result in eviction from the event or banning from one or more future NTXB events. Nothing herein is intended to or shall waive the right of NTXB, LLC to ban or restrict access by an individual or entity as it may determine, in its sole discretion, is warranted. Ref:
Burnt Orange Events
Violations and Penalty
Removal from the Event (and possible barring from future events):
Other offenses deemed by the community as warranting barring
1st offense – may be barred for up to 1 year.
2nd offense – may be barred for up to 2 years.
3rd offense – may be barred for all future events.
Up to Lifetime Ban:
Any infraction that can/would result in our insurance being cancelled, such as the use of fireworks, unauthorized burns, etc.
Automatic Lifetime Ban:
Sexual Assault
Violence with a weapon
Offenders may be immediately ejected from events by either Board members or Event Coordinators if there is no question of fact. If the facts of the offense are in question, then at least one Board member and Event Coordinator must be contacted. They will investigate the incident and make a determination regarding ejection.
Within 30 days after the offense, the Board of Directors will review the offense and determine the appropriate action.
Social Media Policies
Burnt Orange Facebook
Excessive vulgarity, illegal or obscene content, and/or lying to the admins are grounds for removal from this Facebook group. Posts asking for invitations, or advertising available invitations should be directed to or
PreHeat and Afterburn are places where Burners from various cultures, backgrounds, and ideologies gather to participate in a temporary community filled with interactive art, music, and radical self expression. It is a place that exists only because those that attend choose to create it and is a direct expression of their collective and diverse visions. These events are intended to be an official Regional Burn and as such the 10 Principles of Burning Man act as the cornerstone of PreHeat and Afterburn, but our expression of those principles extends far beyond the Playa.
There is no definition for Participation, rather it is up to each individual to determine its meaning to him and to appreciate the interpretations of others. Some choose to gift handmade trinkets, some gift their art or talent, and some their time; whatever form it takes the only common thread is that it is about sharing of yourself with your community and having the freedom to do so in whatever way you are comfortable.
Community, participation, self-expression, self-reliance, and generosity of heart are the lifeblood of the Burning Man community. Welcome home!
Commercial advertising will be removed. Shilling is not allowed. Fundraising for projects not affiliated with Florida burns will be removed. Please limit fundraising efforts to one post per project.
The opinions of the members of this Facebook group may not reflect those of Burnt Oranges Inc., and it's Board of Directors.

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