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:*Create and utilise our own means of growing, building and repairing the necessities of life in tune with our own - realistic - definition of what a 'good life' is.
Burning Man itself used to have a [ 'recommended businesses' listing ] and some Burns still have 'classifieds' pages in facebook which are used by and targeted at Burners. There is a case to be made that a further goal of Decommodification could include bringing commodification 'under control' rather than eliminating it. The goal here would be to expose and oppose the toxic aspects of much of existing commodification, and to instead actively promote 'virtuous commodification'. Essentially promoting ethical networks and businesses that offer good products at fair prices, that treat their employees and their customers and their supply chain providers and retailers fairly, and take a virtuous role in society generally. A good example of this is the [ 'Fair Trade' standard] in the global agricultural business, and in Stuart Brand's [ 'Whole Earth Catalog'] from the 1970's.
== Activating Decommodification ==
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