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Leave No Trace (LNT): HearthsOPhyre is a “Leave No Trace” event! Beware of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)! To avoid MOOP and MOOPING, don’t let it hit the ground! There will be NO garbage services at the event—take out ALL of your own trash! Here are some Leave No Trace guidelines:

Pack out everything you bring (including nut shells, apple cores, and toilet paper). Clean your entire campsite and surrounding areas before you leave.

Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground OR INTO THE FIRE. Carry a portable ashtray with you.

Non-rechargeable glowsticks are discouraged – use battery operated devices instead.

Do not dump grey water on the ground. Any water that is not potable is grey water–including water used for washing, etc. YOU MUST BRING YOUR GREY WATER HOME WITH YOU!

Do not dump your trash along the way home!

Do not leave stuff in or around the portapotties or at another camp. You’re responsible for everything you bring and carry!

Fill in any holes you made before you leave the event.

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