T.H.E. Camp

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Ever wondered why Kulin is surrounded by weird horses made out of metal and other junk? We are a local family who has contributed nearly 20 large tin horses to the Kulin West Tin Horse Highway over the past 20 years and we would like to share our Tin Horse Experience with you. This is your chance to find out about and create your own mini versions of the infamous Kulin Tin Horses. Make a mini replica based on over 100 existing horses or create your own uniquely designed mini tin horse. T.H.E. Camp will be providing some basic horse shapes that you can paint/decorate and we will also be taking any contributions of scrap metal, tins, enamel paint, craft materials, etc.

Mini Racing Tin Horses and Tin Hobby Horses will also be available during the day, so bring some mates along and set up a meet (no animals will be harmed but may be slightly dented) or take one out for a gallop around the playa.

T.H.E. Camp is a comfy daytime chill zone for all ages. Our Dragon BBQ will be pumping out chocolate filled damper at various times of the day so drop on by and sample what Kulin locals can offer.