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Why not Wikipedia

There is a 'worldwide burns' page on Wikipedia. So why not update it, rather than create and maintain this page here. It's not ego, the creators of this page aren't into that. The reason is twofold:

(1) Wikipedia will not allow links to facebook pages. And since the ability for readers to verify information is highly dependent upon them being able to link to facebook sites maintained for each burn, then facebook has ruled itself out of contention.

(2) The Wikipedia article is tangled up by using the title 'List of Regional Burning Man events'. Burning Man is a registered trademark of the Burning Man Organisation. No regional event not approved by the Burning Man organisation can be called a 'Regional Burning Man event' The listings in our Burning Wiki refer to all events as 'Burns'. This is not a registered trademark, and we get to 'define' these events according to our own principles (which we explain on the relevant page).