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It's a bit heretical to say, but I believe the use of the term 'gift' was a mistake in the first place. It carries far too strong overtones from the 'outside playa' where gifts are almost always given in expectation of a reward - even it is only gratitude. There is no 'common sense' that gifts are given without incurring obligation or reciprocation. To talk of 'gifting' inside the context of the playa creates in the observer (I'd argue) the expectation that he meaning is the same. If the principle had read 'Radical Gifting' I'd be more comfortable. But no, it's 'Gifting' and plenty of people on-playa think it means the same thing on-playa as it does on the outside. Even to the extent that people actually 'demand' their gifts from Camps, assuming that these gifts are their return for buying their entrance ticket to the event - as if it was some kind of giant 'Secret Santa' exercise. And of course on the 'outside' gifts are nearly always material objects and people carry over that expectation onto the Playa.

My preference would be to use the term 'Sharing'. Sharing on the outside doesn't have the same sense of being about objects (only), and there is a traditional sense of sharing is that it is an obligation on both the sharer and the sharee - that there is an equality in the relationship, that the obligation to share lies on both equally. Some would argue that you can't 'Share' something that you've just given someone else for them to 'take away', that 'Sharing' can only occur when both parties are in proximity to the thing being shared. Off-playa experience however negates this objection. For example, I 'share my experience with you', you take it away and use it. I am not present, but sharing creates the connection that persists. The act of sharing suggests and in fact creates a persisting bond between the sharer and the sharee. I look at the necklace you gave me and I think of you. We share a memory of each other. A 'Gift' on the other hand suggests a 'one off' event that doesn't have a persisting element - and especially no persistence if we insist on the fact that it should not incur 'obligation'

So all in all I prefer 'Sharing' to 'Gifting', and if we must then at least 'Radical Gifting', but even better, 'Radical Sharing'. John Mack (talk) 11:41, 20 August 2017 (UTC)