Teenage Junkyard

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Teenage Junkyard
BZN TeenageJunkyard Logo001.jpg
Teenage Junkyard Logo
Celebrating Blazing Swan's magnificent teens.
Blazing Swan - 2017-2018
Location: Sweet Street, Jilakin Rock City
Website: Teenage Junkyard on Facebook

Teenage Junkyard a camp that celebrates Blazing Swans magnificent teens and also welcomes all other Blazers keen to join a camp of all ages, a great festival community and lots of big hearts. We enjoy a more mellow location and atmosphere, at the end of theme camp strip farthest from the sound camps but still close to the heart of Blaze.

The Theme Camp

In 2017 we ....

In 2018 we expect to ....

Other Activities Onsite

Teenage Junkyard in 2017 ...


In 2017 the Teenage Junkyard Theme Camp was allocated a space on Sweet Street adjacent to The Library @ Jilakin Rock City.

In 2018 Teenage Junkyard expects to set up in the same location.

Organization & Crew

2017 - Leads: Alia Artisan, D.J.Llando

2018 - Leads: Alia Artisan, D.J.Llando .

In 2017 Teenage Junkyard used a model of co-operative camping, whereby assistance and resources were shared, but not placed in a common pool. Unlike some Camps, there was no central kitchen or other facilities. In 2018, we ....

Identity and image

The Camp's title ...

Signage in 2017 consisted of ...

Structures and Systems

The Teenage Junkyard in 2017 was housed in a 6m diameter canvas bell tent.

Lighting in 2017 inside the tent was provided by LED lamps and spotlights.

In 2017 power was supplied by a 35Kva generator shared with The Library and Lollipop Village. Total power consumption by Teenage Junkyard was estimated to be less than 1,000w. peak. A greater, and possibly total, reliance on solar power is hoped for in 2018.


In 2017...

In 2018 ...

Other Activities Offsite


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