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We are a small, colourful camp exploring the depths of our spiritual paths. From alcoholics to day trippers, vegetarians to flexitarians (who doesn’t love bacon?!), we love to boogy in ridiculous attire but are never late to a board meeting. Formerly ‘Mike Parry & Associates’ our share price sky rocketed when employee of the year Timmy took out the 2016 Lip Sync Battle championship at Papazahn’s. John Farnham has never been so sexy…

We have drawn up some serious Gantt charts to help create a new and improved chilled space with open doors to anyone wishing to chat, hug, hula, smoke or just get out of the elements. We have also be known to mix up a few jungle treats such as sangria, mulled-wine or halloumi for our cheese-dream lovers.

Due to our busy schedules in the modern world, we prefer to have no time boundaries whilst blazing. Therefore, we don’t advertise but will be spreading the word of our goodies and love upon arrival.