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This list, and page, is in first draft as at 21 July 2019 and further edits and improvements might be expected over the next few weeks. The information gathered here is now being encoded in such a way that each element of each Burn's photography policy becomes searchable and sortable in an all-Burns table. So for instance all those Burns which use wristbands to indicate 'no photo consent' could be instantly recognized and referenced.

Worldwide Burn Values


Participation • Accountability • Responsibility • Respect

Alma Burn

CAMERAS AND RECORDING DEVICES By protecting our privacy, we create a safe place to express ourselves. We also understand that photography IS a form of expression. To reconcile this, everyone signs a Media Agreement at the Gate:you solemnly swear that before recording on any media, you will 1) inform your subjects about how and where your art will be displayed, and 2) gain explicit permission from EVERY person depicted