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Whether you're building, buying or browsing, this is the showroom for Mutant and Art Vehicles across all of our Burns world-wide.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - John Mack (talk) 06:36, 1 September 2017 (UTC)

Mutant Vehicles

Plates Name Description Theme camp Location
TOO GREASY Sludge Smuggler The unmistakably large pirate ship The Greasy pirates
THE TUB A bathtub on wheels Papazahns
WTF 2017 The Choppa A helicopter frame on wheels Fort Swan
TANK Small (2 person) tank with a flame throwing turret Fort Swan
GOONHAGS Mobile Goon of Fortune A disco sphere towing a goon of fortune gameshow Papazahns
CHICKSHAW Vida’s Rickshaw A 3 wheeled beast Koasis
TAXI Jon’s Rickshaw Custom tuk tuk Under Construction
DARK The Dark Truck A giant pinhole camera on wheels
TCB A flame throwing machine Outrigger Island
OVER THERE Over there bar A bar on wheels DPW
COOLBURNA The Kulin Cooler A giant esky you can sit inside The Poolroom
FATT The catipillar A quad towing 3 trailers pumping music Far Away Tree Tribe
* DESTROYA Star destroyer A 1 seater star destroyer Alliance
CARACHNID Carachnid An 8 legged walking machine Alliance
MINT Mint A green sailboat Jilakin Rock FD
STEAM The ute covered in skulls gifting snags
PAPA Z The papazahn A mobile papazahn Papazahns
BS POLICE A mini 1920’s style police car
LOVECOUCH An electrified couch Alliance
JB DMT A wee esky you can ride The Poolroom
8MYC420 Olive a mobile party boat 8 mile yacht club Brisbane