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WickerMan is a small regional burn that takes place over a period of 4 days every June at Four Quarters Farm in Artemas, PA. It started in 2007 and continues to this day, with 2018 being the 11th year. It is a smaller burn, clocking in at under 1400 attendees (called "Wickerfam"), and has a homey, creative, loving vibe. The land itself is basically a big hill alongside a creek, with theme camps located at the top and bottom of the hill and along the creek into the lower woods. The burn strongly endorses the "11th principle" of consent as part of its burn principles. The 2018 dates are June 21st-24th.

Theme Camps

Theme Camps that have a presence at this event include:

Name About Burn Year(s) Gifts
Cenosilicaphobia Cenosillicaphobia is a burner camp dedicated to the fine art of the home brew – be it beer, cider, or mead – and finding the best company to share it with. So do you, too, suffer from Cenosilicaphobia—the fear of an empty glass? Bring your lonely mug by, and we’ll put your fears to rest. We’re serving up beers, ciders and meads – all homebrewed by on-site camp members. Plus, our brewers love to talk shop, whether you’re a long time brewer or hoping to get started!facebook WickerMan
The Celtic Rose Project Join the crew of the CelticRose for its 10th annual shore leave at WickerMan burn. Come by anytime for pirate antics, songs, tea, and of course grog.facebook WickerMan 2009-2018
Camp Bacon Another Bacon Haiku:

“We only Cook Strong,
Bacon Sizzling All Night,
Kisses taste like Salt.”

Join us for our 6th year in the woods as a Bacon Tribe and watch as we dive into another adventure. We present to you this year a camp dedicated towards providing you with a culinary masterpiece; “Cook Strong”. We finally realized we are a food camp, so we decided to give it a full send this year. Bacon is our passion, bacon is what brings us together! Let’s get down on some EPIC Pork Belly Sliders and rage out with us at our First Ever “BIG GIGANTIC TACO PARTY!!” Our purpose is to feed you fucking children that eat cold food out of cans, yummy! Let us teach you proper food safety while we mock your unsafe habits. You’re gonna get a little bit of everything this year with our crew… mostly sarcasm, the itus, bacon s’mores, renegade soundsystem with selecatas on their one’s and two’s, and a communal effort to co-exist and love each other whether friend or stranger. We want to feed you… our passion, our bullshit, and some motherfucking bacon. Yelp us if you didn’t enjoy your experience, ticket times under 15 minutes or less guaranteed!facebook

WickerMan 2013-2018
Librarians Against Humanity Studies show that although the majority of the population approves of and values libraries, a portion of THAT population does not regularly visit their local library. Are you one of these folks? WELL NOW IS YOUR FUCKING CHANCE! Do your civic duty and stop by our library – the best damn library at WickerMan! Take as many of our books as you wish to keep forever cause we don’t have overdue fines! Book limit? WHAT LIMIT? JUST TAKE THE DAGGONE BOOKS ALREADY, PEOPLE. We also give away custom-made bookmarks and MOOP tins! Warning: Exposure to Librarians might result in heckling, snarkasm, puns, laughgasms, and other forms of wit, warmth, and whimsy! facebook WickerMan 2016